Project1 Disassembly Output

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project1.elf:   file format elf32-littlenios2


There are 21 section headers, starting at offset 0x231f8 (in project1.elf):

Section Headers:
  [Nr] Name              Type            Addr     Off    Size   ES Flg Lk Inf Al
  [ 0]                   NULL            00000000 000000 000000 00      0   0  0
  [ 1] .entry            PROGBITS        00800000 000074 000020 00  AX  0   0 32
  [ 2] .exceptions       PROGBITS        00800020 000094 0001a8 00  AX  0   0  4
  [ 3] .text             PROGBITS        008001c8 00023c 003af0 00  AX  0   0  4
  [ 4] .rodata           PROGBITS        00803cb8 003d2c 0001bc 00   A  0   0  4
  [ 5] .rwdata           PROGBITS        00803e74 003ee8 001b3c 00 WAp  0   0  4
  [ 6] .bss              NOBITS          008059b0 005a24 000214 00 WAp  0   0  4
  [ 7] .sdram            PROGBITS        00805bc4 005a24 000000 00   W  0   0  1

The .entry section contains (_reset) which intializes instruction cache and jumps to _start at the beginning of the .text section. (both routines are defined in crt0.S).

The _start routine does the following:

  1. initializes the data cache
  2. setup the stack pointer (sp) and global pointer (gp) ( see reference).
  3. clears .bss (see list of sections above)
  4. calls alt_load
  5. calls alt_main

See symbol table.

The alt_load routine does the following:

  1. copies data from flash to ram.
  2. syncs the cache.

The alt_main routine does the following:

  1. initializes the interupt control registers.
  2. calls alt_sys_init to initialize the operating system (device drivers)
  3. calls alt_io_redirect to redirect stdio to the appropriate device.
  4. calls the user's main program.

Disassembly of section .entry

See crt0.S.

00800000 <__reset>:
    /* Assume the instruction cache size is always a power of two. */
#if NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE > 0x8000
    movhi r2, %hi(NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE)
    movui r2, NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE
  800000:    00840014     movui    r2,4096

    initi r2
  800004:    1001483a     initi    r2
    addi r2, r2, -NIOS2_ICACHE_LINE_SIZE
  800008:    10bff804     addi    r2,r2,-32
    bgt r2, zero, 0b
  80000c:    00bffd16     blt    zero,r2,800004 <__alt_mem_sdram+0x4>

     * The following debug information tells the ISS not to run the loop above
     * but to perform its actions using faster internal code.
    .pushsection .debug_alt_sim_info
    .int 1, 1, 0b, 1b
#endif /* Initialize Instruction Cache */

 * Jump to the _start entry point in the .text section if reset code
 * is allowed or if optimizing for RTL simulation.
    /* Jump to the _start entry point in the .text section. */
    movhi r1, %hi(_start)
  800010:    00402034     movhi    at,128
    ori r1, r1, %lo(_start)
  800014:    08407214     ori    at,at,456
    jmp r1
  800018:    0800683a     jmp    at
  80001c:    00000000     call    0 <__alt_mem_sdram-0x800000>

Disassembly of section .exceptions

See alt_exception_entry.S

00800020 <alt_exception>:
         * caller saved registers on the stack (See the Nios2 ABI
         * documentation for details).

        addi  sp, sp, -76
  800020:    deffed04     addi    sp,sp,-76


        bltu  sp, et, .Lstack_overflow



        stw   ra,  0(sp)
  800024:    dfc00015     stw    ra,0(sp)

         * Leave a gap in the stack frame at 4(sp) for the muldiv handler to
         * store zero into.

        stw   r1,   8(sp)
  800028:    d8400215     stw    at,8(sp)
        stw   r2,  12(sp)
  80002c:    d8800315     stw    r2,12(sp)
        stw   r3,  16(sp)
  800030:    d8c00415     stw    r3,16(sp)
        stw   r4,  20(sp)
  800034:    d9000515     stw    r4,20(sp)
        stw   r5,  24(sp)
  800038:    d9400615     stw    r5,24(sp)
        stw   r6,  28(sp)
  80003c:    d9800715     stw    r6,28(sp)
        stw   r7,  32(sp)
  800040:    d9c00815     stw    r7,32(sp)

        rdctl r5, estatus
  800044:    000b307a     rdctl    r5,estatus

        stw   r8,  36(sp)
  800048:    da000915     stw    r8,36(sp)
        stw   r9,  40(sp)
  80004c:    da400a15     stw    r9,40(sp)
        stw   r10, 44(sp)
  800050:    da800b15     stw    r10,44(sp)
        stw   r11, 48(sp)
  800054:    dac00c15     stw    r11,48(sp)
        stw   r12, 52(sp)
  800058:    db000d15     stw    r12,52(sp)
        stw   r13, 56(sp)
  80005c:    db400e15     stw    r13,56(sp)
        stw   r14, 60(sp)
  800060:    db800f15     stw    r14,60(sp)
        stw   r15, 64(sp)
  800064:    dbc01015     stw    r15,64(sp)

        stw   r5,  68(sp)
  800068:    d9401115     stw    r5,68(sp)
        addi  r15, ea, -4 /* re-issue the interrupted instruction */
  80006c:    ebffff04     addi    r15,ea,-4
        stw   r15,  72(sp)
  800070:    dbc01215     stw    r15,72(sp)
         * Test to see if the exception was a software exception or caused 
         * by an external interrupt, and vector accordingly.
        rdctl r4, ipending
  800074:    0009313a     rdctl    r4,ipending
        andi  r2, r5, 1
  800078:    2880004c     andi    r2,r5,1
        beq   r2, zero, .Lnot_irq
  80007c:    10000326     beq    r2,zero,80008c <__ram_exceptions_start+0x6c>
        beq   r4, zero, .Lnot_irq
  800080:    20000226     beq    r4,zero,80008c <__ram_exceptions_start+0x6c>

        .section .exceptions.irqhandler, "xa"
         * Now that all necessary registers have been preserved, call 
         * alt_irq_handler() to process the interrupts.

        call alt_irq_handler
  800084:    08000ec0     call    8000ec <alt_irq_handler>

        .section .exceptions.irqreturn, "xa"

        br    .Lexception_exit
  800088:    00000306     br    800098 <__ram_exceptions_start+0x78>

         * The interrupt testing code goes here.  If an interrupt is active
         * then it stores ea-4 into 72(sp), handles the interrupt and jumps to
         * .exceptions.exit.  If there is no interrupt then it continues

        .section .exceptions.notirq, "xa"

        stw   ea,  72(sp) /* Return after the instruction which caused the exception */
  80008c:    df401215     stw    ea,72(sp)
        ldw   r2, -4(ea)
  800090:    e8bfff17     ldw    r2,-4(ea)

         * The other exception handling code goes here.

        .section .exceptions.unknown

        *  If you get here then one of the following could have happened:
        *  - Your program could have been compiled for a full-featured Nios II
        *    core, but it is running on a smaller core, and instruction emulation
        *    has been disabled by defining ALT_NO_INSTRUCTION_EMULATION.
        *    You can work around the problem by re-enabling instruction emulation,
        *    or you can figure out why your program is being compiled for a system
        *    other than the one that it is running on.
        *  - Your program has executed a trap instruction, but has not implemented
        *    a handler for this instruction.
        *  - Your program has executed an illegal instruction (one which is not
        *    defined in the instruction set).
        *  - Your hardware is broken and is generating spurious interrupts (a
        *    peripheral which deasserts its interrupt output before its interrupt
        *    handler has been executed will cause spurious interrupts).


        *  Either tell the user now (if there is a debugger attached) or go into
        *  the debug monitor which will loop until a debugger is attached.
  800094:    003da03a     break    0


        *  If there is no debug stub then a BREAK will probably cause a reboot.
        *  An infinate loop will probably be more useful.
        br   0b


        .section .exceptions.exit, "xa"

         * Restore the saved registers, so that all general purpose registers 
         * have been restored to their state at the time the interrupt occured.

        ldw   r5,  68(sp)
  800098:    d9401117     ldw    r5,68(sp)
        ldw   ea,  72(sp)
  80009c:    df401217     ldw    ea,72(sp)
        ldw   ra,   0(sp)
  8000a0:    dfc00017     ldw    ra,0(sp)

        wrctl estatus, r5
  8000a4:    2801707a     wrctl    estatus,r5

        ldw   r1,   8(sp)
  8000a8:    d8400217     ldw    at,8(sp)
        ldw   r2,  12(sp)
  8000ac:    d8800317     ldw    r2,12(sp)
        ldw   r3,  16(sp)
  8000b0:    d8c00417     ldw    r3,16(sp)
        ldw   r4,  20(sp)
  8000b4:    d9000517     ldw    r4,20(sp)
        ldw   r5,  24(sp)
  8000b8:    d9400617     ldw    r5,24(sp)
        ldw   r6,  28(sp)
  8000bc:    d9800717     ldw    r6,28(sp)
        ldw   r7,  32(sp)
  8000c0:    d9c00817     ldw    r7,32(sp)

        ldw   et, %gprel(alt_exception_old_stack_limit)(gp)

        ldw   r8,  36(sp)
  8000c4:    da000917     ldw    r8,36(sp)
        ldw   r9,  40(sp)
  8000c8:    da400a17     ldw    r9,40(sp)
        ldw   r10, 44(sp)
  8000cc:    da800b17     ldw    r10,44(sp)
        ldw   r11, 48(sp)
  8000d0:    dac00c17     ldw    r11,48(sp)
        ldw   r12, 52(sp)
  8000d4:    db000d17     ldw    r12,52(sp)
        ldw   r13, 56(sp)
  8000d8:    db400e17     ldw    r13,56(sp)
        ldw   r14, 60(sp)
  8000dc:    db800f17     ldw    r14,60(sp)
        ldw   r15, 64(sp)
  8000e0:    dbc01017     ldw    r15,64(sp)


        stw   et, %gprel(alt_stack_limit_value)(gp)
        stw   zero, %gprel(alt_exception_old_stack_limit)(gp)

        ldw   sp,  76(sp)

        addi  sp, sp, 76
  8000e4:    dec01304     addi    sp,sp,76


         * Return to the interrupted instruction.

  8000e8:    e800083a     eret

See alt_irq_handler.c

008000ec <alt_irq_handler>:

void alt_irq_handler (void) __attribute__ ((section (".exceptions")));
void alt_irq_handler (void)
  8000ec:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  8000f0:    dfc00615     stw    ra,24(sp)
  8000f4:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  8000f8:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_irq_pending (void)
  alt_u32 active;

  8000fc:    0005313a     rdctl    r2,ipending
  800100:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  800104:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  800108:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  80010c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800110:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  alt_32 offset;
  char*  alt_irq_base = (char*)alt_irq;
  alt_u32 active;
  alt_u32 mask;
  alt_u32 i;
   * Notify the operating system that we are at interrupt level.

   * Call the interrupt vector custom instruction using the 
   * It returns the offset into the vector table of the lowest-valued pending
   * interrupt (corresponds to highest priority) or a negative value if none.
   * The custom instruction assumes that each table entry is eight bytes.
  while ((offset = ALT_CI_INTERRUPT_VECTOR) >= 0) {
    struct ALT_IRQ_HANDLER* handler_entry = 
      (struct ALT_IRQ_HANDLER*)(alt_irq_base + offset);

    handler_entry->handler(handler_entry->context, offset >> 3);
   * Obtain from the interrupt controller a bit list of pending interrupts,
   * and then process the highest priority interrupt. This process loops, 
   * loading the active interrupt list on each pass until alt_irq_pending() 
   * return zero.
   * The maximum interrupt latency for the highest priority interrupt is
   * reduced by finding out which interrupts are pending as late as possible.
   * Consider the case where the high priority interupt is asserted during
   * the interrupt entry sequence for a lower priority interrupt to see why
   * this is the case.

  active = alt_irq_pending ();

    i = 0;
  800114:    e0000215     stw    zero,8(fp)
    mask = 1;
  800118:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  80011c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

     * Test each bit in turn looking for an active interrupt. Once one is 
     * found, the interrupt handler asigned by a call to alt_irq_register() is
     * called to clear the interrupt condition.

      if (active & mask)
  800120:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800124:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800128:    1884703a     and    r2,r3,r2
  80012c:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800130:    1000101e     bne    r2,zero,800174 <alt_irq_handler+0x88>
        alt_irq[i].handler(alt_irq[i].context, i); 
  800134:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  800138:    18d66e04     addi    r3,r3,22968
  80013c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800140:    10800224     muli    r2,r2,8
  800144:    10c9883a     add    r4,r2,r3
  800148:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  80014c:    18d66e04     addi    r3,r3,22968
  800150:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800154:    10800224     muli    r2,r2,8
  800158:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  80015c:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  800160:    20c00017     ldw    r3,0(r4)
  800164:    11000017     ldw    r4,0(r2)
  800168:    e1400217     ldw    r5,8(fp)
  80016c:    183ee83a     callr    r3
  800170:    00000706     br    800190 <alt_irq_handler+0xa4>
      mask <<= 1;
  800174:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800178:    1085883a     add    r2,r2,r2
  80017c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  800180:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800184:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  800188:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

    } while (1);
  80018c:    003fe406     br    800120 <alt_irq_handler+0x34>
static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_irq_pending (void)
  alt_u32 active;

  800190:    0005313a     rdctl    r2,ipending
  800194:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  800198:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  80019c:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  8001a0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8001a4:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)

    active = alt_irq_pending ();
  } while (active);
  8001a8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8001ac:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8001b0:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,8001b8 <alt_irq_handler+0xcc>
  8001b4:    003fd706     br    800114 <alt_irq_handler+0x28>

   * Notify the operating system that interrupt processing is complete.

  8001b8:    dfc00617     ldw    ra,24(sp)
  8001bc:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  8001c0:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  8001c4:    f800283a     ret

Disassembly of section .text


008001c8 <_start>:

    .size __reset, . - __reset
#endif /* Jump to _start */

 * When not using exit, provide an _exit symbol to prevent unresolved
 * references to _exit from the linker script.
#ifdef ALT_NO_EXIT
    .globl _exit

|                          TEXT SECTION (.text)                           |

 * Start of the .text section, and also the code entry point when
 * the code is executed by a bootloader rather than directly from reset.
    .section .text
    .align 2

    .globl _start
    .type _start, @function

 * Initialize the data cache if present (i.e. size > 0) and not
 * optimizing for RTL simulation.
 * RTL simulations can ensure the data cache is already initialized
 * so skipping this loop speeds up RTL simulation.


    /* Assume the data cache size is always a power of two. */
#if NIOS2_DCACHE_SIZE > 0x8000
    movhi r2, %hi(NIOS2_DCACHE_SIZE)
    movui r2, NIOS2_DCACHE_SIZE
  8001c8:    00820014     movui    r2,2048

    initd 0(r2)
  8001cc:    10000033     initd    0(r2)
    addi r2, r2, -NIOS2_DCACHE_LINE_SIZE
  8001d0:    10bff804     addi    r2,r2,-32
    bgt r2, zero, 0b
  8001d4:    00bffd16     blt    zero,r2,8001cc <__ram_exceptions_end+0x4>

     * The following debug information tells the ISS not to run the loop above
     * but to perform its actions using faster internal code.
    .pushsection .debug_alt_sim_info
    .int 2, 1, 0b, 1b

#endif /* Initialize Data Cache */

    /* Log that caches have been initialized. */

    /* Log that the stack pointer is about to be setup. */
     * Now that the caches are initialized, set up the stack pointer. 
     * The value provided by the linker is assumed to be correctly aligned. 
    movhi sp, %hi(__alt_stack_pointer)
  8001d8:    06c04034     movhi    sp,256
    ori sp, sp, %lo(__alt_stack_pointer)
  8001dc:    dec00014     ori    sp,sp,0

    /* Set up the global pointer. */
    movhi gp, %hi(_gp)
  8001e0:    06802034     movhi    gp,128
    ori gp, gp, %lo(_gp)
  8001e4:    d6b65214     ori    gp,gp,55624

 * Clear the BSS if not optimizing for RTL simulation.
 * This uses the symbols: __bss_start and __bss_end, which are defined 
 * by the linker script. They mark the begining and the end of the bss 
 * region. The linker script guarantees that these values are word aligned. 
    /* Log that the BSS is about to be cleared. */

    movhi r2, %hi(__bss_start)
  8001e8:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
    ori r2, r2, %lo(__bss_start)
  8001ec:    10966c14     ori    r2,r2,22960

    movhi r3, %hi(__bss_end)
  8001f0:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
    ori r3, r3, %lo(__bss_end)
  8001f4:    18d6f114     ori    r3,r3,23492

    beq r2, r3, 1f 
  8001f8:    10c00326     beq    r2,r3,800208 <__ram_exceptions_end+0x40>

    stw zero, (r2)
  8001fc:    10000015     stw    zero,0(r2)
    addi r2, r2, 4
  800200:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
    bltu r2, r3, 0b
  800204:    10fffd36     bltu    r2,r3,8001fc <__ram_exceptions_end+0x34>


     * The following debug information tells the ISS not to run the loop above
     * but to perform its actions using faster internal code.
    .pushsection .debug_alt_sim_info
    .int 3, 1, 0b, 1b
#endif /* ALT_SIM_OPTIMIZE */

 * The alt_load() facility is normally used when there is no bootloader.
 * It copies some sections into RAM so it acts like a mini-bootloader.

     * If the user has selected stack checking then we need to set up a safe
     * value in the stack limit register so that the relocation functions
     * don't think the stack has overflowed (the contents of the rwdata
     * section aren't defined until alt_load() has been called).
    mov   et, zero

    call alt_load
  800208:    08002e40     call    8002e4 <alt_load>

#endif /* CALL_ALT_LOAD */

     * Set up the stack limit (if required).  The linker has set up the
     * copy of the variable which is in memory.

    ldw   et, %gprel(alt_stack_limit_value)(gp)

    /* Log that alt_main is about to be called. */
    /* Call the C entry point. It should never return. */
    call alt_main
  80020c:    08003c80     call    8003c8 <alt_main>

00800210 <alt_after_alt_main>:

    /* Wait in infinite loop in case alt_main does return. */
    br alt_after_alt_main
  800210:    003fff06     br    800210 <alt_after_alt_main>

Main Program

See main2.c

00800214 <main>:
int a = 14;
int b = -8;

int main()
  800214:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  800218:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  80021c:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  800220:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
    int c;
    c = sign(a,b);
  800224:    d1200017     ldw    r4,-32768(gp)
  800228:    d1600117     ldw    r5,-32764(gp)
  80022c:    08002880     call    800288 <sign>
  800230:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
    return 0;
  800234:    0005883a     mov    r2,zero
  800238:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  80023c:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  800240:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  800244:    f800283a     ret

00800248 <abs>:

int abs(int a)
  800248:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  80024c:    df000215     stw    fp,8(sp)
  800250:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800254:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  return (a<0? -a: a);
  800258:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80025c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  800260:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800264:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  800268:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,800278 <abs+0x30>
  80026c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800270:    0085c83a     sub    r2,zero,r2
  800274:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  800278:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80027c:    df000217     ldw    fp,8(sp)
  800280:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  800284:    f800283a     ret

00800288 <sign>:

int sign(int x, int y)
  800288:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  80028c:    df000315     stw    fp,12(sp)
  800290:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800294:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800298:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
    return (y<0? -abs(x): abs(x));
  80029c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8002a0:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  8002a4:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  8002a8:    1804403a     cmpge    r2,r3,zero
  8002ac:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,8002bc <sign+0x34>
  8002b0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8002b4:    0085c83a     sub    r2,zero,r2
  8002b8:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  8002bc:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8002c0:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  8002c4:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,8002d4 <sign+0x4c>
  8002c8:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  8002cc:    00c7c83a     sub    r3,zero,r3
  8002d0:    e0c00215     stw    r3,8(fp)
  8002d4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8002d8:    df000317     ldw    fp,12(sp)
  8002dc:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  8002e0:    f800283a     ret

Library Routines

See alt_load.c

008002e4 <alt_load>:
 * RAM any sections that are required.

void alt_load (void)
  8002e4:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  8002e8:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  8002ec:    df000015     stw    fp,0(sp)
  8002f0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
   * Copy the .rwdata section. 

  alt_load_section (&__flash_rwdata_start, 
  8002f4:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  8002f8:    210f9d04     addi    r4,r4,15988
  8002fc:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  800300:    294f9d04     addi    r5,r5,15988
  800304:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  800308:    31966c04     addi    r6,r6,22960
  80030c:    08003600     call    800360 <alt_load_section>

   * Copy the exception handler.

  alt_load_section (&__flash_exceptions_start, 
  800310:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  800314:    21000804     addi    r4,r4,32
  800318:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  80031c:    29400804     addi    r5,r5,32
  800320:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  800324:    31807204     addi    r6,r6,456
  800328:    08003600     call    800360 <alt_load_section>

   * Copy the .rodata section.

  alt_load_section (&__flash_rodata_start, 
  80032c:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  800330:    210f2e04     addi    r4,r4,15544
  800334:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  800338:    294f2e04     addi    r5,r5,15544
  80033c:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  800340:    318f9d04     addi    r6,r6,15988
  800344:    08003600     call    800360 <alt_load_section>
   * Now ensure that the caches are in synch.
  800348:    0801e280     call    801e28 <alt_dcache_flush_all>
  80034c:    08020380     call    802038 <alt_icache_flush_all>
  800350:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  800354:    df000017     ldw    fp,0(sp)
  800358:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  80035c:    f800283a     ret

00800360 <alt_load_section>:

static void ALT_INLINE alt_load_section (alt_u32* from, 
                                         alt_u32* to, 
                                         alt_u32* end)
  800360:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  800364:    df000315     stw    fp,12(sp)
  800368:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  80036c:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800370:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  800374:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  if (to != from)
  800378:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  80037c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800380:    18800e26     beq    r3,r2,8003bc <alt_load_section+0x5c>
    while( to != end )
  800384:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  800388:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  80038c:    18800b26     beq    r3,r2,8003bc <alt_load_section+0x5c>
      *to++ = *from++;
  800390:    e1400104     addi    r5,fp,4
  800394:    28c00017     ldw    r3,0(r5)
  800398:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80039c:    11000017     ldw    r4,0(r2)
  8003a0:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  8003a4:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  8003a8:    1805883a     mov    r2,r3
  8003ac:    11000015     stw    r4,0(r2)
  8003b0:    18c00104     addi    r3,r3,4
  8003b4:    28c00015     stw    r3,0(r5)
  8003b8:    003ff206     br    800384 <alt_load_section+0x24>
  8003bc:    df000317     ldw    fp,12(sp)
  8003c0:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  8003c4:    f800283a     ret

008003c8 <alt_main>:
 * the users application, i.e. main().

