IrDA Transceiver

The DE2 board provides a simple wireless communication media using the Agilent HSDL-3201 low power infrared transceiver. The datasheet for this device is provided in the Datasheet\IrDA folder on the DE2 System CD-ROM. Note that the highest transmission rate supported is 115.2 Kbit/s and both the TX and RX sides have to use the same transmission rate. Figure 1 shows the schematic of the IrDA communication link. Please refer to the references below for detailed information on how to send and receive data using the IrDA link. The signal assignment of the associated interface are listed in Table 1.

Figure 1. IrDA schematic diagram.

Table 1. IrDA signal assignments.

Signal NameDescription
IRDA_TXD IRDA Transmitter

See DE2_pin_assignments.csv, a comma-delimited file that matches "standard" descriptive names to actual FPGA pin locations. This file can be directly opened in Microsoft Excel.


   DE2 User Manual, version 1.4, 2006. (pdf)

Wireless Communication using the IrDA Standard Protocol, Microchip WebSeminar, 2004. (pdf)

Agilent HSDL-3201 infrared transceiver datasheet (pdf)

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