Clock Inputs

The DE2 board includes two oscillators that produce 27 MHz and 50 MHz clock signals. The board also includes an SMA connector which can be used to connect an external clock source to the board. The schematic of the clock circuitry is shown in Figure 1, and the associated pin assignments appear in Table 1.

The 27-MHz clock is fed to the FPGA from the TV decoder chip. The chip has an active-low reset signal that inhibits the clock when it is asserted to a low logic level. To get the 27-MHz clock to appear on the input pin, the TV decoder chip's reset signal (TD_RESET, PIN_C4 on the FPGA) must be asserted to a high logic level. This means you need to include TD_RESET as an output list and include the following assignment:

    assign TD_RESET = 1'b1;

Figure 1. Clock schematic

Table 1. Pin assignments for the clock inputs.
Signal NameDescription
CLOCK_2727 MHz clock input
CLOCK_5050 MHz clock input
EXT_CLOCKExternal (SMA) clock input

See DE2_pin_assignments.csv, a comma-delimited file that matches "standard" descriptive names to actual FPGA pin locations. This file can be directly opened in Microsoft Excel.


   DE2 User Manual, version 1.4, 2006. (pdf)

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