See alt_main.c

void alt_main (void)
  8003c8:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  8003cc:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  8003d0:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  8003d4:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp

       alt_irq_init (const void* base)
  8003d8:    e0000015     stw    zero,0(fp)
  8003dc:    000170fa     wrctl    ienable,zero
  8003e0:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  8003e4:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  8003e8:    e0000015     stw    zero,0(fp)

  /* ALT LOG - please see HAL/sys/alt_log_printf.h for details */
  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Entering alt_main, calling alt_irq_init.\r\n");
  /* Initialize the interrupt controller. */
  alt_irq_init (ALT_IRQ_BASE);

  /* Initialize the operating system */
  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Done alt_irq_init, calling alt_os_init.\r\n");

   * Initialize the semaphore used to control access to the file descriptor
   * list.

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Done OS Init, calling alt_sem_create.\r\n");
  ALT_SEM_CREATE (&alt_fd_list_lock, 1);

  /* Initialize the device drivers/software components. */
  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Calling alt_sys_init.\r\n");
  8003ec:    08004340     call    800434 <alt_sys_init>
  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Done alt_sys_init.\r\n");


   * Redirect stdio to the apropriate devices now that the devices have
   * been initialized. This is only done if the user has requested these
   * devices be present (not equal to /dev/null) and if direct drivers
   * aren't being used.

    ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Redirecting IO.\r\n");
    alt_io_redirect(ALT_STDOUT, ALT_STDIN, ALT_STDERR);
  8003f0:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  8003f4:    210f2e04     addi    r4,r4,15544
  8003f8:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  8003fc:    294f2e04     addi    r5,r5,15544
  800400:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  800404:    318f2e04     addi    r6,r6,15544
  800408:    08021240     call    802124 <alt_io_redirect>

   * Call the C++ constructors 

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Calling C++ constructors.\r\n");
  _do_ctors ();
  80040c:    0801f880     call    801f88 <_do_ctors>
#endif /* ALT_NO_C_PLUS_PLUS */

#if !defined(ALT_NO_C_PLUS_PLUS) && !defined(ALT_NO_CLEAN_EXIT) && !defined(ALT_NO_EXIT)
   * Set the C++ destructors to be called at system shutdown. This is only done
   * if a clean exit has been requested (i.e. the exit() function has not been
   * redefined as _exit()). This is in the interest of reducing code footprint,
   * in that the atexit() overhead is removed when it's not needed.

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Calling atexit.\r\n");
  atexit (_do_dtors);
  800410:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  800414:    2107f804     addi    r4,r4,8160
  800418:    0802bb40     call    802bb4 <atexit>

   * Finally, call main(). The return code is then passed to a subsequent
   * call to exit() unless the application is never supposed to exit.

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_main.c] Calling main.\r\n");

#ifdef ALT_NO_EXIT
  main (alt_argc, alt_argv, alt_envp);
  exit (main (alt_argc, alt_argv, alt_envp));
  80041c:    d1200217     ldw    r4,-32760(gp)
  800420:    d1600317     ldw    r5,-32756(gp)
  800424:    d1a00417     ldw    r6,-32752(gp)
  800428:    08002140     call    800214 <main>
  80042c:    1009883a     mov    r4,r2
  800430:    0802c500     call    802c50 <exit>

00800434 <alt_sys_init>:
  800434:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  800438:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  80043c:    df000015     stw    fp,0(sp)
  800440:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800444:    01004034     movhi    r4,256
  800448:    21040004     addi    r4,r4,4096
  80044c:    000b883a     mov    r5,zero
  800450:    0180fa04     movi    r6,1000
  800454:    0801c600     call    801c60 <alt_avalon_timer_sc_init>
  800458:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  80045c:    210fa704     addi    r4,r4,16028
  800460:    01400044     movi    r5,1
  800464:    08005c00     call    8005c0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_init>
  800468:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  80046c:    210f9d04     addi    r4,r4,15988
  800470:    080049c0     call    80049c <alt_dev_reg>
  800474:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  800478:    2113bf04     addi    r4,r4,20220
  80047c:    0801aac0     call    801aac <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_init>
  800480:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  800484:    2113b504     addi    r4,r4,20180
  800488:    080049c0     call    80049c <alt_dev_reg>
  80048c:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  800490:    df000017     ldw    fp,0(sp)
  800494:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  800498:    f800283a     ret

0080049c <alt_dev_reg>:

extern int alt_fs_reg  (alt_dev* dev); 

static ALT_INLINE int alt_dev_reg (alt_dev* dev)
  80049c:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  8004a0:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  8004a4:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  8004a8:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8004ac:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  extern alt_llist alt_dev_list;

  return alt_dev_llist_insert ((alt_dev_llist*) dev, &alt_dev_list);
  8004b0:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8004b4:    d1600804     addi    r5,gp,-32736
  8004b8:    0801e900     call    801e90 <alt_dev_llist_insert>
  8004bc:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  8004c0:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  8004c4:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  8004c8:    f800283a     ret

008004cc <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read_fd>:

altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read_fd(alt_fd* fd, char* buffer, int space)
  8004cc:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  8004d0:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  8004d4:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  8004d8:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8004dc:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  8004e0:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  8004e4:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
    altera_avalon_jtag_uart_dev* dev = (altera_avalon_jtag_uart_dev*) fd->dev; 
  8004e8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8004ec:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8004f0:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

    return altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read(&dev->state, buffer, space,
  8004f4:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8004f8:    11000a04     addi    r4,r2,40
  8004fc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800500:    e1400117     ldw    r5,4(fp)
  800504:    e1800217     ldw    r6,8(fp)
  800508:    11c00217     ldw    r7,8(r2)
  80050c:    0800a480     call    800a48 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read>
  800510:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  800514:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  800518:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  80051c:    f800283a     ret

00800520 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write_fd>:

altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write_fd(alt_fd* fd, const char* buffer, int space)
  800520:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  800524:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  800528:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  80052c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800530:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800534:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  800538:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
    altera_avalon_jtag_uart_dev* dev = (altera_avalon_jtag_uart_dev*) fd->dev; 
  80053c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800540:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800544:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

    return altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write(&dev->state, buffer, space,
  800548:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  80054c:    11000a04     addi    r4,r2,40
  800550:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800554:    e1400117     ldw    r5,4(fp)
  800558:    e1800217     ldw    r6,8(fp)
  80055c:    11c00217     ldw    r7,8(r2)
  800560:    0800c780     call    800c78 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write>
  800564:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  800568:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  80056c:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  800570:    f800283a     ret

00800574 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl_fd>:


altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl_fd(alt_fd* fd, int req, void* arg)
  800574:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  800578:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  80057c:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  800580:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800584:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800588:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  80058c:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
    altera_avalon_jtag_uart_dev* dev = (altera_avalon_jtag_uart_dev*) fd->dev;
  800590:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800594:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800598:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

    return altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl(&dev->state, req, arg);
  80059c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8005a0:    11000a04     addi    r4,r2,40
  8005a4:    e1400117     ldw    r5,4(fp)
  8005a8:    e1800217     ldw    r6,8(fp)
  8005ac:    08009500     call    800950 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl>
  8005b0:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  8005b4:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  8005b8:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  8005bc:    f800283a     ret

008005c0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_init>:

altera_avalon_jtag_uart_init(altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state* sp, int irq)
  8005c0:    defff804     addi    sp,sp,-32
  8005c4:    dfc00715     stw    ra,28(sp)
  8005c8:    df000615     stw    fp,24(sp)
  8005cc:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8005d0:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  8005d4:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  8005d8:    e0000215     stw    zero,8(fp)
  8005dc:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)
  8005e0:    e0000415     stw    zero,16(fp)
  ALT_FLAG_CREATE(&sp->events, 0);
  ALT_SEM_CREATE(&sp->read_lock, 1);
  ALT_SEM_CREATE(&sp->write_lock, 1);

  /* enable read interrupts at the device */
  8005e4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8005e8:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  8005ec:    18800815     stw    r2,32(r3)

  IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(sp->base, sp->irq_enable); 
  8005f0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8005f4:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8005f8:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  8005fc:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  800600:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800604:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  800608:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)
  /* register the interrupt handler */
  alt_irq_register(irq, sp, altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq);
  80060c:    e1000117     ldw    r4,4(fp)
  800610:    e1400017     ldw    r5,0(fp)
  800614:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  800618:    31819d04     addi    r6,r6,1652
  80061c:    08021980     call    802198 <alt_irq_register>

  /* Register an alarm to go off every second to check for presence of host */
  sp->host_inactive = 0;
  800620:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800624:    10000915     stw    zero,36(r2)

static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_ticks_per_second (void)
  return _alt_tick_rate;
  800628:    d0a00e17     ldw    r2,-32712(gp)
  80062c:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  800630:    e1400517     ldw    r5,20(fp)
  800634:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800638:    11000204     addi    r4,r2,8
  80063c:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  800640:    31822304     addi    r6,r6,2188
  800644:    e1c00017     ldw    r7,0(fp)
  800648:    0801ce00     call    801ce0 <alt_alarm_start>
  80064c:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  800650:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,800664 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_init+0xa4>

  if (alt_alarm_start(&sp->alarm, alt_ticks_per_second(), 
    &altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout, sp) < 0)
    /* If we can't set the alarm then record "don't know if host present" 
     * and behave as though the host is present.
    sp->timeout = INT_MAX;
  800654:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800658:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  80065c:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  800660:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)

  /* ALT_LOG - see altera_hal/HAL/inc/sys/alt_log_printf.h */ 
  800664:    dfc00717     ldw    ra,28(sp)
  800668:    df000617     ldw    fp,24(sp)
  80066c:    dec00804     addi    sp,sp,32
  800670:    f800283a     ret

00800674 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq>:

 * Interrupt routine

static void 
altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq(void* context, alt_u32 id)
  800674:    defff704     addi    sp,sp,-36
  800678:    df000815     stw    fp,32(sp)
  80067c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800680:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800684:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state* sp = (altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state*) context;
  800688:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80068c:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  unsigned int base = sp->base;
  800690:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800694:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800698:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  /* ALT_LOG - see altera_hal/HAL/inc/sys/alt_log_printf.h */ 

  for ( ; ; )
    unsigned int control = IORD_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(base);
  80069c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8006a0:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  8006a4:    10800037     ldwio    r2,0(r2)
  8006a8:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)

    /* Return once nothing more to do */
  8006ac:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8006b0:    1080c00c     andi    r2,r2,768
  8006b4:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  8006b8:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,8006c0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x4c>
  8006bc:    00007006     br    800880 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x20c>

  8006c0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8006c4:    1004d23a     srli    r2,r2,8
  8006c8:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  8006cc:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8006d0:    1000361e     bne    r2,zero,8007ac <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x138>
      /* process a read irq.  Start by assuming that there is data in the
       * receive FIFO (otherwise why would we have been interrupted?)
      unsigned int data = 1 << ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_DATA_RAVAIL_OFST;
  8006d4:    00800074     movhi    r2,1
  8006d8:    10800004     addi    r2,r2,0
  8006dc:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)

      for ( ; ; )
        /* Check whether there is space in the buffer.  If not then we must not
         * read any characters from the buffer as they will be lost.
        unsigned int next = (sp->rx_in + 1) % ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_BUF_LEN;
  8006e0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8006e4:    10800a17     ldw    r2,40(r2)
  8006e8:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8006ec:    1081ffcc     andi    r2,r2,2047
  8006f0:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
        if (next == sp->rx_out)
  8006f4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8006f8:    10c00b17     ldw    r3,44(r2)
  8006fc:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800700:    1880011e     bne    r3,r2,800708 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x94>
  800704:    00001906     br    80076c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0xf8>

        /* Try to remove a character from the FIFO and find out whether there
         * are any more characters remaining.
  800708:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  80070c:    10800037     ldwio    r2,0(r2)
  800710:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
        if ((data & ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_DATA_RVALID_MSK) == 0)
  800714:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800718:    1004d3fa     srli    r2,r2,15
  80071c:    1080005c     xori    r2,r2,1
  800720:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800724:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800728:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800730 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0xbc>
  80072c:    00000f06     br    80076c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0xf8>

  800730:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800734:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800738:    10800a17     ldw    r2,40(r2)
  80073c:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800740:    10c00e04     addi    r3,r2,56
  800744:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800748:    18800005     stb    r2,0(r3)
        sp->rx_in = (sp->rx_in + 1) % ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_BUF_LEN;
  80074c:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800750:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800754:    10800a17     ldw    r2,40(r2)
  800758:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  80075c:    1081ffcc     andi    r2,r2,2047
  800760:    18800a15     stw    r2,40(r3)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800764:    e0000715     stw    zero,28(fp)
  800768:    003fdd06     br    8006e0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x6c>

        /* Post an event to notify jtag_uart_read that a character has been read */

  80076c:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800770:    10bfffec     andhi    r2,r2,65535
  800774:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800778:    10000c1e     bne    r2,zero,8007ac <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x138>
        /* If there is still data available here then the buffer is full 
         * so turn off receive interrupts until some space becomes available.
        sp->irq_enable &= ~ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL_RE_MSK;
  80077c:    e1000217     ldw    r4,8(fp)
  800780:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800784:    10c00817     ldw    r3,32(r2)
  800788:    00bfff84     movi    r2,-2
  80078c:    1884703a     and    r2,r3,r2
  800790:    20800815     stw    r2,32(r4)
        IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(base, sp->irq_enable);
  800794:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800798:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  80079c:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  8007a0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8007a4:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  8007a8:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

  8007ac:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8007b0:    1004d27a     srli    r2,r2,9
  8007b4:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  8007b8:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8007bc:    103fb71e     bne    r2,zero,80069c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x28>
      /* process a write irq */
  8007c0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8007c4:    10bfffec     andhi    r2,r2,65535
  8007c8:    1004d43a     srli    r2,r2,16
  8007cc:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)

      while (space > 0 && sp->tx_out != sp->tx_in)
  8007d0:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  8007d4:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8007d8:    1000181e     bne    r2,zero,80083c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x1c8>
  8007dc:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8007e0:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  8007e4:    11000d17     ldw    r4,52(r2)
  8007e8:    18800c17     ldw    r2,48(r3)
  8007ec:    20801326     beq    r4,r2,80083c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x1c8>
        IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_DATA(base, sp->tx_buf[sp->tx_out]);
  8007f0:    e1000317     ldw    r4,12(fp)
  8007f4:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  8007f8:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8007fc:    10800d17     ldw    r2,52(r2)
  800800:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800804:    10820e04     addi    r2,r2,2104
  800808:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  80080c:    20800035     stwio    r2,0(r4)

        sp->tx_out = (sp->tx_out + 1) % ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_BUF_LEN;
  800810:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800814:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800818:    10800d17     ldw    r2,52(r2)
  80081c:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  800820:    1081ffcc     andi    r2,r2,2047
  800824:    18800d15     stw    r2,52(r3)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800828:    e0000615     stw    zero,24(fp)

        /* Post an event to notify jtag_uart_write that a character has been written */

  80082c:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  800830:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  800834:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)
  800838:    003fe506     br    8007d0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x15c>

      if (space > 0)
  80083c:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  800840:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800844:    103f951e     bne    r2,zero,80069c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x28>
        /* If we don't have any more data available then turn off the TX interrupt */

        sp->irq_enable &= ~ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL_WE_MSK;
  800848:    e1000217     ldw    r4,8(fp)
  80084c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800850:    10c00817     ldw    r3,32(r2)
  800854:    00bfff44     movi    r2,-3
  800858:    1884703a     and    r2,r3,r2
  80085c:    20800815     stw    r2,32(r4)
        IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(sp->base, sp->irq_enable);
  800860:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800864:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800868:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  80086c:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  800870:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800874:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  800878:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)
  80087c:    003f8706     br    80069c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_irq+0x28>
  800880:    df000817     ldw    fp,32(sp)
  800884:    dec00904     addi    sp,sp,36
  800888:    f800283a     ret

0080088c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout>:

 * Timeout routine is called every second

static alt_u32 
altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout(void* context) 
  80088c:    defffb04     addi    sp,sp,-20
  800890:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  800894:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800898:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state* sp = (altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state *) context;
  80089c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8008a0:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

  unsigned int control = IORD_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(sp->base);
  8008a4:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8008a8:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8008ac:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  8008b0:    10800037     ldwio    r2,0(r2)
  8008b4:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

  8008b8:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8008bc:    1004d2ba     srli    r2,r2,10
  8008c0:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  8008c4:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8008c8:    10000b1e     bne    r2,zero,8008f8 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout+0x6c>
  8008cc:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8008d0:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8008d4:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  8008d8:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  8008dc:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8008e0:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  8008e4:    10810014     ori    r2,r2,1024
  8008e8:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)
    sp->host_inactive = 0;
  8008ec:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8008f0:    10000915     stw    zero,36(r2)
  8008f4:    00001006     br    800938 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout+0xac>
  else if (sp->host_inactive < INT_MAX - 2) {
  8008f8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8008fc:    10c00917     ldw    r3,36(r2)
  800900:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  800904:    10bfff04     addi    r2,r2,-4
  800908:    10c00b36     bltu    r2,r3,800938 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout+0xac>
  80090c:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  800910:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800914:    10800917     ldw    r2,36(r2)
  800918:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  80091c:    18800915     stw    r2,36(r3)
    if (sp->host_inactive >= sp->timeout) {
  800920:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800924:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  800928:    11000917     ldw    r4,36(r2)
  80092c:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  800930:    20800136     bltu    r4,r2,800938 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_timeout+0xac>

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800934:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)

static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_ticks_per_second (void)
  return _alt_tick_rate;
  800938:    d0a00e17     ldw    r2,-32712(gp)
  80093c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  800940:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
      /* Post an event to indicate host is inactive (for jtag_uart_read */

  return alt_ticks_per_second();
  800944:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  800948:    dec00504     addi    sp,sp,20
  80094c:    f800283a     ret

00800950 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl>:

altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl(altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state* sp, int req,
  void* arg)
  800950:    defff704     addi    sp,sp,-36
  800954:    df000815     stw    fp,32(sp)
  800958:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  80095c:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800960:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  800964:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  int rc = -ENOTTY;
  800968:    00bff9c4     movi    r2,-25
  80096c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  switch (req)
  800970:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800974:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)
  800978:    e0c00717     ldw    r3,28(fp)
  80097c:    189a8060     cmpeqi    r2,r3,27137
  800980:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,800994 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0x44>
  800984:    e0c00717     ldw    r3,28(fp)
  800988:    189a80a0     cmpeqi    r2,r3,27138
  80098c:    10001d1e     bne    r2,zero,800a04 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0xb4>
  800990:    00002906     br    800a38 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0xe8>
    /* Set the time to wait until assuming host is not connected */
    if (sp->timeout != INT_MAX)
  800994:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800998:    10c00117     ldw    r3,4(r2)
  80099c:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  8009a0:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8009a4:    18802426     beq    r3,r2,800a38 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0xe8>
      int timeout = *((int *)arg);
  8009a8:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8009ac:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8009b0:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
      sp->timeout = (timeout >= 2 && timeout < INT_MAX) ? timeout : INT_MAX - 1;
  8009b4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8009b8:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  8009bc:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8009c0:    10800090     cmplti    r2,r2,2
  8009c4:    1000071e     bne    r2,zero,8009e4 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0x94>
  8009c8:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  8009cc:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  8009d0:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8009d4:    18800326     beq    r3,r2,8009e4 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0x94>
  8009d8:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  8009dc:    e0c00615     stw    r3,24(fp)
  8009e0:    00000306     br    8009f0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0xa0>
  8009e4:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  8009e8:    10bfff84     addi    r2,r2,-2
  8009ec:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  8009f0:    e0c00617     ldw    r3,24(fp)
  8009f4:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  8009f8:    10c00115     stw    r3,4(r2)
      rc = 0;
  8009fc:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)
  800a00:    00000d06     br    800a38 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0xe8>

    /* Find out whether host is connected */
    if (sp->timeout != INT_MAX)
  800a04:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800a08:    10c00117     ldw    r3,4(r2)
  800a0c:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  800a10:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  800a14:    18800826     beq    r3,r2,800a38 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_ioctl+0xe8>
      *((int *)arg) = (sp->host_inactive < sp->timeout) ? 1 : 0;
  800a18:    e1400217     ldw    r5,8(fp)
  800a1c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800a20:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800a24:    11000917     ldw    r4,36(r2)
  800a28:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  800a2c:    2085803a     cmpltu    r2,r4,r2
  800a30:    28800015     stw    r2,0(r5)
      rc = 0;
  800a34:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)


  return rc;
  800a38:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800a3c:    df000817     ldw    fp,32(sp)
  800a40:    dec00904     addi    sp,sp,36
  800a44:    f800283a     ret

00800a48 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read>:

altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read(altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state* sp, 
  char * buffer, int space, int flags)
  800a48:    defff204     addi    sp,sp,-56
  800a4c:    dfc00d15     stw    ra,52(sp)
  800a50:    df000c15     stw    fp,48(sp)
  800a54:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800a58:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800a5c:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  800a60:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  800a64:    e1c00315     stw    r7,12(fp)
  char * ptr = buffer;
  800a68:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800a6c:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800a70:    e0000715     stw    zero,28(fp)

  alt_irq_context context;
  unsigned int n;

   * When running in a multi threaded environment, obtain the "read_lock"
   * semaphore. This ensures that reading from the device is thread-safe.
  ALT_SEM_PEND (sp->read_lock, 0);

  while (space > 0)
  800a74:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800a78:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  800a7c:    10004c1e     bne    r2,zero,800bb0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x168>
    unsigned int in, out;

    /* Read as much data as possible */
      in  = sp->rx_in;
  800a80:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800a84:    10800a17     ldw    r2,40(r2)
  800a88:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
      out = sp->rx_out;
  800a8c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800a90:    10800b17     ldw    r2,44(r2)
  800a94:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)

      if (in >= out)
  800a98:    e0c00817     ldw    r3,32(fp)
  800a9c:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  800aa0:    18800536     bltu    r3,r2,800ab8 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x70>
        n = in - out;
  800aa4:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  800aa8:    e0c00917     ldw    r3,36(fp)
  800aac:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  800ab0:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  800ab4:    00000406     br    800ac8 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x80>
  800ab8:    00820004     movi    r2,2048
  800abc:    e0c00917     ldw    r3,36(fp)
  800ac0:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  800ac4:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)

      if (n == 0)
  800ac8:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800acc:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  800ad0:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800ad8 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x90>
        break; /* No more data available */
  800ad4:    00001e06     br    800b50 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x108>

      if (n > space)
  800ad8:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800adc:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800ae0:    1880022e     bgeu    r3,r2,800aec <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0xa4>
        n = space;
  800ae4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800ae8:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)

      memcpy(ptr, sp->rx_buf + out, n);
  800aec:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800af0:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  800af4:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800af8:    11400e04     addi    r5,r2,56
  800afc:    e1000417     ldw    r4,16(fp)
  800b00:    e1800617     ldw    r6,24(fp)
  800b04:    08034840     call    803484 <memcpy>
      ptr   += n;
  800b08:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800b0c:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800b10:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800b14:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
      space -= n;
  800b18:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800b1c:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800b20:    1885c83a     sub    r2,r3,r2
  800b24:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

      sp->rx_out = (out + n) % ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_BUF_LEN;
  800b28:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  800b2c:    e0c00917     ldw    r3,36(fp)
  800b30:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800b34:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800b38:    1081ffcc     andi    r2,r2,2047
  800b3c:    20800b15     stw    r2,44(r4)
  800b40:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800b44:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  800b48:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800b50 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x108>
  800b4c:    003fcc06     br    800a80 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x38>
    while (space > 0);

    /* If we read any data then return it */
    if (ptr != buffer)
  800b50:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800b54:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800b58:    18800126     beq    r3,r2,800b60 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x118>
  800b5c:    00001406     br    800bb0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x168>

    /* If in non-blocking mode then return error */
    if (flags & O_NONBLOCK)
  800b60:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800b64:    1004d3ba     srli    r2,r2,14
  800b68:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800b6c:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800b70:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800b78 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x130>
  800b74:    00000e06     br    800bb0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x168>

#ifdef __ucosii__
    /* OS Present: Pend on a flag if the OS is running, otherwise spin */
    if(OSRunning == OS_TRUE) {
       * When running in a multi-threaded mode, we pend on the read event
       * flag set and timeout event flag set in the isr. This avoids wasting CPU
       * cycles waiting in this thread, when we could be doing something more
       * profitable elsewhere.
      ALT_FLAG_PEND (sp->events,
                     OS_FLAG_WAIT_SET_ANY + OS_FLAG_CONSUME,
    else {
      /* Spin until more data arrives or until host disconnects */
      while (in == sp->rx_in && sp->host_inactive < sp->timeout)
    /* No OS: Always spin */
    while (in == sp->rx_in && sp->host_inactive < sp->timeout)
  800b78:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800b7c:    10c00a17     ldw    r3,40(r2)
  800b80:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  800b84:    1880061e     bne    r3,r2,800ba0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x158>
  800b88:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800b8c:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800b90:    11000917     ldw    r4,36(r2)
  800b94:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  800b98:    2080012e     bgeu    r4,r2,800ba0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x158>
  800b9c:    003ff606     br    800b78 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x130>
#endif /* __ucosii__ */

    if (in == sp->rx_in)
  800ba0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800ba4:    10c00a17     ldw    r3,40(r2)
  800ba8:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  800bac:    18bfb11e     bne    r3,r2,800a74 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x2c>

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800bb0:    e0000915     stw    zero,36(fp)

   * Now that access to the circular buffer is complete, release the read
   * semaphore so that other threads can access the buffer.

  ALT_SEM_POST (sp->read_lock);

  if (ptr != buffer)
  800bb4:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800bb8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800bbc:    18801726     beq    r3,r2,800c1c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x1d4>
       alt_irq_disable_all (void)
  alt_irq_context context;

  NIOS2_READ_STATUS (context);
  800bc0:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  800bc4:    e0800a15     stw    r2,40(fp)
  800bc8:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  800bcc:    e0800a17     ldw    r2,40(fp)
  800bd0:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  800bd4:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  800bd8:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
    /* If we read any data then there is space in the buffer so enable interrupts */
    context = alt_irq_disable_all();
  800bdc:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800be0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800be4:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  800be8:    10800054     ori    r2,r2,1
  800bec:    18800815     stw    r2,32(r3)
    IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(sp->base, sp->irq_enable);
  800bf0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800bf4:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800bf8:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  800bfc:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  800c00:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800c04:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  800c08:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

       alt_irq_enable_all (alt_irq_context context)
  800c0c:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800c10:    e0800a15     stw    r2,40(fp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_STATUS (context);
  800c14:    e0800a17     ldw    r2,40(fp)
  800c18:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2

  if (ptr != buffer)
  800c1c:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800c20:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800c24:    18800526     beq    r3,r2,800c3c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x1f4>
    return ptr - buffer;
  800c28:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  800c2c:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  800c30:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  800c34:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  800c38:    00000a06     br    800c64 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x21c>
  else if (flags & O_NONBLOCK)
  800c3c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800c40:    1004d3ba     srli    r2,r2,14
  800c44:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800c48:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800c4c:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,800c5c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x214>
    return -EWOULDBLOCK;
  800c50:    00bffd44     movi    r2,-11
  800c54:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  800c58:    00000206     br    800c64 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_read+0x21c>
    return -EIO;
  800c5c:    00bffec4     movi    r2,-5
  800c60:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  800c64:    e0800b17     ldw    r2,44(fp)
  800c68:    dfc00d17     ldw    ra,52(sp)
  800c6c:    df000c17     ldw    fp,48(sp)
  800c70:    dec00e04     addi    sp,sp,56
  800c74:    f800283a     ret

00800c78 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write>:

altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write(altera_avalon_jtag_uart_state* sp, 
  const char * ptr, int count, int flags)
  800c78:    defff104     addi    sp,sp,-60
  800c7c:    dfc00e15     stw    ra,56(sp)
  800c80:    df000d15     stw    fp,52(sp)
  800c84:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800c88:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800c8c:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  800c90:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  800c94:    e1c00315     stw    r7,12(fp)
  /* Remove warning at optimisation level 03 by seting out to 0 */
  unsigned int in, out=0;
  800c98:    e0000515     stw    zero,20(fp)
  unsigned int n;
  alt_irq_context context;

  const char * start = ptr;
  800c9c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800ca0:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800ca4:    e0000915     stw    zero,36(fp)

   * When running in a multi threaded environment, obtain the "write_lock"
   * semaphore. This ensures that writing to the device is thread-safe.
  ALT_SEM_PEND (sp->write_lock, 0);

    /* Copy as much as we can into the transmit buffer */
    while (count > 0)
  800ca8:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800cac:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  800cb0:    10003a1e     bne    r2,zero,800d9c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x124>
      /* We need a stable value of the out pointer to calculate the space available */
      in  = sp->tx_in;
  800cb4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800cb8:    10800c17     ldw    r2,48(r2)
  800cbc:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
      out = sp->tx_out;
  800cc0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800cc4:    10800d17     ldw    r2,52(r2)
  800cc8:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)

      if (in < out)
  800ccc:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800cd0:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800cd4:    1880062e     bgeu    r3,r2,800cf0 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x78>
        n = out - 1 - in;
  800cd8:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  800cdc:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  800ce0:    1885c83a     sub    r2,r3,r2
  800ce4:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  800ce8:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  800cec:    00000c06     br    800d20 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0xa8>
      else if (out > 0)
  800cf0:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800cf4:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800cf8:    1000051e     bne    r2,zero,800d10 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x98>
  800cfc:    00820004     movi    r2,2048
  800d00:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800d04:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  800d08:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  800d0c:    00000406     br    800d20 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0xa8>
        n = ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_BUF_LEN - 1 - in;
  800d10:    0081ffc4     movi    r2,2047
  800d14:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800d18:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  800d1c:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)

      if (n == 0)
  800d20:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800d24:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  800d28:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800d30 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0xb8>
  800d2c:    00001b06     br    800d9c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x124>

      if (n > count)
  800d30:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800d34:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800d38:    1880022e     bgeu    r3,r2,800d44 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0xcc>
        n = count;
  800d3c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800d40:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)

      memcpy(sp->tx_buf + in, ptr, n);
  800d44:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800d48:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  800d4c:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800d50:    11020e04     addi    r4,r2,2104
  800d54:    e1400117     ldw    r5,4(fp)
  800d58:    e1800617     ldw    r6,24(fp)
  800d5c:    08034840     call    803484 <memcpy>
      ptr   += n;
  800d60:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  800d64:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800d68:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800d6c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
      count -= n;
  800d70:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800d74:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800d78:    1885c83a     sub    r2,r3,r2
  800d7c:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

      sp->tx_in = (in + n) % ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_BUF_LEN;
  800d80:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  800d84:    e0c00417     ldw    r3,16(fp)
  800d88:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  800d8c:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  800d90:    1081ffcc     andi    r2,r2,2047
  800d94:    20800c15     stw    r2,48(r4)
  800d98:    003fc306     br    800ca8 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x30>
       alt_irq_disable_all (void)
  alt_irq_context context;

  NIOS2_READ_STATUS (context);
  800d9c:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  800da0:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  800da4:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  800da8:    e0800b17     ldw    r2,44(fp)
  800dac:    e0800a15     stw    r2,40(fp)
  800db0:    e0800a17     ldw    r2,40(fp)
  800db4:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)

     * TODO: if interrupts are disabled then we could transmit here, we only need to enable
     * interrupts if there is no space left in the FIFO

    /* For now kick the interrupt routine every time to make it transmit the data */
    context = alt_irq_disable_all();
  800db8:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800dbc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800dc0:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  800dc4:    10800094     ori    r2,r2,2
  800dc8:    18800815     stw    r2,32(r3)
    IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_CONTROL(sp->base, sp->irq_enable);
  800dcc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800dd0:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800dd4:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  800dd8:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  800ddc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800de0:    10800817     ldw    r2,32(r2)
  800de4:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

       alt_irq_enable_all (alt_irq_context context)
  800de8:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  800dec:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_STATUS (context);
  800df0:    e0800b17     ldw    r2,44(fp)
  800df4:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2

    /* If there is any data left then either return now or block until some has been sent */
    /* TODO: test whether there is anything there while doing this and delay for at most 2s. */
    if (count > 0)
  800df8:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800dfc:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  800e00:    1000151e     bne    r2,zero,800e58 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1e0>
      if (flags & O_NONBLOCK)
  800e04:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800e08:    1004d3ba     srli    r2,r2,14
  800e0c:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800e10:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800e14:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800e1c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1a4>
  800e18:    00001306     br    800e68 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1f0>

#ifdef __ucosii__
      /* OS Present: Pend on a flag if the OS is running, otherwise spin */
      if(OSRunning == OS_TRUE) {
         * When running in a multi-threaded mode, we pend on the write event
         * flag set or the timeout flag in the isr. This avoids wasting CPU
         * cycles waiting in this thread, when we could be doing something
         * more profitable elsewhere.
        ALT_FLAG_PEND (sp->events,
                       OS_FLAG_WAIT_SET_ANY + OS_FLAG_CONSUME,
      else {
         * OS not running: Wait for data to be removed from buffer.
         * Once the interrupt routine has removed some data then we
         * will be able to insert some more.
        while (out == sp->tx_out && sp->host_inactive < sp->timeout)
       * No OS present: Always wait for data to be removed from buffer.  Once
       * the interrupt routine has removed some data then we will be able to
       * insert some more.
      while (out == sp->tx_out && sp->host_inactive < sp->timeout)
  800e1c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800e20:    10c00d17     ldw    r3,52(r2)
  800e24:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800e28:    1880061e     bne    r3,r2,800e44 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1cc>
  800e2c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800e30:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800e34:    11000917     ldw    r4,36(r2)
  800e38:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  800e3c:    2080012e     bgeu    r4,r2,800e44 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1cc>
  800e40:    003ff606     br    800e1c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1a4>
#endif /* __ucosii__ */

      if (out == sp->tx_out)
  800e44:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800e48:    10c00d17     ldw    r3,52(r2)
  800e4c:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  800e50:    1880011e     bne    r3,r2,800e58 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1e0>
  800e54:    00000406     br    800e68 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1f0>
  800e58:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800e5c:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  800e60:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800e68 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x1f0>
  800e64:    003f9006     br    800ca8 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x30>

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  800e68:    e0000b15     stw    zero,44(fp)
  while (count > 0);

   * Now that access to the circular buffer is complete, release the write
   * semaphore so that other threads can access the buffer.
  ALT_SEM_POST (sp->write_lock);

  if (ptr != start)
  800e6c:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  800e70:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  800e74:    18800526     beq    r3,r2,800e8c <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x214>
    return ptr - start;
  800e78:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  800e7c:    e0c00817     ldw    r3,32(fp)
  800e80:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  800e84:    e0800c15     stw    r2,48(fp)
  800e88:    00000a06     br    800eb4 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x23c>
  else if (flags & O_NONBLOCK)
  800e8c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800e90:    1004d3ba     srli    r2,r2,14
  800e94:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800e98:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800e9c:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,800eac <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x234>
    return -EWOULDBLOCK;
  800ea0:    00bffd44     movi    r2,-11
  800ea4:    e0800c15     stw    r2,48(fp)
  800ea8:    00000206     br    800eb4 <altera_avalon_jtag_uart_write+0x23c>
    return -EIO; /* Host not connected */
  800eac:    00bffec4     movi    r2,-5
  800eb0:    e0800c15     stw    r2,48(fp)
  800eb4:    e0800c17     ldw    r2,48(fp)
  800eb8:    dfc00e17     ldw    ra,56(sp)
  800ebc:    df000d17     ldw    fp,52(sp)
  800ec0:    dec00f04     addi    sp,sp,60
  800ec4:    f800283a     ret

00800ec8 <lcd_write_command>:
/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

static void lcd_write_command(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp, 
  unsigned char command)
  800ec8:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  800ecc:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  800ed0:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  800ed4:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800ed8:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800edc:    e1400105     stb    r5,4(fp)
  unsigned int base = sp->base;
  800ee0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800ee4:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800ee8:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

  /* We impose a timeout on the driver in case the LCD panel isn't connected.
   * The first time we call this function the timeout is approx 25ms 
   * (assuming 5 cycles per loop and a 200MHz clock).  Obviously systems
   * with slower clocks, or debug builds, or slower memory will take longer.
  int i = 1000000;
  800eec:    008003f4     movhi    r2,15
  800ef0:    10909004     addi    r2,r2,16960
  800ef4:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  /* Don't bother if the LCD panel didn't work before */
  if (sp->broken)
  800ef8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800efc:    10800807     ldb    r2,32(r2)
  800f00:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800f04:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800f0c <lcd_write_command+0x44>
  800f08:    00001506     br    800f60 <lcd_write_command+0x98>

  /* Wait until LCD isn't busy. */
  800f0c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800f10:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  800f14:    10800037     ldwio    r2,0(r2)
  800f18:    1004d1fa     srli    r2,r2,7
  800f1c:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800f20:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800f24:    1000091e     bne    r2,zero,800f4c <lcd_write_command+0x84>
    if (--i == 0)
  800f28:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800f2c:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  800f30:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  800f34:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  800f38:    103ff41e     bne    r2,zero,800f0c <lcd_write_command+0x44>
      sp->broken = 1;
  800f3c:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800f40:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  800f44:    18800805     stb    r2,32(r3)
  800f48:    00000506     br    800f60 <lcd_write_command+0x98>

  /* Despite what it says in the datasheet, the LCD isn't ready to accept
   * a write immediately after it returns BUSY=0.  Wait for 100us more.
  800f4c:    01001904     movi    r4,100
  800f50:    08027940     call    802794 <usleep>

  IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_LCD_16207_COMMAND(base, command);
  800f54:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  800f58:    e0800103     ldbu    r2,4(fp)
  800f5c:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)
  800f60:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  800f64:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  800f68:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  800f6c:    f800283a     ret

00800f70 <lcd_write_data>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

static void lcd_write_data(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp, 
  unsigned char data)
  800f70:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  800f74:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  800f78:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  800f7c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  800f80:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  800f84:    e1400105     stb    r5,4(fp)
  unsigned int base = sp->base;
  800f88:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800f8c:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  800f90:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

  /* We impose a timeout on the driver in case the LCD panel isn't connected.
   * The first time we call this function the timeout is approx 25ms 
   * (assuming 5 cycles per loop and a 200MHz clock).  Obviously systems
   * with slower clocks, or debug builds, or slower memory will take longer.
  int i = 1000000;
  800f94:    008003f4     movhi    r2,15
  800f98:    10909004     addi    r2,r2,16960
  800f9c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  /* Don't bother if the LCD panel didn't work before */
  if (sp->broken)
  800fa0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  800fa4:    10800807     ldb    r2,32(r2)
  800fa8:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800fac:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,800fb4 <lcd_write_data+0x44>
  800fb0:    00001c06     br    801024 <lcd_write_data+0xb4>

  /* Wait until LCD isn't busy. */
  800fb4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  800fb8:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  800fbc:    10800037     ldwio    r2,0(r2)
  800fc0:    1004d1fa     srli    r2,r2,7
  800fc4:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  800fc8:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  800fcc:    1000091e     bne    r2,zero,800ff4 <lcd_write_data+0x84>
    if (--i == 0)
  800fd0:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  800fd4:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  800fd8:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  800fdc:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  800fe0:    103ff41e     bne    r2,zero,800fb4 <lcd_write_data+0x44>
      sp->broken = 1;
  800fe4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  800fe8:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  800fec:    18800805     stb    r2,32(r3)
  800ff0:    00000c06     br    801024 <lcd_write_data+0xb4>

  /* Despite what it says in the datasheet, the LCD isn't ready to accept
   * a write immediately after it returns BUSY=0.  Wait for 100us more.
  800ff4:    01001904     movi    r4,100
  800ff8:    08027940     call    802794 <usleep>

  IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_LCD_16207_DATA(base, data);
  800ffc:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801000:    10800204     addi    r2,r2,8
  801004:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  801008:    e0800103     ldbu    r2,4(fp)
  80100c:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

  801010:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801014:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801018:    108008c3     ldbu    r2,35(r2)
  80101c:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801020:    188008c5     stb    r2,35(r3)
  801024:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  801028:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  80102c:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  801030:    f800283a     ret

00801034 <lcd_clear_screen>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

static void lcd_clear_screen(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp)
  801034:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  801038:    dfc00315     stw    ra,12(sp)
  80103c:    df000215     stw    fp,8(sp)
  801040:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801044:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  int y;

  lcd_write_command(sp, LCD_CMD_CLEAR);
  801048:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  80104c:    01400044     movi    r5,1
  801050:    0800ec80     call    800ec8 <lcd_write_command>

  sp->x = 0;
  801054:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801058:    10000845     stb    zero,33(r2)
  sp->y = 0;
  80105c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801060:    10000885     stb    zero,34(r2)
  sp->address = 0;
  801064:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801068:    100008c5     stb    zero,35(r2)

  for (y = 0 ; y < ALT_LCD_HEIGHT ; y++)
  80106c:    e0000115     stw    zero,4(fp)
  801070:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801074:    10800088     cmpgei    r2,r2,2
  801078:    10001a1e     bne    r2,zero,8010e4 <lcd_clear_screen+0xb0>
    memset(sp->line[y].data, ' ', sizeof(sp->line[0].data));
  80107c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801080:    10c018e4     muli    r3,r2,99
  801084:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801088:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  80108c:    11001004     addi    r4,r2,64
  801090:    01400804     movi    r5,32
  801094:    01801444     movi    r6,81
  801098:    08035400     call    803540 <memset>
    memset(sp->line[y].visible, ' ', sizeof(sp->line[0].visible));
  80109c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8010a0:    10c018e4     muli    r3,r2,99
  8010a4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8010a8:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8010ac:    11000c04     addi    r4,r2,48
  8010b0:    01400804     movi    r5,32
  8010b4:    01800404     movi    r6,16
  8010b8:    08035400     call    803540 <memset>
    sp->line[y].width = 0;
  8010bc:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8010c0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8010c4:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  8010c8:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8010cc:    10802404     addi    r2,r2,144
  8010d0:    10000045     stb    zero,1(r2)
  8010d4:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8010d8:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8010dc:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  8010e0:    003fe306     br    801070 <lcd_clear_screen+0x3c>
  8010e4:    dfc00317     ldw    ra,12(sp)
  8010e8:    df000217     ldw    fp,8(sp)
  8010ec:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  8010f0:    f800283a     ret

008010f4 <lcd_repaint_screen>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

static void lcd_repaint_screen(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp)
  8010f4:    defff604     addi    sp,sp,-40
  8010f8:    dfc00915     stw    ra,36(sp)
  8010fc:    df000815     stw    fp,32(sp)
  801100:    dc000715     stw    r16,28(sp)
  801104:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801108:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  int y, x;

  /* scrollpos controls how much the lines have scrolled round.  The speed
   * each line scrolls at is controlled by its speed variable - while
   * scrolline lines will wrap at the position set by width

  int scrollpos = sp->scrollpos;
  80110c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801110:    10800947     ldb    r2,37(r2)
  801114:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  for (y = 0 ; y < ALT_LCD_HEIGHT ; y++)
  801118:    e0000115     stw    zero,4(fp)
  80111c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801120:    10800088     cmpgei    r2,r2,2
  801124:    10005a1e     bne    r2,zero,801290 <lcd_repaint_screen+0x19c>
    int width  = sp->line[y].width;
  801128:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  80112c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801130:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  801134:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  801138:    10802404     addi    r2,r2,144
  80113c:    10800047     ldb    r2,1(r2)
  801140:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
    int offset = (scrollpos * sp->line[y].speed) >> 8;
  801144:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801148:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80114c:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  801150:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  801154:    10802404     addi    r2,r2,144
  801158:    10c00083     ldbu    r3,2(r2)
  80115c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801160:    1885383a     mul    r2,r3,r2
  801164:    1005d23a     srai    r2,r2,8
  801168:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
    if (offset >= width)
  80116c:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  801170:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  801174:    18800116     blt    r3,r2,80117c <lcd_repaint_screen+0x88>
      offset = 0;
  801178:    e0000515     stw    zero,20(fp)

    for (x = 0 ; x < ALT_LCD_WIDTH ; x++)
  80117c:    e0000215     stw    zero,8(fp)
  801180:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801184:    10800408     cmpgei    r2,r2,16
  801188:    10003d1e     bne    r2,zero,801280 <lcd_repaint_screen+0x18c>
      char c = sp->line[y].data[(x + offset) % width];
  80118c:    e4000017     ldw    r16,0(fp)
  801190:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  801194:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801198:    1889883a     add    r4,r3,r2
  80119c:    e1400417     ldw    r5,16(fp)
  8011a0:    0803b100     call    803b10 <__modsi3>
  8011a4:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  8011a8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8011ac:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  8011b0:    1405883a     add    r2,r2,r16
  8011b4:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8011b8:    10801004     addi    r2,r2,64
  8011bc:    10800003     ldbu    r2,0(r2)
  8011c0:    e0800605     stb    r2,24(fp)

      /* Writing data takes 40us, so don't do it unless required */
      if (sp->line[y].visible[x] != c)
  8011c4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8011c8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8011cc:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  8011d0:    10c7883a     add    r3,r2,r3
  8011d4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8011d8:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8011dc:    10800c04     addi    r2,r2,48
  8011e0:    10c00007     ldb    r3,0(r2)
  8011e4:    e0800607     ldb    r2,24(fp)
  8011e8:    18802126     beq    r3,r2,801270 <lcd_repaint_screen+0x17c>
        unsigned char address = x + colstart[y];
  8011ec:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  8011f0:    d0a00504     addi    r2,gp,-32748
  8011f4:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8011f8:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  8011fc:    11000003     ldbu    r4,0(r2)
  801200:    1805883a     mov    r2,r3
  801204:    2085883a     add    r2,r4,r2
  801208:    e0800645     stb    r2,25(fp)

        if (address != sp->address)
  80120c:    e0c00643     ldbu    r3,25(fp)
  801210:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801214:    108008c7     ldb    r2,35(r2)
  801218:    18800926     beq    r3,r2,801240 <lcd_repaint_screen+0x14c>
          lcd_write_command(sp, LCD_CMD_WRITE_DATA | address);
  80121c:    e0c00643     ldbu    r3,25(fp)
  801220:    00bfe004     movi    r2,-128
  801224:    1884b03a     or    r2,r3,r2
  801228:    11403fcc     andi    r5,r2,255
  80122c:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801230:    0800ec80     call    800ec8 <lcd_write_command>
          sp->address = address;
  801234:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801238:    e0800643     ldbu    r2,25(fp)
  80123c:    188008c5     stb    r2,35(r3)

        lcd_write_data(sp, c);
  801240:    e1400603     ldbu    r5,24(fp)
  801244:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801248:    0800f700     call    800f70 <lcd_write_data>
        sp->line[y].visible[x] = c;
  80124c:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801250:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801254:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  801258:    10c7883a     add    r3,r2,r3
  80125c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801260:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  801264:    10c00c04     addi    r3,r2,48
  801268:    e0800603     ldbu    r2,24(fp)
  80126c:    18800005     stb    r2,0(r3)
  801270:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801274:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801278:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  80127c:    003fc006     br    801180 <lcd_repaint_screen+0x8c>
  801280:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801284:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801288:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  80128c:    003fa306     br    80111c <lcd_repaint_screen+0x28>
  801290:    dfc00917     ldw    ra,36(sp)
  801294:    df000817     ldw    fp,32(sp)
  801298:    dc000717     ldw    r16,28(sp)
  80129c:    dec00a04     addi    sp,sp,40
  8012a0:    f800283a     ret

008012a4 <lcd_scroll_up>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

static void lcd_scroll_up(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp)
  8012a4:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  8012a8:    dfc00315     stw    ra,12(sp)
  8012ac:    df000215     stw    fp,8(sp)
  8012b0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8012b4:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  int y;

  for (y = 0 ; y < ALT_LCD_HEIGHT ; y++)
  8012b8:    e0000115     stw    zero,4(fp)
  8012bc:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8012c0:    10800088     cmpgei    r2,r2,2
  8012c4:    10001c1e     bne    r2,zero,801338 <lcd_scroll_up+0x94>
    if (y < ALT_LCD_HEIGHT-1)
  8012c8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8012cc:    10800048     cmpgei    r2,r2,1
  8012d0:    10000d1e     bne    r2,zero,801308 <lcd_scroll_up+0x64>
      memcpy(sp->line[y].data, sp->line[y+1].data, ALT_LCD_VIRTUAL_WIDTH);
  8012d4:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8012d8:    10c018e4     muli    r3,r2,99
  8012dc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8012e0:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8012e4:    11001004     addi    r4,r2,64
  8012e8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8012ec:    10c018e4     muli    r3,r2,99
  8012f0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8012f4:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8012f8:    114028c4     addi    r5,r2,163
  8012fc:    01801404     movi    r6,80
  801300:    08034840     call    803484 <memcpy>
  801304:    00000806     br    801328 <lcd_scroll_up+0x84>
      memset(sp->line[y].data, ' ', ALT_LCD_VIRTUAL_WIDTH);
  801308:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80130c:    10c018e4     muli    r3,r2,99
  801310:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801314:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  801318:    11001004     addi    r4,r2,64
  80131c:    01400804     movi    r5,32
  801320:    01801404     movi    r6,80
  801324:    08035400     call    803540 <memset>
  801328:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80132c:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801330:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  801334:    003fe106     br    8012bc <lcd_scroll_up+0x18>

  801338:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  80133c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801340:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  801344:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  801348:    18800885     stb    r2,34(r3)
  80134c:    dfc00317     ldw    ra,12(sp)
  801350:    df000217     ldw    fp,8(sp)
  801354:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  801358:    f800283a     ret

0080135c <lcd_handle_escape>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

static void lcd_handle_escape(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp, char c)
  80135c:    defff804     addi    sp,sp,-32
  801360:    dfc00715     stw    ra,28(sp)
  801364:    df000615     stw    fp,24(sp)
  801368:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  80136c:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801370:    e1400105     stb    r5,4(fp)
  int parm1 = 0, parm2 = 0;
  801374:    e0000215     stw    zero,8(fp)
  801378:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)

  if (sp->escape[0] == '[')
  80137c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801380:    10800a07     ldb    r2,40(r2)
  801384:    108016d8     cmpnei    r2,r2,91
  801388:    1000361e     bne    r2,zero,801464 <lcd_handle_escape+0x108>
    char * ptr = sp->escape+1;
  80138c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801390:    10800a44     addi    r2,r2,41
  801394:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
    while (isdigit(*ptr))
  801398:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  80139c:    10c00007     ldb    r3,0(r2)
  8013a0:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  8013a4:    108f5c04     addi    r2,r2,15728
  8013a8:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8013ac:    10800003     ldbu    r2,0(r2)
  8013b0:    1004d0ba     srli    r2,r2,2
  8013b4:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  8013b8:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8013bc:    10000c1e     bne    r2,zero,8013f0 <lcd_handle_escape+0x94>
      parm1 = (parm1 * 10) + (*ptr++ - '0');
  8013c0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8013c4:    110002a4     muli    r4,r2,10
  8013c8:    e1400404     addi    r5,fp,16
  8013cc:    28c00017     ldw    r3,0(r5)
  8013d0:    1805883a     mov    r2,r3
  8013d4:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  8013d8:    2085883a     add    r2,r4,r2
  8013dc:    10bff404     addi    r2,r2,-48
  8013e0:    18c00044     addi    r3,r3,1
  8013e4:    28c00015     stw    r3,0(r5)
  8013e8:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  8013ec:    003fea06     br    801398 <lcd_handle_escape+0x3c>

    if (*ptr == ';')
  8013f0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8013f4:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  8013f8:    10800ed8     cmpnei    r2,r2,59
  8013fc:    10001b1e     bne    r2,zero,80146c <lcd_handle_escape+0x110>
  801400:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  801404:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801408:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
      while (isdigit(*ptr))
  80140c:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  801410:    10c00007     ldb    r3,0(r2)
  801414:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  801418:    108f5c04     addi    r2,r2,15728
  80141c:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  801420:    10800003     ldbu    r2,0(r2)
  801424:    1004d0ba     srli    r2,r2,2
  801428:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  80142c:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801430:    10000e1e     bne    r2,zero,80146c <lcd_handle_escape+0x110>
        parm2 = (parm2 * 10) + (*ptr++ - '0');
  801434:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801438:    110002a4     muli    r4,r2,10
  80143c:    e1400404     addi    r5,fp,16
  801440:    28c00017     ldw    r3,0(r5)
  801444:    1805883a     mov    r2,r3
  801448:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  80144c:    2085883a     add    r2,r4,r2
  801450:    10bff404     addi    r2,r2,-48
  801454:    18c00044     addi    r3,r3,1
  801458:    28c00015     stw    r3,0(r5)
  80145c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  801460:    003fea06     br    80140c <lcd_handle_escape+0xb0>
    parm1 = -1;
  801464:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  801468:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

  switch (c)
  80146c:    e0800107     ldb    r2,4(fp)
  801470:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  801474:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  801478:    188012a0     cmpeqi    r2,r3,74
  80147c:    10002a1e     bne    r2,zero,801528 <lcd_handle_escape+0x1cc>
  801480:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  801484:    188012c8     cmpgei    r2,r3,75
  801488:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,80149c <lcd_handle_escape+0x140>
  80148c:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  801490:    18801220     cmpeqi    r2,r3,72
  801494:    1000081e     bne    r2,zero,8014b8 <lcd_handle_escape+0x15c>
  801498:    00003f06     br    801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
  80149c:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  8014a0:    188012e0     cmpeqi    r2,r3,75
  8014a4:    1000261e     bne    r2,zero,801540 <lcd_handle_escape+0x1e4>
  8014a8:    e0c00517     ldw    r3,20(fp)
  8014ac:    188019a0     cmpeqi    r2,r3,102
  8014b0:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,8014b8 <lcd_handle_escape+0x15c>
  8014b4:    00003806     br    801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
  case 'H': /* ESC '[' <y> ';' <x> 'H'  : Move cursor to location */
  case 'f': /* Same as above */
    if (parm2 > 0)
  8014b8:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8014bc:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  8014c0:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,8014d4 <lcd_handle_escape+0x178>
      sp->x = parm2 - 1;
  8014c4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8014c8:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8014cc:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8014d0:    18800845     stb    r2,33(r3)
    if (parm1 > 0)
  8014d4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8014d8:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  8014dc:    10002e1e     bne    r2,zero,801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
      sp->y = parm1 - 1;
  8014e0:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8014e4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8014e8:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8014ec:    18800885     stb    r2,34(r3)
      if (sp->y > ALT_LCD_HEIGHT * 2)
  8014f0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8014f4:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  8014f8:    10800170     cmpltui    r2,r2,5
  8014fc:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,80150c <lcd_handle_escape+0x1b0>
        sp->y = ALT_LCD_HEIGHT * 2;
  801500:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801504:    00800104     movi    r2,4
  801508:    18800885     stb    r2,34(r3)
      while (sp->y > ALT_LCD_HEIGHT)
  80150c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801510:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  801514:    108000f0     cmpltui    r2,r2,3
  801518:    10001f1e     bne    r2,zero,801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
  80151c:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801520:    08012a40     call    8012a4 <lcd_scroll_up>
  801524:    003ff906     br    80150c <lcd_handle_escape+0x1b0>

  case 'J':
    /*   ESC J      is clear to beginning of line    [unimplemented]
     *   ESC [ 0 J  is clear to bottom of screen     [unimplemented]
     *   ESC [ 1 J  is clear to beginning of screen  [unimplemented]
     *   ESC [ 2 J  is clear screen
    if (parm1 == 2)
  801528:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  80152c:    10800098     cmpnei    r2,r2,2
  801530:    1000191e     bne    r2,zero,801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
  801534:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801538:    08010340     call    801034 <lcd_clear_screen>
  80153c:    00001606     br    801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>

  case 'K':
    /*   ESC K      is clear to end of line
     *   ESC [ 0 K  is clear to end of line
     *   ESC [ 1 K  is clear to beginning of line    [unimplemented]
     *   ESC [ 2 K  is clear line                    [unimplemented]
    if (parm1 < 1)
  801540:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801544:    10800048     cmpgei    r2,r2,1
  801548:    1000131e     bne    r2,zero,801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
      if (sp->x < ALT_LCD_VIRTUAL_WIDTH)
  80154c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801550:    10800843     ldbu    r2,33(r2)
  801554:    10801428     cmpgeui    r2,r2,80
  801558:    10000f1e     bne    r2,zero,801598 <lcd_handle_escape+0x23c>
        memset(sp->line[sp->y].data + sp->x, ' ', ALT_LCD_VIRTUAL_WIDTH - sp->x);
  80155c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801560:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  801564:    10c018e4     muli    r3,r2,99
  801568:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80156c:    1887883a     add    r3,r3,r2
  801570:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801574:    10800843     ldbu    r2,33(r2)
  801578:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  80157c:    11001004     addi    r4,r2,64
  801580:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801584:    10c00843     ldbu    r3,33(r2)
  801588:    00801404     movi    r2,80
  80158c:    10cdc83a     sub    r6,r2,r3
  801590:    01400804     movi    r5,32
  801594:    08035400     call    803540 <memset>
  801598:    dfc00717     ldw    ra,28(sp)
  80159c:    df000617     ldw    fp,24(sp)
  8015a0:    dec00804     addi    sp,sp,32
  8015a4:    f800283a     ret

008015a8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

int altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp, 
  const char* ptr, int len, int flags)
  8015a8:    defff304     addi    sp,sp,-52
  8015ac:    dfc00c15     stw    ra,48(sp)
  8015b0:    df000b15     stw    fp,44(sp)
  8015b4:    dc000a15     stw    r16,40(sp)
  8015b8:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8015bc:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  8015c0:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  8015c4:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  8015c8:    e1c00315     stw    r7,12(fp)
  const char* end = ptr + len;
  8015cc:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  8015d0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8015d4:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8015d8:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  8015dc:    e0000715     stw    zero,28(fp)

  int y;
  int widthmax;

  /* When running in a multi threaded environment, obtain the "write_lock"
   * semaphore. This ensures that writing to the device is thread-safe.

  ALT_SEM_PEND (sp->write_lock, 0);

  /* Tell the routine which is called off the timer interrupt that the
   * foreground routines are active so it must not repaint the display. */
  sp->active = 1;
  8015e0:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8015e4:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  8015e8:    188009c5     stb    r2,39(r3)

  for ( ; ptr < end ; ptr++)
  8015ec:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  8015f0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8015f4:    18808c2e     bgeu    r3,r2,801828 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x280>
    char c = *ptr;
  8015f8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8015fc:    10800003     ldbu    r2,0(r2)
  801600:    e0800805     stb    r2,32(fp)

    if (sp->esccount >= 0)
  801604:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801608:    10800907     ldb    r2,36(r2)
  80160c:    1004803a     cmplt    r2,r2,zero
  801610:    1000351e     bne    r2,zero,8016e8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x140>
      unsigned int esccount = sp->esccount;
  801614:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801618:    10800907     ldb    r2,36(r2)
  80161c:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)

      /* Single character escape sequences can end with any character
       * Multi character escape sequences start with '[' and contain
       * digits and semicolons before terminating
      if ((esccount == 0 && c != '[') ||
  801620:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  801624:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  801628:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,801638 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x90>
  80162c:    e0800807     ldb    r2,32(fp)
  801630:    108016d8     cmpnei    r2,r2,91
  801634:    1000101e     bne    r2,zero,801678 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0xd0>
  801638:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  80163c:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801640:    1000191e     bne    r2,zero,8016a8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x100>
  801644:    e0c00807     ldb    r3,32(fp)
  801648:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  80164c:    108f5c04     addi    r2,r2,15728
  801650:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  801654:    10800003     ldbu    r2,0(r2)
  801658:    1004d0ba     srli    r2,r2,2
  80165c:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  801660:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  801664:    1000101e     bne    r2,zero,8016a8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x100>
  801668:    e0800807     ldb    r2,32(fp)
  80166c:    10800ed8     cmpnei    r2,r2,59
  801670:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,801678 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0xd0>
  801674:    00000c06     br    8016a8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x100>
          (esccount > 0 && !isdigit(c) && c != ';'))
        sp->escape[esccount] = 0;
  801678:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  80167c:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  801680:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  801684:    10800a04     addi    r2,r2,40
  801688:    10000005     stb    zero,0(r2)

        lcd_handle_escape(sp, c);
  80168c:    e1400807     ldb    r5,32(fp)
  801690:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801694:    080135c0     call    80135c <lcd_handle_escape>

        sp->esccount = -1;
  801698:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  80169c:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  8016a0:    18800905     stb    r2,36(r3)
  8016a4:    00005c06     br    801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
      else if (sp->esccount < sizeof(sp->escape)-1)
  8016a8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8016ac:    10800903     ldbu    r2,36(r2)
  8016b0:    108001e8     cmpgeui    r2,r2,7
  8016b4:    1000581e     bne    r2,zero,801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
        sp->escape[esccount] = c;
  8016b8:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8016bc:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8016c0:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8016c4:    10c00a04     addi    r3,r2,40
  8016c8:    e0800803     ldbu    r2,32(fp)
  8016cc:    18800005     stb    r2,0(r3)
  8016d0:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8016d4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8016d8:    10800903     ldbu    r2,36(r2)
  8016dc:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8016e0:    18800905     stb    r2,36(r3)
  8016e4:    00004c06     br    801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
    else if (c == 27) /* ESC */
  8016e8:    e0800807     ldb    r2,32(fp)
  8016ec:    108006d8     cmpnei    r2,r2,27
  8016f0:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,801700 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x158>
      sp->esccount = 0;
  8016f4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8016f8:    10000905     stb    zero,36(r2)
  8016fc:    00004606     br    801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
    else if (c == '\r')
  801700:    e0800807     ldb    r2,32(fp)
  801704:    10800358     cmpnei    r2,r2,13
  801708:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,801718 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x170>
      sp->x = 0;
  80170c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801710:    10000845     stb    zero,33(r2)
  801714:    00004006     br    801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
    else if (c == '\n')
  801718:    e0800807     ldb    r2,32(fp)
  80171c:    10800298     cmpnei    r2,r2,10
  801720:    10000e1e     bne    r2,zero,80175c <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x1b4>
      sp->x = 0;
  801724:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801728:    10000845     stb    zero,33(r2)
  80172c:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801730:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801734:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  801738:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  80173c:    18800885     stb    r2,34(r3)

      /* Let the cursor sit at X=0, Y=HEIGHT without scrolling so the user
       * can print two lines of data without losing one.
      if (sp->y > ALT_LCD_HEIGHT)
  801740:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801744:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  801748:    108000f0     cmpltui    r2,r2,3
  80174c:    1000321e     bne    r2,zero,801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
  801750:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801754:    08012a40     call    8012a4 <lcd_scroll_up>
  801758:    00002f06     br    801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
    else if (c == '\b')
  80175c:    e0800807     ldb    r2,32(fp)
  801760:    10800218     cmpnei    r2,r2,8
  801764:    10000a1e     bne    r2,zero,801790 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x1e8>
      if (sp->x > 0)
  801768:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80176c:    10800843     ldbu    r2,33(r2)
  801770:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801774:    1000281e     bne    r2,zero,801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
  801778:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  80177c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801780:    10800843     ldbu    r2,33(r2)
  801784:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  801788:    18800845     stb    r2,33(r3)
  80178c:    00002206     br    801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
    else if (isprint(c))
  801790:    e0c00807     ldb    r3,32(fp)
  801794:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  801798:    108f5c04     addi    r2,r2,15728
  80179c:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8017a0:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  8017a4:    108025cc     andi    r2,r2,151
  8017a8:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8017ac:    10001a1e     bne    r2,zero,801818 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x270>
      /* If we didn't scroll on the last linefeed then we might need to do
       * it now. */
      if (sp->y >= ALT_LCD_HEIGHT)
  8017b0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8017b4:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  8017b8:    108000b0     cmpltui    r2,r2,2
  8017bc:    1000021e     bne    r2,zero,8017c8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x220>
  8017c0:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8017c4:    08012a40     call    8012a4 <lcd_scroll_up>

      if (sp->x < ALT_LCD_VIRTUAL_WIDTH)
  8017c8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8017cc:    10800843     ldbu    r2,33(r2)
  8017d0:    10801428     cmpgeui    r2,r2,80
  8017d4:    10000b1e     bne    r2,zero,801804 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x25c>
        sp->line[sp->y].data[sp->x] = c;
  8017d8:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8017dc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8017e0:    10c00843     ldbu    r3,33(r2)
  8017e4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8017e8:    10800883     ldbu    r2,34(r2)
  8017ec:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  8017f0:    1105883a     add    r2,r2,r4
  8017f4:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8017f8:    10c01004     addi    r3,r2,64
  8017fc:    e0800803     ldbu    r2,32(fp)
  801800:    18800005     stb    r2,0(r3)

  801804:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801808:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80180c:    10800843     ldbu    r2,33(r2)
  801810:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801814:    18800845     stb    r2,33(r3)
  801818:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80181c:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801820:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  801824:    003f7106     br    8015ec <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x44>

  /* Recalculate the scrolling parameters */
  widthmax = ALT_LCD_WIDTH;
  801828:    00800404     movi    r2,16
  80182c:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  for (y = 0 ; y < ALT_LCD_HEIGHT ; y++)
  801830:    e0000515     stw    zero,20(fp)
  801834:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801838:    10800088     cmpgei    r2,r2,2
  80183c:    1000331e     bne    r2,zero,80190c <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x364>
    int width;
    for (width = ALT_LCD_VIRTUAL_WIDTH ; width > 0 ; width--)
  801840:    00801404     movi    r2,80
  801844:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  801848:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  80184c:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  801850:    10000f1e     bne    r2,zero,801890 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x2e8>
      if (sp->line[y].data[width-1] != ' ')
  801854:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801858:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  80185c:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  801860:    10c7883a     add    r3,r2,r3
  801864:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  801868:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  80186c:    10800fc4     addi    r2,r2,63
  801870:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  801874:    10800820     cmpeqi    r2,r2,32
  801878:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,801880 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x2d8>
  80187c:    00000406     br    801890 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x2e8>
  801880:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  801884:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  801888:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  80188c:    003fee06     br    801848 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x2a0>

    /* The minimum width is the size of the LCD panel.  If the real width
     * is long enough to require scrolling then add an extra space so the
     * end of the message doesn't run into the beginning of it.
    if (width <= ALT_LCD_WIDTH)
  801890:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  801894:    10800448     cmpgei    r2,r2,17
  801898:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,8018a8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x300>
      width = ALT_LCD_WIDTH;
  80189c:    00800404     movi    r2,16
  8018a0:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  8018a4:    00000306     br    8018b4 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x30c>
  8018a8:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8018ac:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8018b0:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)

    sp->line[y].width = width;
  8018b4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8018b8:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  8018bc:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  8018c0:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8018c4:    10c02404     addi    r3,r2,144
  8018c8:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8018cc:    18800045     stb    r2,1(r3)
    if (widthmax < width)
  8018d0:    e0c00617     ldw    r3,24(fp)
  8018d4:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8018d8:    1880020e     bge    r3,r2,8018e4 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x33c>
      widthmax = width;
  8018dc:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8018e0:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
    sp->line[y].speed = 0; /* By default lines don't scroll */
  8018e4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8018e8:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  8018ec:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  8018f0:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8018f4:    10802404     addi    r2,r2,144
  8018f8:    10000085     stb    zero,2(r2)
  8018fc:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801900:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801904:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  801908:    003fca06     br    801834 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x28c>

  if (widthmax <= ALT_LCD_WIDTH)
  80190c:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  801910:    10800448     cmpgei    r2,r2,17
  801914:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,801924 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x37c>
    sp->scrollmax = 0;
  801918:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80191c:    10000985     stb    zero,38(r2)
  801920:    00002606     br    8019bc <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x414>
    widthmax *= 2;
  801924:    e0c00617     ldw    r3,24(fp)
  801928:    1805883a     mov    r2,r3
  80192c:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  801930:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
    sp->scrollmax = widthmax;
  801934:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801938:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  80193c:    18800985     stb    r2,38(r3)

    /* Now calculate how fast each of the other lines should go */
    for (y = 0 ; y < ALT_LCD_HEIGHT ; y++)
  801940:    e0000515     stw    zero,20(fp)
  801944:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801948:    10800088     cmpgei    r2,r2,2
  80194c:    10001b1e     bne    r2,zero,8019bc <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x414>
      if (sp->line[y].width > ALT_LCD_WIDTH)
  801950:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801954:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801958:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  80195c:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  801960:    10802404     addi    r2,r2,144
  801964:    10800047     ldb    r2,1(r2)
  801968:    10800450     cmplti    r2,r2,17
  80196c:    10000f1e     bne    r2,zero,8019ac <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x404>
        /* You have three options for how to make the display scroll, chosen
         * using the preprocessor directives below
#if 1
        /* This option makes all the lines scroll round at different speeds
         * which are chosen so that all the scrolls finish at the same time.
        sp->line[y].speed = 256 * sp->line[y].width / widthmax;
  801970:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801974:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801978:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  80197c:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  801980:    14002404     addi    r16,r2,144
  801984:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801988:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  80198c:    108018e4     muli    r2,r2,99
  801990:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  801994:    10802404     addi    r2,r2,144
  801998:    10800047     ldb    r2,1(r2)
  80199c:    11004024     muli    r4,r2,256
  8019a0:    e1400617     ldw    r5,24(fp)
  8019a4:    0803ac00     call    803ac0 <__divsi3>
  8019a8:    80800085     stb    r2,2(r16)
  8019ac:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  8019b0:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8019b4:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  8019b8:    003fe206     br    801944 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x39c>
#elif 1
        /* This option pads the shorter lines with spaces so that they all
         * scroll together.
        sp->line[y].width = widthmax / 2;
        sp->line[y].speed = 256/2;
        /* This option makes the shorter lines stop after they have rotated
         * and waits for the longer lines to catch up
        sp->line[y].speed = 256/2;

  /* Repaint once, then check whether there has been a missed repaint
   * (because active was set when the timer interrupt occurred).  If there
   * has been a missed repaint then paint again.  And again.  etc.
  for ( ; ; )
    int old_scrollpos = sp->scrollpos;
  8019bc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8019c0:    10800947     ldb    r2,37(r2)
  8019c4:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)

  8019c8:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8019cc:    08010f40     call    8010f4 <lcd_repaint_screen>

    /* Let the timer routines repaint the display again */
    sp->active = 0;
  8019d0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8019d4:    100009c5     stb    zero,39(r2)

    /* Have the timer routines tried to scroll while we were painting?
     * If not then we can exit */
    if (sp->scrollpos == old_scrollpos)
  8019d8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8019dc:    10c00947     ldb    r3,37(r2)
  8019e0:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8019e4:    1880011e     bne    r3,r2,8019ec <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x444>
  8019e8:    00000406     br    8019fc <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x454>

    /* We need to repaint again since the display scrolled while we were
     * painting last time */
    sp->active = 1;
  8019ec:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  8019f0:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  8019f4:    188009c5     stb    r2,39(r3)
  8019f8:    003ff006     br    8019bc <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write+0x414>

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  8019fc:    e0000915     stw    zero,36(fp)

  /* Now that access to the display is complete, release the write
   * semaphore so that other threads can access the buffer.

  ALT_SEM_POST (sp->write_lock);

  return len;
  801a00:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801a04:    dfc00c17     ldw    ra,48(sp)
  801a08:    df000b17     ldw    fp,44(sp)
  801a0c:    dc000a17     ldw    r16,40(sp)
  801a10:    dec00d04     addi    sp,sp,52
  801a14:    f800283a     ret

00801a18 <alt_lcd_16207_timeout>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

/* This should be in a top level header file really */
#define container_of(ptr, type, member) ((type *)((char *)ptr - offsetof(type, member)))

 * Timeout routine is called every second

static alt_u32 alt_lcd_16207_timeout(void* context) 
  801a18:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  801a1c:    dfc00315     stw    ra,12(sp)
  801a20:    df000215     stw    fp,8(sp)
  801a24:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801a28:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp = (altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state*)context;
  801a2c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801a30:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

  /* Update the scrolling position */
  if (sp->scrollpos + 1 >= sp->scrollmax)
  801a34:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a38:    10800947     ldb    r2,37(r2)
  801a3c:    10c00044     addi    r3,r2,1
  801a40:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a44:    10800987     ldb    r2,38(r2)
  801a48:    18800316     blt    r3,r2,801a58 <alt_lcd_16207_timeout+0x40>
    sp->scrollpos = 0;
  801a4c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a50:    10000945     stb    zero,37(r2)
  801a54:    00000506     br    801a6c <alt_lcd_16207_timeout+0x54>
    sp->scrollpos = sp->scrollpos + 1;
  801a58:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  801a5c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a60:    10800943     ldbu    r2,37(r2)
  801a64:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801a68:    18800945     stb    r2,37(r3)

  /* Repaint the panel unless the foreground will do it again soon */
  if (sp->scrollmax > 0 && !sp->active)
  801a6c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a70:    10800987     ldb    r2,38(r2)
  801a74:    10800050     cmplti    r2,r2,1
  801a78:    1000061e     bne    r2,zero,801a94 <alt_lcd_16207_timeout+0x7c>
  801a7c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a80:    108009c7     ldb    r2,39(r2)
  801a84:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  801a88:    1000021e     bne    r2,zero,801a94 <alt_lcd_16207_timeout+0x7c>
  801a8c:    e1000117     ldw    r4,4(fp)
  801a90:    08010f40     call    8010f4 <lcd_repaint_screen>

  return sp->period;
  801a94:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801a98:    10800717     ldw    r2,28(r2)
  801a9c:    dfc00317     ldw    ra,12(sp)
  801aa0:    df000217     ldw    fp,8(sp)
  801aa4:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  801aa8:    f800283a     ret

00801aac <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_init>:

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

 * Called at boot time to initialise the LCD driver
void altera_avalon_lcd_16207_init(altera_avalon_lcd_16207_state* sp)
  801aac:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  801ab0:    dfc00615     stw    ra,24(sp)
  801ab4:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  801ab8:    dc000415     stw    r16,16(sp)
  801abc:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801ac0:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  unsigned int base = sp->base;
  801ac4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801ac8:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  801acc:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

  /* Mark the device as functional */
  sp->broken = 0;
  801ad0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801ad4:    10000805     stb    zero,32(r2)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  801ad8:    e0000215     stw    zero,8(fp)

  ALT_SEM_CREATE (&sp->write_lock, 1);

  /* TODO: check that usleep can be called in an initialization routine */

  /* The initialisation sequence below is copied from the datasheet for
   * the 16207 LCD display.  The first commands need to be timed because
   * the BUSY bit in the status register doesn't work until the display
   * has been reset three times.

  /* Wait for 15 ms then reset */
  801adc:    010ea604     movi    r4,15000
  801ae0:    08027940     call    802794 <usleep>
  801ae4:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  801ae8:    00800c04     movi    r2,48
  801aec:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

  /* Wait for another 4.1ms and reset again */
  801af0:    01040104     movi    r4,4100
  801af4:    08027940     call    802794 <usleep>
  801af8:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  801afc:    00800c04     movi    r2,48
  801b00:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

  /* Wait a further 1 ms and reset a third time */
  801b04:    0100fa04     movi    r4,1000
  801b08:    08027940     call    802794 <usleep>
  801b0c:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  801b10:    00800c04     movi    r2,48
  801b14:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

  /* Setup interface parameters: 8 bit bus, 2 rows, 5x7 font */
  lcd_write_command(sp, LCD_CMD_FUNCTION_SET | LCD_CMD_8BIT | LCD_CMD_TWO_LINE);
  801b18:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801b1c:    01400e04     movi    r5,56
  801b20:    0800ec80     call    800ec8 <lcd_write_command>
  /* Turn display off */
  lcd_write_command(sp, LCD_CMD_ONOFF);
  801b24:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801b28:    01400204     movi    r5,8
  801b2c:    0800ec80     call    800ec8 <lcd_write_command>

  /* Clear display */
  801b30:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801b34:    08010340     call    801034 <lcd_clear_screen>
  /* Set mode: increment after writing, don't shift display */
  lcd_write_command(sp, LCD_CMD_MODES | LCD_CMD_MODE_INC);
  801b38:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801b3c:    01400184     movi    r5,6
  801b40:    0800ec80     call    800ec8 <lcd_write_command>

  /* Turn display on */
  lcd_write_command(sp, LCD_CMD_ONOFF | LCD_CMD_ENABLE_DISP);
  801b44:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801b48:    01400304     movi    r5,12
  801b4c:    0800ec80     call    800ec8 <lcd_write_command>

  sp->esccount = -1;
  801b50:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801b54:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  801b58:    18800905     stb    r2,36(r3)
  memset(sp->escape, 0, sizeof(sp->escape));
  801b5c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801b60:    11000a04     addi    r4,r2,40
  801b64:    000b883a     mov    r5,zero
  801b68:    01800204     movi    r6,8
  801b6c:    08035400     call    803540 <memset>

  sp->scrollpos = 0;
  801b70:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801b74:    10000945     stb    zero,37(r2)
  sp->scrollmax = 0;
  801b78:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801b7c:    10000985     stb    zero,38(r2)
  sp->active = 0;
  801b80:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801b84:    100009c5     stb    zero,39(r2)

  sp->period = alt_ticks_per_second() / 10; /* Call every 100ms */
  801b88:    e4000017     ldw    r16,0(fp)

static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_ticks_per_second (void)
  return _alt_tick_rate;
  801b8c:    d0a00e17     ldw    r2,-32712(gp)
  801b90:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  801b94:    e1000317     ldw    r4,12(fp)
  801b98:    01400284     movi    r5,10
  801b9c:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  801ba0:    80800715     stw    r2,28(r16)

  alt_alarm_start(&sp->alarm, sp->period, &alt_lcd_16207_timeout, sp);
  801ba4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801ba8:    11000104     addi    r4,r2,4
  801bac:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801bb0:    11400717     ldw    r5,28(r2)
  801bb4:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  801bb8:    31868604     addi    r6,r6,6680
  801bbc:    e1c00017     ldw    r7,0(fp)
  801bc0:    0801ce00     call    801ce0 <alt_alarm_start>
  801bc4:    dfc00617     ldw    ra,24(sp)
  801bc8:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  801bcc:    dc000417     ldw    r16,16(sp)
  801bd0:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  801bd4:    f800283a     ret

00801bd8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write_fd>:
  const char* ptr, int count, int flags);

altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write_fd(alt_fd* fd, const char* buffer, int space)
  801bd8:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  801bdc:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  801be0:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  801be4:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801be8:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801bec:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  801bf0:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
    altera_avalon_lcd_16207_dev* dev = (altera_avalon_lcd_16207_dev*) fd->dev; 
  801bf4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801bf8:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  801bfc:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

    return altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write(&dev->state, buffer, space,
  801c00:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801c04:    11000a04     addi    r4,r2,40
  801c08:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801c0c:    e1400117     ldw    r5,4(fp)
  801c10:    e1800217     ldw    r6,8(fp)
  801c14:    11c00217     ldw    r7,8(r2)
  801c18:    08015a80     call    8015a8 <altera_avalon_lcd_16207_write>
  801c1c:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  801c20:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  801c24:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  801c28:    f800283a     ret

00801c2c <alt_avalon_timer_sc_irq>:
 * alarms, see alt_tick.c for further details.

static void alt_avalon_timer_sc_irq (void* base, alt_u32 id)
  801c2c:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  801c30:    dfc00315     stw    ra,12(sp)
  801c34:    df000215     stw    fp,8(sp)
  801c38:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801c3c:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801c40:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  /* clear the interrupt */

  801c44:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801c48:    10000035     stwio    zero,0(r2)

  /* ALT_LOG - see altera_hal/HAL/inc/sys/alt_log_printf.h */

  /* notify the system of a clock tick */
  alt_tick ();
  801c4c:    08026940     call    802694 <alt_tick>
  801c50:    dfc00317     ldw    ra,12(sp)
  801c54:    df000217     ldw    fp,8(sp)
  801c58:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  801c5c:    f800283a     ret

00801c60 <alt_avalon_timer_sc_init>:

 * alt_avalon_timer_sc_init() is called to initialise the timer that will be 
 * used to provide the periodic system clock. This is called from the 
 * auto-generated alt_sys_init() function.

void alt_avalon_timer_sc_init (void* base, alt_u32 irq, alt_u32 freq)
  801c60:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  801c64:    dfc00615     stw    ra,24(sp)
  801c68:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  801c6c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801c70:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801c74:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  801c78:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
 * in order to initialise the value of the clock frequency.

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_sysclk_init (alt_u32 nticks)
  801c7c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801c80:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  if (! _alt_tick_rate)
  801c84:    d0a00e17     ldw    r2,-32712(gp)
  801c88:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  801c8c:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,801ca0 <alt_avalon_timer_sc_init+0x40>
    _alt_tick_rate = nticks;
  801c90:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801c94:    d0a00e15     stw    r2,-32712(gp)
  801c98:    e0000415     stw    zero,16(fp)
  801c9c:    00000206     br    801ca8 <alt_avalon_timer_sc_init+0x48>
    return 0;
    return -1;
  801ca0:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  801ca4:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  /* set the system clock frequency */
  alt_sysclk_init (freq);
  /* set to free running mode */
  801ca8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801cac:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  801cb0:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  801cb4:    008001c4     movi    r2,7
  801cb8:    18800035     stwio    r2,0(r3)

  /* register the interrupt handler, and enable the interrupt */
  alt_irq_register (irq, base, alt_avalon_timer_sc_irq);    
  801cbc:    e1000117     ldw    r4,4(fp)
  801cc0:    e1400017     ldw    r5,0(fp)
  801cc4:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  801cc8:    31870b04     addi    r6,r6,7212
  801ccc:    08021980     call    802198 <alt_irq_register>
  801cd0:    dfc00617     ldw    ra,24(sp)
  801cd4:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  801cd8:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  801cdc:    f800283a     ret

00801ce0 <alt_alarm_start>:

int alt_alarm_start (alt_alarm* alarm, alt_u32 nticks,
                     alt_u32 (*callback) (void* context),
                     void* context)
  801ce0:    defff504     addi    sp,sp,-44
  801ce4:    df000a15     stw    fp,40(sp)
  801ce8:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801cec:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801cf0:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  801cf4:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  801cf8:    e1c00315     stw    r7,12(fp)
  alt_irq_context irq_context;
  alt_u32 current_nticks = 0;
  801cfc:    e0000515     stw    zero,20(fp)

static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_ticks_per_second (void)
  return _alt_tick_rate;
  801d00:    d0a00e17     ldw    r2,-32712(gp)
  801d04:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  801d08:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  801d0c:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801d10:    10003f1e     bne    r2,zero,801e10 <alt_alarm_start+0x130>
  if (alt_ticks_per_second ())
    if (alarm)
  801d14:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801d18:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801d1c:    1000391e     bne    r2,zero,801e04 <alt_alarm_start+0x124>
      alarm->callback = callback;
  801d20:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801d24:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801d28:    18800315     stw    r2,12(r3)
      alarm->context  = context;
  801d2c:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801d30:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801d34:    18800515     stw    r2,20(r3)
       alt_irq_disable_all (void)
  alt_irq_context context;

  NIOS2_READ_STATUS (context);
  801d38:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  801d3c:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  801d40:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  801d44:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  801d48:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)
  801d4c:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  801d50:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)

static ALT_INLINE alt_u32 ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_nticks (void)
  return _alt_nticks;
  801d54:    d0a00f17     ldw    r2,-32708(gp)
  801d58:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  801d5c:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  801d60:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
      irq_context = alt_irq_disable_all ();
      current_nticks = alt_nticks();
      alarm->time = nticks + current_nticks + 1; 
  801d64:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  801d68:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  801d6c:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801d70:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  801d74:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  801d78:    20800215     stw    r2,8(r4)
       * If the desired alarm time causes a roll-over, set the rollover
       * flag. This will prevent the subsequent tick event from causing
       * an alarm too early.
      if(alarm->time < current_nticks)
  801d7c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801d80:    10c00217     ldw    r3,8(r2)
  801d84:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  801d88:    1880042e     bgeu    r3,r2,801d9c <alt_alarm_start+0xbc>
        alarm->rollover = 1;
  801d8c:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801d90:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  801d94:    18800405     stb    r2,16(r3)
  801d98:    00000206     br    801da4 <alt_alarm_start+0xc4>
        alarm->rollover = 0;
  801d9c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801da0:    10000405     stb    zero,16(r2)

static ALT_INLINE void ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_llist_insert(alt_llist* list, 
                alt_llist* entry)
  801da4:    d0a01004     addi    r2,gp,-32704
  801da8:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  801dac:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801db0:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)
  entry->previous = list;
  801db4:    e0c00717     ldw    r3,28(fp)
  801db8:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  801dbc:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  entry->next     = list->next;
  801dc0:    e0c00717     ldw    r3,28(fp)
  801dc4:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  801dc8:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  801dcc:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)

  list->next->previous = entry;
  801dd0:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  801dd4:    10c00017     ldw    r3,0(r2)
  801dd8:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  801ddc:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  list->next           = entry;
  801de0:    e0c00817     ldw    r3,32(fp)
  801de4:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  801de8:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)

       alt_irq_enable_all (alt_irq_context context)
  801dec:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  801df0:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_STATUS (context);
  801df4:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  801df8:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2
      alt_llist_insert (&alt_alarm_list, &alarm->llist);
      alt_irq_enable_all (irq_context);

      return 0;
  801dfc:    e0000915     stw    zero,36(fp)
  801e00:    00000506     br    801e18 <alt_alarm_start+0x138>
      return -EINVAL;
  801e04:    00bffa84     movi    r2,-22
  801e08:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  801e0c:    00000206     br    801e18 <alt_alarm_start+0x138>
    return -ENOTSUP;
  801e10:    00bfde84     movi    r2,-134
  801e14:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  801e18:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  801e1c:    df000a17     ldw    fp,40(sp)
  801e20:    dec00b04     addi    sp,sp,44
  801e24:    f800283a     ret

00801e28 <alt_dcache_flush_all>:
 * alt_dcache_flush_all() is called to flush the entire data cache.

void alt_dcache_flush_all (void)
  801e28:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  801e2c:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  801e30:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  char* i;
  for (i = (char*) 0; i < (char*) NIOS2_DCACHE_SIZE; i+= NIOS2_DCACHE_LINE_SIZE)
  801e34:    e0000015     stw    zero,0(fp)
  801e38:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801e3c:    10820028     cmpgeui    r2,r2,2048
  801e40:    1000061e     bne    r2,zero,801e5c <alt_dcache_flush_all+0x34>
    __asm__ volatile ("flushd (%0)" :: "r" (i));
  801e44:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801e48:    1000003b     flushd    0(r2)
  801e4c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801e50:    10800804     addi    r2,r2,32
  801e54:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  801e58:    003ff706     br    801e38 <alt_dcache_flush_all+0x10>
#endif /* NIOS2_DCACHE_SIZE > 0 */
  801e5c:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  801e60:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  801e64:    f800283a     ret

00801e68 <alt_dev_null_write>:
 * indicates that the data has been successfully transmitted.

static int alt_dev_null_write (alt_fd* fd, const char* ptr, int len)
  801e68:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  801e6c:    df000315     stw    fp,12(sp)
  801e70:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801e74:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801e78:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  801e7c:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  return len;
  801e80:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801e84:    df000317     ldw    fp,12(sp)
  801e88:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  801e8c:    f800283a     ret

00801e90 <alt_dev_llist_insert>:

int alt_dev_llist_insert (alt_dev_llist* dev, alt_llist* list)
  801e90:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  801e94:    dfc00615     stw    ra,24(sp)
  801e98:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  801e9c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  801ea0:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  801ea4:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
   * check that the device exists, and that it has a valid name.

  if (!dev || !dev->name)
  801ea8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801eac:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801eb0:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,801ec4 <alt_dev_llist_insert+0x34>
  801eb4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801eb8:    10800217     ldw    r2,8(r2)
  801ebc:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  801ec0:    1000071e     bne    r2,zero,801ee0 <alt_dev_llist_insert+0x50>
  801ec4:    0801f400     call    801f40 <alt_get_errno>
  801ec8:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  801ecc:    00800584     movi    r2,22
  801ed0:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)
    return -EINVAL;
  801ed4:    00bffa84     movi    r2,-22
  801ed8:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  801edc:    00001306     br    801f2c <alt_dev_llist_insert+0x9c>

static ALT_INLINE void ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_llist_insert(alt_llist* list, 
                alt_llist* entry)
  801ee0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  801ee4:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  801ee8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801eec:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  entry->previous = list;
  801ef0:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  801ef4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801ef8:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  entry->next     = list->next;
  801efc:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  801f00:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801f04:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  801f08:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)

  list->next->previous = entry;
  801f0c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  801f10:    10c00017     ldw    r3,0(r2)
  801f14:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801f18:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  list->next           = entry;
  801f1c:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  801f20:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  801f24:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)
   * register the device.
  alt_llist_insert(list, &dev->llist);

  return 0;  
  801f28:    e0000415     stw    zero,16(fp)
  801f2c:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  801f30:    dfc00617     ldw    ra,24(sp)
  801f34:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  801f38:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  801f3c:    f800283a     ret

00801f40 <alt_get_errno>:

extern int errno;

static ALT_INLINE int* alt_get_errno(void)
  801f40:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  801f44:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  801f48:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  801f4c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  return ((alt_errno) ? alt_errno() : &errno);
  801f50:    d0a00b17     ldw    r2,-32724(gp)
  801f54:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  801f58:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,801f6c <alt_get_errno+0x2c>
  801f5c:    d0a00b17     ldw    r2,-32724(gp)
  801f60:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  801f64:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  801f68:    00000206     br    801f74 <alt_get_errno+0x34>
  801f6c:    d0a01b04     addi    r2,gp,-32660
  801f70:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  801f74:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801f78:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  801f7c:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  801f80:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  801f84:    f800283a     ret

00801f88 <_do_ctors>:
 * Run the C++ static constructors.

void _do_ctors(void)
  801f88:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  801f8c:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  801f90:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  801f94:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  constructor* ctor;

  for (ctor = &__CTOR_END__[-1]; ctor >= __CTOR_LIST__; ctor--)
  801f98:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  801f9c:    108f2d04     addi    r2,r2,15540
  801fa0:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  801fa4:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  801fa8:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  801fac:    108f2e04     addi    r2,r2,15544
  801fb0:    18800736     bltu    r3,r2,801fd0 <_do_ctors+0x48>
        (*ctor) (); 
  801fb4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801fb8:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  801fbc:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  801fc0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  801fc4:    10bfff04     addi    r2,r2,-4
  801fc8:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  801fcc:    003ff506     br    801fa4 <_do_ctors+0x1c>
  801fd0:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  801fd4:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  801fd8:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  801fdc:    f800283a     ret

00801fe0 <_do_dtors>:
 * Run the C++ static destructors.

void _do_dtors(void)
  801fe0:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  801fe4:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  801fe8:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  801fec:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  destructor* dtor;

  for (dtor = &__DTOR_END__[-1]; dtor >= __DTOR_LIST__; dtor--)
  801ff0:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  801ff4:    108f2d04     addi    r2,r2,15540
  801ff8:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  801ffc:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  802000:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  802004:    108f2e04     addi    r2,r2,15544
  802008:    18800736     bltu    r3,r2,802028 <_do_dtors+0x48>
        (*dtor) (); 
  80200c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802010:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  802014:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  802018:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80201c:    10bfff04     addi    r2,r2,-4
  802020:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  802024:    003ff506     br    801ffc <_do_dtors+0x1c>
  802028:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  80202c:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  802030:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  802034:    f800283a     ret

00802038 <alt_icache_flush_all>:
 * alt_icache_flush_all() is called to flush the entire instruction cache.

void alt_icache_flush_all (void)
  802038:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  80203c:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  802040:    df000015     stw    fp,0(sp)
  802044:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  alt_icache_flush (0, NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE);
  802048:    0009883a     mov    r4,zero
  80204c:    01440004     movi    r5,4096
  802050:    0802b280     call    802b28 <alt_icache_flush>
  802054:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  802058:    df000017     ldw    fp,0(sp)
  80205c:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  802060:    f800283a     ret

00802064 <alt_open_fd>:
 * remains unchanged.

static void alt_open_fd(alt_fd* fd, const char* name, int flags, int mode)
  802064:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  802068:    dfc00615     stw    ra,24(sp)
  80206c:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  802070:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802074:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  802078:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  80207c:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  802080:    e1c00315     stw    r7,12(fp)
  int old;

  old = open (name, flags, mode);
  802084:    e1000117     ldw    r4,4(fp)
  802088:    e1400217     ldw    r5,8(fp)
  80208c:    e1800317     ldw    r6,12(fp)
  802090:    08023e00     call    8023e0 <open>
  802094:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)

  if (old >= 0)
  802098:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  80209c:    1004803a     cmplt    r2,r2,zero
  8020a0:    10001c1e     bne    r2,zero,802114 <alt_open_fd+0xb0>
    fd->dev      = alt_fd_list[old].dev;
  8020a4:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8020a8:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  8020ac:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  8020b0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8020b4:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  8020b8:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8020bc:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8020c0:    20800015     stw    r2,0(r4)
    fd->priv     = alt_fd_list[old].priv;
  8020c4:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8020c8:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  8020cc:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  8020d0:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8020d4:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  8020d8:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8020dc:    10800104     addi    r2,r2,4
  8020e0:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8020e4:    20800115     stw    r2,4(r4)
    fd->fd_flags = alt_fd_list[old].fd_flags;
  8020e8:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8020ec:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  8020f0:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  8020f4:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8020f8:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  8020fc:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  802100:    10800204     addi    r2,r2,8
  802104:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  802108:    20800215     stw    r2,8(r4)

    alt_release_fd (old);
  80210c:    e1000417     ldw    r4,16(fp)
  802110:    08025a80     call    8025a8 <alt_release_fd>
  802114:    dfc00617     ldw    ra,24(sp)
  802118:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  80211c:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  802120:    f800283a     ret

00802124 <alt_io_redirect>:

 * alt_io_redirect() is called once the device/filesystem lists have been 
 * initialised, but before main(). Its function is to redirect standard in,
 * standard out and standard error so that they point to the devices selected by
 * the user (as defined in system.h).
 * Prior to the call to this function, io is directed towards /dev/null. If
 * i/o can not be redirected to the requested device, for example if the device 
 * does not exist, then it remains directed at /dev/null. 
void alt_io_redirect(const char* stdout_dev, 
                     const char* stdin_dev, 
                     const char* stderr_dev)
  802124:    defffb04     addi    sp,sp,-20
  802128:    dfc00415     stw    ra,16(sp)
  80212c:    df000315     stw    fp,12(sp)
  802130:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802134:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  802138:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  80213c:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  /* Redirect the channels */

  alt_open_fd (&alt_fd_list[STDOUT_FILENO], stdout_dev, O_WRONLY, 0777);
  802140:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  802144:    21140a04     addi    r4,r4,20520
  802148:    e1400017     ldw    r5,0(fp)
  80214c:    01800044     movi    r6,1
  802150:    01c07fc4     movi    r7,511
  802154:    08020640     call    802064 <alt_open_fd>
  alt_open_fd (&alt_fd_list[STDIN_FILENO], stdin_dev, O_RDONLY, 0777);
  802158:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  80215c:    21140704     addi    r4,r4,20508
  802160:    e1400117     ldw    r5,4(fp)
  802164:    000d883a     mov    r6,zero
  802168:    01c07fc4     movi    r7,511
  80216c:    08020640     call    802064 <alt_open_fd>
  alt_open_fd (&alt_fd_list[STDERR_FILENO], stderr_dev, O_WRONLY, 0777);
  802170:    01002034     movhi    r4,128
  802174:    21140d04     addi    r4,r4,20532
  802178:    e1400217     ldw    r5,8(fp)
  80217c:    01800044     movi    r6,1
  802180:    01c07fc4     movi    r7,511
  802184:    08020640     call    802064 <alt_open_fd>
  802188:    dfc00417     ldw    ra,16(sp)
  80218c:    df000317     ldw    fp,12(sp)
  802190:    dec00504     addi    sp,sp,20
  802194:    f800283a     ret

00802198 <alt_irq_register>:
int alt_irq_register (alt_u32 id, 
                      void* context, 
                      void (*handler)(void*, alt_u32))
  802198:    defff304     addi    sp,sp,-52
  80219c:    df000c15     stw    fp,48(sp)
  8021a0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8021a4:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  8021a8:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  8021ac:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  int rc = -EINVAL;  
  8021b0:    00bffa84     movi    r2,-22
  8021b4:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  alt_irq_context status;

  if (id < ALT_NIRQ)
  8021b8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8021bc:    10800828     cmpgeui    r2,r2,32
  8021c0:    1000511e     bne    r2,zero,802308 <alt_irq_register+0x170>
       alt_irq_disable_all (void)
  alt_irq_context context;

  NIOS2_READ_STATUS (context);
  8021c4:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  8021c8:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  8021cc:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  8021d0:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  8021d4:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  8021d8:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  8021dc:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
     * interrupts are disabled while the handler tables are updated to ensure
     * that an interrupt doesn't occur while the tables are in an inconsistant
     * state.

    status = alt_irq_disable_all ();

    alt_irq[id].handler = handler;
  8021e0:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  8021e4:    18d66e04     addi    r3,r3,22968
  8021e8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8021ec:    10800224     muli    r2,r2,8
  8021f0:    10c7883a     add    r3,r2,r3
  8021f4:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8021f8:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)
    alt_irq[id].context = context;
  8021fc:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  802200:    18d66e04     addi    r3,r3,22968
  802204:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802208:    10800224     muli    r2,r2,8
  80220c:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  802210:    10c00104     addi    r3,r2,4
  802214:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802218:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)

    rc = (handler) ? alt_irq_enable (id): alt_irq_disable (id);
  80221c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802220:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  802224:    1000191e     bne    r2,zero,80228c <alt_irq_register+0xf4>

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_irq_enable (alt_u32 id)
  802228:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80222c:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  802230:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  802234:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  802238:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  80223c:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  802240:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  802244:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  802248:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)
  alt_irq_context  status;
  extern volatile alt_u32 alt_irq_active;

  status = alt_irq_disable_all ();

  alt_irq_active |= (1 << id);
  80224c:    00c00044     movi    r3,1
  802250:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  802254:    1886983a     sll    r3,r3,r2
  802258:    d0a00c17     ldw    r2,-32720(gp)
  80225c:    10c4b03a     or    r2,r2,r3
  802260:    d0a00c15     stw    r2,-32720(gp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_IENABLE (alt_irq_active);
  802264:    d0a00c17     ldw    r2,-32720(gp)
  802268:    100170fa     wrctl    ienable,r2
  80226c:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  802270:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  802274:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  802278:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2

  80227c:    e0000515     stw    zero,20(fp)
  802280:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  802284:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  802288:    00001906     br    8022f0 <alt_irq_register+0x158>
  80228c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802290:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  802294:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  802298:    e0800a15     stw    r2,40(fp)
  80229c:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  8022a0:    e0800a17     ldw    r2,40(fp)
  8022a4:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  8022a8:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  8022ac:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)
  8022b0:    00c00044     movi    r3,1
  8022b4:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  8022b8:    1884983a     sll    r2,r3,r2
  8022bc:    0086303a     nor    r3,zero,r2
  8022c0:    d0a00c17     ldw    r2,-32720(gp)
  8022c4:    10c4703a     and    r2,r2,r3
  8022c8:    d0a00c15     stw    r2,-32720(gp)
  8022cc:    d0a00c17     ldw    r2,-32720(gp)
  8022d0:    100170fa     wrctl    ienable,r2
  8022d4:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  8022d8:    e0800a15     stw    r2,40(fp)
  8022dc:    e0800a17     ldw    r2,40(fp)
  8022e0:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2
  8022e4:    e0000815     stw    zero,32(fp)
  8022e8:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  8022ec:    e0800b15     stw    r2,44(fp)
  8022f0:    e0800b17     ldw    r2,44(fp)
  8022f4:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  8022f8:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  8022fc:    e0800a15     stw    r2,40(fp)
  802300:    e0800a17     ldw    r2,40(fp)
  802304:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2

  return rc; 
  802308:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  80230c:    df000c17     ldw    fp,48(sp)
  802310:    dec00d04     addi    sp,sp,52
  802314:    f800283a     ret

00802318 <alt_file_locked>:
 * themselves, and report the error from the filesystems open() function. 

static int alt_file_locked (alt_fd* fd)
  802318:    defffc04     addi    sp,sp,-16
  80231c:    df000315     stw    fp,12(sp)
  802320:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802324:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  alt_u32 i;

   * Mark the file descriptor as belonging to a device.

  fd->fd_flags |= ALT_FD_DEV;
  802328:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  80232c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802330:    10800217     ldw    r2,8(r2)
  802334:    10900034     orhi    r2,r2,16384
  802338:    18800215     stw    r2,8(r3)

   * Loop through all current file descriptors searching for one that's locked
   * for exclusive access. If a match is found, generate an error.

  for (i = 0; i <= alt_max_fd; i++)
  80233c:    e0000115     stw    zero,4(fp)
  802340:    d0e00a17     ldw    r3,-32728(gp)
  802344:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802348:    18802036     bltu    r3,r2,8023cc <alt_file_locked+0xb4>
    if ((alt_fd_list[i].dev == fd->dev) &&
  80234c:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  802350:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  802354:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802358:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  80235c:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  802360:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  802364:    11000017     ldw    r4,0(r2)
  802368:    18800017     ldw    r2,0(r3)
  80236c:    2080131e     bne    r4,r2,8023bc <alt_file_locked+0xa4>
  802370:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  802374:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  802378:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80237c:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  802380:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  802384:    10800204     addi    r2,r2,8
  802388:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  80238c:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  802390:    10000a1e     bne    r2,zero,8023bc <alt_file_locked+0xa4>
  802394:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802398:    10c00324     muli    r3,r2,12
  80239c:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  8023a0:    10940704     addi    r2,r2,20508
  8023a4:    1887883a     add    r3,r3,r2
  8023a8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8023ac:    18800326     beq    r3,r2,8023bc <alt_file_locked+0xa4>
        (alt_fd_list[i].fd_flags & ALT_FD_EXCL) &&
        (&alt_fd_list[i] != fd))
      return -EACCES;
  8023b0:    00bffcc4     movi    r2,-13
  8023b4:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  8023b8:    00000506     br    8023d0 <alt_file_locked+0xb8>
  8023bc:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8023c0:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8023c4:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  8023c8:    003fdd06     br    802340 <alt_file_locked+0x28>
  /* The device is not locked */
  return 0;
  8023cc:    e0000215     stw    zero,8(fp)
  8023d0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8023d4:    df000317     ldw    fp,12(sp)
  8023d8:    dec00404     addi    sp,sp,16
  8023dc:    f800283a     ret

008023e0 <open>:

 * open() is called in order to get a file descriptor that reference the file
 * or device named "name". This descriptor can then be used to manipulate the
 * file/device using the standard system calls, e.g. write(), read(), ioctl()
 * etc.
 * This is equivalent to the standard open() system call.
 * ALT_OPEN is mapped onto the open() system call in alt_syscall.h
int ALT_OPEN (const char* file, int flags, int mode)
  8023e0:    defff404     addi    sp,sp,-48
  8023e4:    dfc00b15     stw    ra,44(sp)
  8023e8:    df000a15     stw    fp,40(sp)
  8023ec:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8023f0:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  8023f4:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  8023f8:    e1800215     stw    r6,8(fp)
  alt_dev* dev;
  alt_fd*  fd;
  int index  = -1;
  8023fc:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  802400:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  int status = -ENODEV;
  802404:    00bffb44     movi    r2,-19
  802408:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  int isafs = 0;
  80240c:    e0000715     stw    zero,28(fp)

   * Check the device list, to see if a device with a matching name is 
   * registered.
  if (!(dev = alt_find_dev (file, &alt_dev_list)))
  802410:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  802414:    d1600804     addi    r5,gp,-32736
  802418:    08029080     call    802908 <alt_find_dev>
  80241c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  802420:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802424:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802428:    1000051e     bne    r2,zero,802440 <open+0x60>
    /* No matching device, so try the filesystem list */

    dev   = alt_find_file (file);
  80242c:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  802430:    08029980     call    802998 <alt_find_file>
  802434:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
    isafs = 1;
  802438:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  80243c:    e0800715     stw    r2,28(fp)

   * If a matching device or filesystem is found, allocate a file descriptor. 

  if (dev)
  802440:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802444:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  802448:    1000301e     bne    r2,zero,80250c <open+0x12c>
    if ((index = alt_get_fd (dev)) < 0)
  80244c:    e1000317     ldw    r4,12(fp)
  802450:    0802a7c0     call    802a7c <alt_get_fd>
  802454:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  802458:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  80245c:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  802460:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,802470 <open+0x90>
      status = index;
  802464:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  802468:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  80246c:    00002906     br    802514 <open+0x134>
      fd = &alt_fd_list[index];
  802470:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  802474:    10c00324     muli    r3,r2,12
  802478:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  80247c:    10940704     addi    r2,r2,20508
  802480:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  802484:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
      fd->fd_flags = (flags & ~ALT_FD_FLAGS_MASK);
  802488:    e1000417     ldw    r4,16(fp)
  80248c:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  802490:    00900034     movhi    r2,16384
  802494:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  802498:    1884703a     and    r2,r3,r2
  80249c:    20800215     stw    r2,8(r4)
      /* If this is a device, ensure it isn't already locked */

      if (isafs || ((status = alt_file_locked (fd)) >= 0))
  8024a0:    e0800717     ldw    r2,28(fp)
  8024a4:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  8024a8:    1000071e     bne    r2,zero,8024c8 <open+0xe8>
  8024ac:    e1000417     ldw    r4,16(fp)
  8024b0:    08023180     call    802318 <alt_file_locked>
  8024b4:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  8024b8:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  8024bc:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  8024c0:    1000011e     bne    r2,zero,8024c8 <open+0xe8>
  8024c4:    00001306     br    802514 <open+0x134>
         * If the device or filesystem provides an open() callback function,
         * call it now to perform any device/filesystem specific operations.
        status = (dev->open) ? dev->open(fd, file, flags, mode): 0;
  8024c8:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8024cc:    10800317     ldw    r2,12(r2)
  8024d0:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8024d4:    1000091e     bne    r2,zero,8024fc <open+0x11c>
  8024d8:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  8024dc:    10800317     ldw    r2,12(r2)
  8024e0:    e1000417     ldw    r4,16(fp)
  8024e4:    e1400017     ldw    r5,0(fp)
  8024e8:    e1800117     ldw    r6,4(fp)
  8024ec:    e1c00217     ldw    r7,8(fp)
  8024f0:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  8024f4:    e0800915     stw    r2,36(fp)
  8024f8:    00000106     br    802500 <open+0x120>
  8024fc:    e0000915     stw    zero,36(fp)
  802500:    e0800917     ldw    r2,36(fp)
  802504:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)
  802508:    00000206     br    802514 <open+0x134>
    status = -ENODEV;
  80250c:    00bffb44     movi    r2,-19
  802510:    e0800615     stw    r2,24(fp)

  /* Allocation failed, so clean up and return an error */ 

  if (status < 0)
  802514:    e0800617     ldw    r2,24(fp)
  802518:    1004403a     cmpge    r2,r2,zero
  80251c:    1000091e     bne    r2,zero,802544 <open+0x164>
    alt_release_fd (index);  
  802520:    e1000517     ldw    r4,20(fp)
  802524:    08025a80     call    8025a8 <alt_release_fd>
    ALT_ERRNO = -status;
  802528:    08025600     call    802560 <alt_get_errno>
  80252c:    e0c00617     ldw    r3,24(fp)
  802530:    00c7c83a     sub    r3,zero,r3
  802534:    10c00015     stw    r3,0(r2)
    return -1;
  802538:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  80253c:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  802540:    00000206     br    80254c <open+0x16c>
  /* return the reference upon success */

  return index;
  802544:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  802548:    e0800815     stw    r2,32(fp)
  80254c:    e0800817     ldw    r2,32(fp)
  802550:    dfc00b17     ldw    ra,44(sp)
  802554:    df000a17     ldw    fp,40(sp)
  802558:    dec00c04     addi    sp,sp,48
  80255c:    f800283a     ret

00802560 <alt_get_errno>:

extern int errno;

static ALT_INLINE int* alt_get_errno(void)
  802560:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  802564:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  802568:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  80256c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  return ((alt_errno) ? alt_errno() : &errno);
  802570:    d0a00b17     ldw    r2,-32724(gp)
  802574:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  802578:    1000041e     bne    r2,zero,80258c <alt_get_errno+0x2c>
  80257c:    d0a00b17     ldw    r2,-32724(gp)
  802580:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  802584:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  802588:    00000206     br    802594 <alt_get_errno+0x34>
  80258c:    d0a01b04     addi    r2,gp,-32660
  802590:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  802594:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802598:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  80259c:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  8025a0:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  8025a4:    f800283a     ret

008025a8 <alt_release_fd>:
 * error cannont be released backed to the pool. They are always reserved.

void alt_release_fd (int fd)
  8025a8:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  8025ac:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  8025b0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8025b4:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  if (fd > 2)
  8025b8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8025bc:    108000d0     cmplti    r2,r2,3
  8025c0:    10000d1e     bne    r2,zero,8025f8 <alt_release_fd+0x50>
    alt_fd_list[fd].fd_flags = 0;
  8025c4:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  8025c8:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  8025cc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8025d0:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  8025d4:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8025d8:    10800204     addi    r2,r2,8
  8025dc:    10000015     stw    zero,0(r2)
    alt_fd_list[fd].dev      = 0;
  8025e0:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  8025e4:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  8025e8:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8025ec:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  8025f0:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  8025f4:    10000015     stw    zero,0(r2)
  8025f8:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  8025fc:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  802600:    f800283a     ret

00802604 <alt_alarm_stop>:
 * the alarm executes.

void alt_alarm_stop (alt_alarm* alarm)
  802604:    defffb04     addi    sp,sp,-20
  802608:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  80260c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802610:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
       alt_irq_disable_all (void)
  alt_irq_context context;

  NIOS2_READ_STATUS (context);
  802614:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  802618:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  80261c:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  802620:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802624:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  802628:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  80262c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
 * input argument is the element to remove.
static ALT_INLINE void ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_llist_remove(alt_llist* entry)
  802630:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802634:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  entry->next->previous = entry->previous;
  802638:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  80263c:    10c00017     ldw    r3,0(r2)
  802640:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802644:    10800117     ldw    r2,4(r2)
  802648:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  entry->previous->next = entry->next;
  80264c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802650:    10c00117     ldw    r3,4(r2)
  802654:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802658:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  80265c:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)

   * Set the entry to point to itself, so that any further calls to
   * alt_llist_remove() are harmless.

  entry->previous = entry;
  802660:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  802664:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802668:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  entry->next     = entry;
  80266c:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  802670:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802674:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)

       alt_irq_enable_all (alt_irq_context context)
  802678:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80267c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_STATUS (context);
  802680:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802684:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2
  alt_irq_context irq_context;

  irq_context = alt_irq_disable_all();
  alt_llist_remove (&alarm->llist);
  alt_irq_enable_all (irq_context);
  802688:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  80268c:    dec00504     addi    sp,sp,20
  802690:    f800283a     ret

00802694 <alt_tick>:

 * alt_tick() is periodically called by the system clock driver in order to
 * process the registered list of alarms. Each alarm is registed with a
 * callback interval, and a callback function, "callback". 
 * The return value of the callback function indicates how many ticks are to
 * elapse until the next callback. A return value of zero indicates that the
 * alarm should be deactivated. 
 * alt_tick() is expected to run at interrupt level.

void alt_tick (void)
  802694:    defffb04     addi    sp,sp,-20
  802698:    dfc00415     stw    ra,16(sp)
  80269c:    df000315     stw    fp,12(sp)
  8026a0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  alt_alarm* next;
  alt_alarm* alarm = (alt_alarm*);
  8026a4:    d0a01017     ldw    r2,-32704(gp)
  8026a8:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

  alt_u32    next_callback;

  /* update the tick counter */

  8026ac:    d0a00f17     ldw    r2,-32708(gp)
  8026b0:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  8026b4:    d0a00f15     stw    r2,-32708(gp)

  /* process the registered callbacks */

  while (alarm != (alt_alarm*) &alt_alarm_list)
  8026b8:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  8026bc:    d0a01004     addi    r2,gp,-32704
  8026c0:    18803026     beq    r3,r2,802784 <alt_tick+0xf0>
    next = (alt_alarm*) alarm->;
  8026c4:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8026c8:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  8026cc:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)

     * Upon the tick-counter rolling over it is safe to clear the 
     * roll-over flag; once the flag is cleared this (or subsequnt)
     * tick events are enabled to generate an alarm event. 
    if ((alarm->rollover) && (_alt_nticks == 0))
  8026d0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8026d4:    10800403     ldbu    r2,16(r2)
  8026d8:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  8026dc:    1000051e     bne    r2,zero,8026f4 <alt_tick+0x60>
  8026e0:    d0a00f17     ldw    r2,-32708(gp)
  8026e4:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  8026e8:    1000021e     bne    r2,zero,8026f4 <alt_tick+0x60>
      alarm->rollover = 0;
  8026ec:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8026f0:    10000405     stb    zero,16(r2)
    /* if the alarm period has expired, make the callback */    
    if ((alarm->time <= _alt_nticks) && (alarm->rollover == 0))
  8026f4:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8026f8:    10c00217     ldw    r3,8(r2)
  8026fc:    d0a00f17     ldw    r2,-32708(gp)
  802700:    10c01d36     bltu    r2,r3,802778 <alt_tick+0xe4>
  802704:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802708:    10800403     ldbu    r2,16(r2)
  80270c:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802710:    1000191e     bne    r2,zero,802778 <alt_tick+0xe4>
      next_callback = alarm->callback (alarm->context);
  802714:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802718:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  80271c:    10800317     ldw    r2,12(r2)
  802720:    19000517     ldw    r4,20(r3)
  802724:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  802728:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

      /* deactivate the alarm if the return value is zero */

      if (next_callback == 0)
  80272c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802730:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802734:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,802744 <alt_tick+0xb0>
        alt_alarm_stop (alarm);
  802738:    e1000117     ldw    r4,4(fp)
  80273c:    08026040     call    802604 <alt_alarm_stop>
  802740:    00000d06     br    802778 <alt_tick+0xe4>
        alarm->time += next_callback;
  802744:    e1000117     ldw    r4,4(fp)
  802748:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  80274c:    10c00217     ldw    r3,8(r2)
  802750:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802754:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  802758:    20800215     stw    r2,8(r4)
         * If the desired alarm time causes a roll-over, set the rollover
         * flag. This will prevent the subsequent tick event from causing
         * an alarm too early.
        if(alarm->time < _alt_nticks)
  80275c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802760:    10c00217     ldw    r3,8(r2)
  802764:    d0a00f17     ldw    r2,-32708(gp)
  802768:    1880032e     bgeu    r3,r2,802778 <alt_tick+0xe4>
          alarm->rollover = 1;
  80276c:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  802770:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  802774:    18800405     stb    r2,16(r3)
    alarm = next;
  802778:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  80277c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  802780:    003fcd06     br    8026b8 <alt_tick+0x24>

   * Update the operating system specific timer facilities.

  802784:    dfc00417     ldw    ra,16(sp)
  802788:    df000317     ldw    fp,12(sp)
  80278c:    dec00504     addi    sp,sp,20
  802790:    f800283a     ret

00802794 <usleep>:
 * ALT_USLEEP is mapped onto the usleep() system call in alt_syscall.h 

unsigned int ALT_USLEEP (unsigned int us)
  802794:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  802798:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  80279c:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  8027a0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8027a4:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  return alt_busy_sleep(us);
  8027a8:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  8027ac:    08027c00     call    8027c0 <alt_busy_sleep>
  8027b0:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  8027b4:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  8027b8:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  8027bc:    f800283a     ret

008027c0 <alt_busy_sleep>:

#include "priv/alt_busy_sleep.h"

unsigned int alt_busy_sleep (unsigned int us)
  8027c0:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  8027c4:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  8027c8:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  8027cc:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8027d0:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
 * Only delay if ALT_SIM_OPTIMIZE is not defined; i.e., if software
 * is built targetting ModelSim RTL simulation, the delay will be
 * skipped to speed up simulation.
  int i;
  int big_loops;
  alt_u32 cycles_per_loop;
  if (!strcmp(NIOS2_CPU_IMPLEMENTATION,"tiny"))
    cycles_per_loop = 9;
    cycles_per_loop = 3;
  8027d4:    008000c4     movi    r2,3
  8027d8:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  big_loops = us / (INT_MAX/
  8027dc:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  8027e0:    008003f4     movhi    r2,15
  8027e4:    10909004     addi    r2,r2,16960
  8027e8:    188b383a     mul    r5,r3,r2
  8027ec:    0100bef4     movhi    r4,763
  8027f0:    213c2004     addi    r4,r4,-3968
  8027f4:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  8027f8:    100b883a     mov    r5,r2
  8027fc:    01200034     movhi    r4,32768
  802800:    213fffc4     addi    r4,r4,-1
  802804:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  802808:    100b883a     mov    r5,r2
  80280c:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  802810:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  802814:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  (ALT_CPU_FREQ/(cycles_per_loop * 1000000)));

  if (big_loops)
  802818:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  80281c:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  802820:    1000281e     bne    r2,zero,8028c4 <alt_busy_sleep+0x104>
  802824:    e0000115     stw    zero,4(fp)
  802828:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  80282c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802830:    1880170e     bge    r3,r2,802890 <alt_busy_sleep+0xd0>
      * Do NOT Try to single step the asm statement below 
      * (single step will never return)
      * Step out of this function or set a breakpoint after the asm statements
      __asm__ volatile (
  802834:    00a00034     movhi    r2,32768
  802838:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  80283c:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  802840:    103ffe1e     bne    r2,zero,80283c <alt_busy_sleep+0x7c>
        "\n\taddi %0,%0, -1"
        "\n\tbne %0,zero,0b"
        "\n\t.pushsection .debug_alt_sim_info"
        "\n\ 4, 0, 0b, 1b"
        :: "r" (INT_MAX));
      us -= (INT_MAX/(ALT_CPU_FREQ/
  802844:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  802848:    008003f4     movhi    r2,15
  80284c:    10909004     addi    r2,r2,16960
  802850:    188b383a     mul    r5,r3,r2
  802854:    0100bef4     movhi    r4,763
  802858:    213c2004     addi    r4,r4,-3968
  80285c:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  802860:    100b883a     mov    r5,r2
  802864:    01200034     movhi    r4,32768
  802868:    213fffc4     addi    r4,r4,-1
  80286c:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  802870:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  802874:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802878:    10c5c83a     sub    r2,r2,r3
  80287c:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  802880:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802884:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  802888:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  80288c:    003fe606     br    802828 <alt_busy_sleep+0x68>
      (cycles_per_loop * 1000000)));

    * Do NOT Try to single step the asm statement below 
    * (single step will never return)
    * Step out of this function or set a breakpoint after the asm statements
    __asm__ volatile (
  802890:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  802894:    008003f4     movhi    r2,15
  802898:    10909004     addi    r2,r2,16960
  80289c:    188b383a     mul    r5,r3,r2
  8028a0:    0100bef4     movhi    r4,763
  8028a4:    213c2004     addi    r4,r4,-3968
  8028a8:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  8028ac:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  8028b0:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8028b4:    1885383a     mul    r2,r3,r2
  8028b8:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8028bc:    103ffe1e     bne    r2,zero,8028b8 <alt_busy_sleep+0xf8>
  8028c0:    00000c06     br    8028f4 <alt_busy_sleep+0x134>
      "\n\taddi %0,%0, -1"
      "\n\tbne %0,zero,0b"
      "\n\t.pushsection .debug_alt_sim_info"
      "\n\ 4, 0, 0b, 1b"
      :: "r" (us*(ALT_CPU_FREQ/(cycles_per_loop * 1000000))));
    * Do NOT Try to single step the asm statement below 
    * (single step will never return)
    * Step out of this function or set a breakpoint after the asm statements
    __asm__ volatile (
  8028c4:    e0c00317     ldw    r3,12(fp)
  8028c8:    008003f4     movhi    r2,15
  8028cc:    10909004     addi    r2,r2,16960
  8028d0:    188b383a     mul    r5,r3,r2
  8028d4:    0100bef4     movhi    r4,763
  8028d8:    213c2004     addi    r4,r4,-3968
  8028dc:    0803b5c0     call    803b5c <__udivsi3>
  8028e0:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  8028e4:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  8028e8:    1885383a     mul    r2,r3,r2
  8028ec:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8028f0:    00bffe16     blt    zero,r2,8028ec <alt_busy_sleep+0x12c>
      "\n\taddi %0,%0, -1"
      "\n\tbgt %0,zero,0b"
      "\n\t.pushsection .debug_alt_sim_info"
      "\n\ 4, 0, 0b, 1b"
      :: "r" (us*(ALT_CPU_FREQ/(cycles_per_loop * 1000000))));
#endif /* #ifndef ALT_SIM_OPTIMIZE */
  return 0;
  8028f4:    0005883a     mov    r2,zero
  8028f8:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  8028fc:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  802900:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  802904:    f800283a     ret

00802908 <alt_find_dev>:
 * be found.
alt_dev* alt_find_dev(const char* name, alt_llist* llist)
  802908:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  80290c:    dfc00615     stw    ra,24(sp)
  802910:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  802914:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802918:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  80291c:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)
  alt_dev* next = (alt_dev*) llist->next;
  802920:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802924:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  802928:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  alt_32 len;

  len  = strlen(name) + 1;
  80292c:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  802930:    08036280     call    803628 <strlen>
  802934:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  802938:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

   * Check each list entry in turn, until a match is found, or we reach the
   * end of the list (i.e. next winds up pointing back to the list head).

  while (next != (alt_dev*) llist)
  80293c:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  802940:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802944:    18800e26     beq    r3,r2,802980 <alt_find_dev+0x78>

     * memcmp() is used here rather than strcmp() in order to reduce the size
     * of the executable.

    if (!memcmp (next->name, name, len))
  802948:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  80294c:    11000217     ldw    r4,8(r2)
  802950:    e1400017     ldw    r5,0(fp)
  802954:    e1800317     ldw    r6,12(fp)
  802958:    08034140     call    803414 <memcmp>
  80295c:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802960:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,802970 <alt_find_dev+0x68>
      /* match found */

      return next;
  802964:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802968:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  80296c:    00000506     br    802984 <alt_find_dev+0x7c>
    next = (alt_dev*) next->;
  802970:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802974:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  802978:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  80297c:    003fef06     br    80293c <alt_find_dev+0x34>
  /* No match found */
  return NULL;
  802980:    e0000415     stw    zero,16(fp)
  802984:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  802988:    dfc00617     ldw    ra,24(sp)
  80298c:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  802990:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  802994:    f800283a     ret

00802998 <alt_find_file>:
 * "/myfilesystem/junk.txt" would match: "/myfilesystem", but not: "/myfile". 
alt_dev* alt_find_file (const char* name)
  802998:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  80299c:    dfc00515     stw    ra,20(sp)
  8029a0:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  8029a4:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  8029a8:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  alt_dev* next = (alt_dev*);   
  8029ac:    d0a00617     ldw    r2,-32744(gp)
  8029b0:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

  alt_32 len;
   * Check each list entry in turn, until a match is found, or we reach the
   * end of the list (i.e. next winds up pointing back to the list head).
  while (next != (alt_dev*) &alt_fs_list)
  8029b4:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  8029b8:    d0a00604     addi    r2,gp,-32744
  8029bc:    18802926     beq    r3,r2,802a64 <alt_find_file+0xcc>
    len = strlen(next->name);
  8029c0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8029c4:    11000217     ldw    r4,8(r2)
  8029c8:    08036280     call    803628 <strlen>
  8029cc:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
    if (next->name[len-1] == '/')
  8029d0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  8029d4:    10c00217     ldw    r3,8(r2)
  8029d8:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8029dc:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  8029e0:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8029e4:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  8029e8:    10800bd8     cmpnei    r2,r2,47
  8029ec:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,8029fc <alt_find_file+0x64>
      len -= 1;
  8029f0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  8029f4:    10bfffc4     addi    r2,r2,-1
  8029f8:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

    if (((name[len] == '/') || (name[len] == '\0')) && 
  8029fc:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  802a00:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802a04:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  802a08:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  802a0c:    10800be0     cmpeqi    r2,r2,47
  802a10:    1000061e     bne    r2,zero,802a2c <alt_find_file+0x94>
  802a14:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  802a18:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802a1c:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  802a20:    10800007     ldb    r2,0(r2)
  802a24:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802a28:    10000a1e     bne    r2,zero,802a54 <alt_find_file+0xbc>
  802a2c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802a30:    11000217     ldw    r4,8(r2)
  802a34:    e1400017     ldw    r5,0(fp)
  802a38:    e1800217     ldw    r6,8(fp)
  802a3c:    08034140     call    803414 <memcmp>
  802a40:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802a44:    1000031e     bne    r2,zero,802a54 <alt_find_file+0xbc>
        !memcmp (next->name, name, len))
      /* match found */

      return next;
  802a48:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802a4c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  802a50:    00000506     br    802a68 <alt_find_file+0xd0>
    next = (alt_dev*) next->;
  802a54:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802a58:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  802a5c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  802a60:    003fd406     br    8029b4 <alt_find_file+0x1c>
  /* No match found */
  return NULL;     
  802a64:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)
  802a68:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802a6c:    dfc00517     ldw    ra,20(sp)
  802a70:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  802a74:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  802a78:    f800283a     ret

00802a7c <alt_get_fd>:
 * negative value indicates failure.

int alt_get_fd (alt_dev* dev)
  802a7c:    defffa04     addi    sp,sp,-24
  802a80:    df000515     stw    fp,20(sp)
  802a84:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802a88:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  alt_32 i;
  int rc = -EMFILE;
  802a8c:    00bffa04     movi    r2,-24
  802a90:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  802a94:    e0000315     stw    zero,12(fp)
   * Take the alt_fd_list_lock semaphore in order to avoid races when 
   * accessing the file descriptor pool.
  ALT_SEM_PEND(alt_fd_list_lock, 0);
   * Search through the list of file descriptors, and allocate the first
   * free descriptor that's found. 
   * If a free descriptor is found, then the value of "alt_max_fd" is 
   * updated accordingly. "alt_max_fd" is a 'highwater mark' which 
   * indicates the highest file descriptor ever allocated. This is used to
   * improve efficency when searching the file descriptor list, and 
   * therefore reduce contention on the alt_fd_list_lock semaphore. 

  for (i = 0; i < ALT_MAX_FD; i++)
  802a98:    e0000115     stw    zero,4(fp)
  802a9c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802aa0:    10800808     cmpgei    r2,r2,32
  802aa4:    10001b1e     bne    r2,zero,802b14 <alt_get_fd+0x98>
    if (!alt_fd_list[i].dev)
  802aa8:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  802aac:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  802ab0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802ab4:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  802ab8:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  802abc:    10800017     ldw    r2,0(r2)
  802ac0:    1004c03a     cmpne    r2,r2,zero
  802ac4:    10000f1e     bne    r2,zero,802b04 <alt_get_fd+0x88>
      alt_fd_list[i].dev = dev;
  802ac8:    00c02034     movhi    r3,128
  802acc:    18d40704     addi    r3,r3,20508
  802ad0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802ad4:    10800324     muli    r2,r2,12
  802ad8:    10c7883a     add    r3,r2,r3
  802adc:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802ae0:    18800015     stw    r2,0(r3)
      if (i > alt_max_fd)
  802ae4:    e0c00117     ldw    r3,4(fp)
  802ae8:    d0a00a17     ldw    r2,-32728(gp)
  802aec:    10c0020e     bge    r2,r3,802af8 <alt_get_fd+0x7c>
        alt_max_fd = i;
  802af0:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802af4:    d0a00a15     stw    r2,-32728(gp)
      rc = i;
  802af8:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802afc:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
      goto alt_get_fd_exit;
  802b00:    00000406     br    802b14 <alt_get_fd+0x98>
  802b04:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802b08:    10800044     addi    r2,r2,1
  802b0c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  802b10:    003fe206     br    802a9c <alt_get_fd+0x20>

static ALT_INLINE int ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE alt_no_error (void)
  return 0;
  802b14:    e0000415     stw    zero,16(fp)


   * Release the alt_fd_list_lock semaphore now that we are done with the
   * file descriptor pool.


  return rc;
  802b18:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802b1c:    df000517     ldw    fp,20(sp)
  802b20:    dec00604     addi    sp,sp,24
  802b24:    f800283a     ret

00802b28 <alt_icache_flush>:
 * region of length "len" bytes, starting at address "start".

void alt_icache_flush (void* start, alt_u32 len)
  802b28:    defffb04     addi    sp,sp,-20
  802b2c:    df000415     stw    fp,16(sp)
  802b30:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  802b34:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  802b38:    e1400115     stw    r5,4(fp)

  char* i;
  char* end;

   * This is the most we would ever need to flush.
  if (len > NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE)
  802b3c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802b40:    10840070     cmpltui    r2,r2,4097
  802b44:    1000021e     bne    r2,zero,802b50 <alt_icache_flush+0x28>
    len = NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE;
  802b48:    00840004     movi    r2,4096
  802b4c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

  end = ((char*) start) + len;
  802b50:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  802b54:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  802b58:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  802b5c:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)

  for (i = start; i < end; i+= NIOS2_ICACHE_LINE_SIZE)
  802b60:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802b64:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  802b68:    e0c00217     ldw    r3,8(fp)
  802b6c:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  802b70:    1880062e     bgeu    r3,r2,802b8c <alt_icache_flush+0x64>
    __asm__ volatile ("flushi %0" :: "r" (i)); 
  802b74:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802b78:    1000603a     flushi    r2
  802b7c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802b80:    10800804     addi    r2,r2,32
  802b84:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  802b88:    003ff706     br    802b68 <alt_icache_flush+0x40>

   * For an unaligned flush request, we've got one more line left.
   * Note that this is dependent on NIOS2_ICACHE_LINE_SIZE to be a 
   * multiple of 2 (which it always is).

  if (((alt_u32) start) & (NIOS2_ICACHE_LINE_SIZE - 1))
  802b8c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  802b90:    108007cc     andi    r2,r2,31
  802b94:    1005003a     cmpeq    r2,r2,zero
  802b98:    1000021e     bne    r2,zero,802ba4 <alt_icache_flush+0x7c>
    __asm__ volatile ("flushi %0" :: "r" (i));
  802b9c:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  802ba0:    1000603a     flushi    r2

   * Having flushed the cache, flush any stale instructions in the 
   * pipeline 

  __asm__ volatile ("flushp");
  802ba4:    0000203a     flushp

#endif /* NIOS2_ICACHE_SIZE > 0 */
  802ba8:    df000417     ldw    fp,16(sp)
  802bac:    dec00504     addi    sp,sp,20
  802bb0:    f800283a     ret

00802bb4 <atexit>:
  802bb4:    d0a01317     ldw    r2,-32692(gp)
  802bb8:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  802bbc:    dc000015     stw    r16,0(sp)
  802bc0:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  802bc4:    11405217     ldw    r5,328(r2)
  802bc8:    2021883a     mov    r16,r4
  802bcc:    01004304     movi    r4,268
  802bd0:    28001b26     beq    r5,zero,802c40 <atexit+0x8c>
  802bd4:    28c00117     ldw    r3,4(r5)
  802bd8:    008007c4     movi    r2,31
  802bdc:    10c00d16     blt    r2,r3,802c14 <atexit+0x60>
  802be0:    28800104     addi    r2,r5,4
  802be4:    10c00017     ldw    r3,0(r2)
  802be8:    000d883a     mov    r6,zero
  802bec:    180890ba     slli    r4,r3,2
  802bf0:    18c00044     addi    r3,r3,1
  802bf4:    10c00015     stw    r3,0(r2)
  802bf8:    2149883a     add    r4,r4,r5
  802bfc:    24000215     stw    r16,8(r4)
  802c00:    3005883a     mov    r2,r6
  802c04:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  802c08:    dc000017     ldw    r16,0(sp)
  802c0c:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  802c10:    f800283a     ret
  802c14:    0802d340     call    802d34 <malloc>
  802c18:    100b883a     mov    r5,r2
  802c1c:    01bfffc4     movi    r6,-1
  802c20:    103ff726     beq    r2,zero,802c00 <atexit+0x4c>
  802c24:    d0e01317     ldw    r3,-32692(gp)
  802c28:    10004215     stw    zero,264(r2)
  802c2c:    10000115     stw    zero,4(r2)
  802c30:    18805217     ldw    r2,328(r3)
  802c34:    28800015     stw    r2,0(r5)
  802c38:    19405215     stw    r5,328(r3)
  802c3c:    003fe806     br    802be0 <atexit+0x2c>
  802c40:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  802c44:    2956ae04     addi    r5,r5,23224
  802c48:    11405215     stw    r5,328(r2)
  802c4c:    003fe106     br    802bd4 <atexit+0x20>

00802c50 <exit>:
  802c50:    d0a01317     ldw    r2,-32692(gp)
  802c54:    defff804     addi    sp,sp,-32
  802c58:    dd800015     stw    r22,0(sp)
  802c5c:    dfc00715     stw    ra,28(sp)
  802c60:    dc000615     stw    r16,24(sp)
  802c64:    dc400515     stw    r17,20(sp)
  802c68:    dc800415     stw    r18,16(sp)
  802c6c:    dcc00315     stw    r19,12(sp)
  802c70:    dd000215     stw    r20,8(sp)
  802c74:    dd400115     stw    r21,4(sp)
  802c78:    15005217     ldw    r20,328(r2)
  802c7c:    202d883a     mov    r22,r4
  802c80:    a0002526     beq    r20,zero,802d18 <exit+0xc8>
  802c84:    a0800117     ldw    r2,4(r20)
  802c88:    a5402204     addi    r21,r20,136
  802c8c:    0027883a     mov    r19,zero
  802c90:    143fffc4     addi    r16,r2,-1
  802c94:    8006803a     cmplt    r3,r16,zero
  802c98:    1800021e     bne    r3,zero,802ca4 <exit+0x54>
  802c9c:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  802ca0:    1426983a     sll    r19,r2,r16
  802ca4:    1800191e     bne    r3,zero,802d0c <exit+0xbc>
  802ca8:    800490ba     slli    r2,r16,2
  802cac:    1025883a     mov    r18,r2
  802cb0:    1505883a     add    r2,r2,r20
  802cb4:    14400204     addi    r17,r2,8
  802cb8:    00000806     br    802cdc <exit+0x8c>
  802cbc:    88800017     ldw    r2,0(r17)
  802cc0:    29400017     ldw    r5,0(r5)
  802cc4:    843fffc4     addi    r16,r16,-1
  802cc8:    94bfff04     addi    r18,r18,-4
  802ccc:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  802cd0:    8c7fff04     addi    r17,r17,-4
  802cd4:    9827d07a     srai    r19,r19,1
  802cd8:    80000c16     blt    r16,zero,802d0c <exit+0xbc>
  802cdc:    a8802017     ldw    r2,128(r21)
  802ce0:    954b883a     add    r5,r18,r21
  802ce4:    b009883a     mov    r4,r22
  802ce8:    14c4703a     and    r2,r2,r19
  802cec:    103ff31e     bne    r2,zero,802cbc <exit+0x6c>
  802cf0:    88800017     ldw    r2,0(r17)
  802cf4:    843fffc4     addi    r16,r16,-1
  802cf8:    94bfff04     addi    r18,r18,-4
  802cfc:    103ee83a     callr    r2
  802d00:    8c7fff04     addi    r17,r17,-4
  802d04:    9827d07a     srai    r19,r19,1
  802d08:    803ff40e     bge    r16,zero,802cdc <exit+0x8c>
  802d0c:    a5000017     ldw    r20,0(r20)
  802d10:    a03fdc1e     bne    r20,zero,802c84 <exit+0x34>
  802d14:    d0a01317     ldw    r2,-32692(gp)
  802d18:    10c00f17     ldw    r3,60(r2)
  802d1c:    1800021e     bne    r3,zero,802d28 <exit+0xd8>
  802d20:    b009883a     mov    r4,r22
  802d24:    0803bac0     call    803bac <_exit>
  802d28:    1009883a     mov    r4,r2
  802d2c:    183ee83a     callr    r3
  802d30:    003ffb06     br    802d20 <exit+0xd0>

00802d34 <malloc>:
  802d34:    200b883a     mov    r5,r4
  802d38:    d1201317     ldw    r4,-32692(gp)
  802d3c:    02002034     movhi    r8,128
  802d40:    420b5704     addi    r8,r8,11612
  802d44:    4000683a     jmp    r8

00802d48 <free>:
  802d48:    200b883a     mov    r5,r4
  802d4c:    d1201317     ldw    r4,-32692(gp)
  802d50:    02002034     movhi    r8,128
  802d54:    420dea04     addi    r8,r8,14248
  802d58:    4000683a     jmp    r8

00802d5c <_malloc_r>:
  802d5c:    defff504     addi    sp,sp,-44
  802d60:    28c002c4     addi    r3,r5,11
  802d64:    00800584     movi    r2,22
  802d68:    dc400715     stw    r17,28(sp)
  802d6c:    dc800615     stw    r18,24(sp)
  802d70:    dfc00a15     stw    ra,40(sp)
  802d74:    df000915     stw    fp,36(sp)
  802d78:    dc000815     stw    r16,32(sp)
  802d7c:    dcc00515     stw    r19,20(sp)
  802d80:    dd000415     stw    r20,16(sp)
  802d84:    dd400315     stw    r21,12(sp)
  802d88:    dd800215     stw    r22,8(sp)
  802d8c:    ddc00115     stw    r23,4(sp)
  802d90:    2025883a     mov    r18,r4
  802d94:    04400404     movi    r17,16
  802d98:    10c0032e     bgeu    r2,r3,802da8 <_malloc_r+0x4c>
  802d9c:    00bffe04     movi    r2,-8
  802da0:    18a2703a     and    r17,r3,r2
  802da4:    88000116     blt    r17,zero,802dac <_malloc_r+0x50>
  802da8:    89400d2e     bgeu    r17,r5,802de0 <_malloc_r+0x84>
  802dac:    0005883a     mov    r2,zero
  802db0:    dfc00a17     ldw    ra,40(sp)
  802db4:    df000917     ldw    fp,36(sp)
  802db8:    dc000817     ldw    r16,32(sp)
  802dbc:    dc400717     ldw    r17,28(sp)
  802dc0:    dc800617     ldw    r18,24(sp)
  802dc4:    dcc00517     ldw    r19,20(sp)
  802dc8:    dd000417     ldw    r20,16(sp)
  802dcc:    dd400317     ldw    r21,12(sp)
  802dd0:    dd800217     ldw    r22,8(sp)
  802dd4:    ddc00117     ldw    r23,4(sp)
  802dd8:    dec00b04     addi    sp,sp,44
  802ddc:    f800283a     ret
  802de0:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  802de4:    0803bcc0     call    803bcc <__malloc_lock>
  802de8:    00807dc4     movi    r2,503
  802dec:    14401536     bltu    r2,r17,802e44 <_malloc_r+0xe8>
  802df0:    03402034     movhi    r13,128
  802df4:    6b555004     addi    r13,r13,21824
  802df8:    8b4d883a     add    r6,r17,r13
  802dfc:    34000317     ldw    r16,12(r6)
  802e00:    8812d0fa     srli    r9,r17,3
  802e04:    81803e26     beq    r16,r6,802f00 <_malloc_r+0x1a4>
  802e08:    80c00117     ldw    r3,4(r16)
  802e0c:    00bfff04     movi    r2,-4
  802e10:    82000317     ldw    r8,12(r16)
  802e14:    1886703a     and    r3,r3,r2
  802e18:    80cb883a     add    r5,r16,r3
  802e1c:    28800117     ldw    r2,4(r5)
  802e20:    81c00217     ldw    r7,8(r16)
  802e24:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  802e28:    10800054     ori    r2,r2,1
  802e2c:    41c00215     stw    r7,8(r8)
  802e30:    28800115     stw    r2,4(r5)
  802e34:    3a000315     stw    r8,12(r7)
  802e38:    0803be80     call    803be8 <__malloc_unlock>
  802e3c:    80800204     addi    r2,r16,8
  802e40:    003fdb06     br    802db0 <_malloc_r+0x54>
  802e44:    8806d27a     srli    r3,r17,9
  802e48:    8812d0fa     srli    r9,r17,3
  802e4c:    18000926     beq    r3,zero,802e74 <_malloc_r+0x118>
  802e50:    00800104     movi    r2,4
  802e54:    10c02f2e     bgeu    r2,r3,802f14 <_malloc_r+0x1b8>
  802e58:    00800504     movi    r2,20
  802e5c:    1a4016c4     addi    r9,r3,91
  802e60:    10c0042e     bgeu    r2,r3,802e74 <_malloc_r+0x118>
  802e64:    00801504     movi    r2,84
  802e68:    10c11536     bltu    r2,r3,8032c0 <_malloc_r+0x564>
  802e6c:    8804d33a     srli    r2,r17,12
  802e70:    12401b84     addi    r9,r2,110
  802e74:    480490fa     slli    r2,r9,3
  802e78:    03402034     movhi    r13,128
  802e7c:    6b555004     addi    r13,r13,21824
  802e80:    134b883a     add    r5,r2,r13
  802e84:    2c000317     ldw    r16,12(r5)
  802e88:    81400926     beq    r16,r5,802eb0 <_malloc_r+0x154>
  802e8c:    01ffff04     movi    r7,-4
  802e90:    018003c4     movi    r6,15
  802e94:    80800117     ldw    r2,4(r16)
  802e98:    11c6703a     and    r3,r2,r7
  802e9c:    1c49c83a     sub    r4,r3,r17
  802ea0:    3100aa16     blt    r6,r4,80314c <_malloc_r+0x3f0>
  802ea4:    2000690e     bge    r4,zero,80304c <_malloc_r+0x2f0>
  802ea8:    84000317     ldw    r16,12(r16)
  802eac:    817ff91e     bne    r16,r5,802e94 <_malloc_r+0x138>
  802eb0:    4a400044     addi    r9,r9,1
  802eb4:    03002034     movhi    r12,128
  802eb8:    63155204     addi    r12,r12,21832
  802ebc:    64000217     ldw    r16,8(r12)
  802ec0:    83002826     beq    r16,r12,802f64 <_malloc_r+0x208>
  802ec4:    80800117     ldw    r2,4(r16)
  802ec8:    00ffff04     movi    r3,-4
  802ecc:    10c6703a     and    r3,r2,r3
  802ed0:    1c49c83a     sub    r4,r3,r17
  802ed4:    008003c4     movi    r2,15
  802ed8:    11006616     blt    r2,r4,803074 <_malloc_r+0x318>
  802edc:    63000315     stw    r12,12(r12)
  802ee0:    63000215     stw    r12,8(r12)
  802ee4:    20000e16     blt    r4,zero,802f20 <_malloc_r+0x1c4>
  802ee8:    80c7883a     add    r3,r16,r3
  802eec:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  802ef0:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  802ef4:    10800054     ori    r2,r2,1
  802ef8:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  802efc:    003fce06     br    802e38 <_malloc_r+0xdc>
  802f00:    81800204     addi    r6,r16,8
  802f04:    34000317     ldw    r16,12(r6)
  802f08:    81bfbf1e     bne    r16,r6,802e08 <_malloc_r+0xac>
  802f0c:    4a400084     addi    r9,r9,2
  802f10:    003fe806     br    802eb4 <_malloc_r+0x158>
  802f14:    8804d1ba     srli    r2,r17,6
  802f18:    12400e04     addi    r9,r2,56
  802f1c:    003fd506     br    802e74 <_malloc_r+0x118>
  802f20:    00807fc4     movi    r2,511
  802f24:    10c09436     bltu    r2,r3,803178 <_malloc_r+0x41c>
  802f28:    1808d0fa     srli    r4,r3,3
  802f2c:    61bffe04     addi    r6,r12,-8
  802f30:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  802f34:    200a90fa     slli    r5,r4,3
  802f38:    2007d0ba     srai    r3,r4,2
  802f3c:    31000117     ldw    r4,4(r6)
  802f40:    2991883a     add    r8,r5,r6
  802f44:    41c00217     ldw    r7,8(r8)
  802f48:    10c4983a     sll    r2,r2,r3
  802f4c:    82000315     stw    r8,12(r16)
  802f50:    81c00215     stw    r7,8(r16)
  802f54:    2088b03a     or    r4,r4,r2
  802f58:    3c000315     stw    r16,12(r7)
  802f5c:    31000115     stw    r4,4(r6)
  802f60:    44000215     stw    r16,8(r8)
  802f64:    4807883a     mov    r3,r9
  802f68:    4800a616     blt    r9,zero,803204 <_malloc_r+0x4a8>
  802f6c:    1807d0ba     srai    r3,r3,2
  802f70:    03402034     movhi    r13,128
  802f74:    6b555004     addi    r13,r13,21824
  802f78:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  802f7c:    10ce983a     sll    r7,r2,r3
  802f80:    69000117     ldw    r4,4(r13)
  802f84:    21c04836     bltu    r4,r7,8030a8 <_malloc_r+0x34c>
  802f88:    21c4703a     and    r2,r4,r7
  802f8c:    10000a1e     bne    r2,zero,802fb8 <_malloc_r+0x25c>
  802f90:    39cf883a     add    r7,r7,r7
  802f94:    00bfff04     movi    r2,-4
  802f98:    4884703a     and    r2,r9,r2
  802f9c:    21c6703a     and    r3,r4,r7
  802fa0:    12400104     addi    r9,r2,4
  802fa4:    1800041e     bne    r3,zero,802fb8 <_malloc_r+0x25c>
  802fa8:    39cf883a     add    r7,r7,r7
  802fac:    4a400104     addi    r9,r9,4
  802fb0:    21c4703a     and    r2,r4,r7
  802fb4:    103ffc26     beq    r2,zero,802fa8 <_malloc_r+0x24c>
  802fb8:    480490fa     slli    r2,r9,3
  802fbc:    4817883a     mov    r11,r9
  802fc0:    134d883a     add    r6,r2,r13
  802fc4:    300b883a     mov    r5,r6
  802fc8:    2c000317     ldw    r16,12(r5)
  802fcc:    81400926     beq    r16,r5,802ff4 <_malloc_r+0x298>
  802fd0:    02bfff04     movi    r10,-4
  802fd4:    020003c4     movi    r8,15
  802fd8:    80800117     ldw    r2,4(r16)
  802fdc:    1286703a     and    r3,r2,r10
  802fe0:    1c49c83a     sub    r4,r3,r17
  802fe4:    41008016     blt    r8,r4,8031e8 <_malloc_r+0x48c>
  802fe8:    2000180e     bge    r4,zero,80304c <_malloc_r+0x2f0>
  802fec:    84000317     ldw    r16,12(r16)
  802ff0:    817ff91e     bne    r16,r5,802fd8 <_malloc_r+0x27c>
  802ff4:    4a400044     addi    r9,r9,1
  802ff8:    488000cc     andi    r2,r9,3
  802ffc:    29400204     addi    r5,r5,8
  803000:    103ff11e     bne    r2,zero,802fc8 <_malloc_r+0x26c>
  803004:    588000cc     andi    r2,r11,3
  803008:    31bffe04     addi    r6,r6,-8
  80300c:    5affffc4     addi    r11,r11,-1
  803010:    1000e526     beq    r2,zero,8033a8 <_malloc_r+0x64c>
  803014:    30800217     ldw    r2,8(r6)
  803018:    11bffa26     beq    r2,r6,803004 <_malloc_r+0x2a8>
  80301c:    03402034     movhi    r13,128
  803020:    6b555004     addi    r13,r13,21824
  803024:    39cf883a     add    r7,r7,r7
  803028:    68c00117     ldw    r3,4(r13)
  80302c:    19c01e36     bltu    r3,r7,8030a8 <_malloc_r+0x34c>
  803030:    3800031e     bne    r7,zero,803040 <_malloc_r+0x2e4>
  803034:    00001c06     br    8030a8 <_malloc_r+0x34c>
  803038:    39cf883a     add    r7,r7,r7
  80303c:    4a400104     addi    r9,r9,4
  803040:    19c4703a     and    r2,r3,r7
  803044:    103ffc26     beq    r2,zero,803038 <_malloc_r+0x2dc>
  803048:    003fdb06     br    802fb8 <_malloc_r+0x25c>
  80304c:    80c7883a     add    r3,r16,r3
  803050:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  803054:    82000317     ldw    r8,12(r16)
  803058:    81c00217     ldw    r7,8(r16)
  80305c:    10800054     ori    r2,r2,1
  803060:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  803064:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  803068:    41c00215     stw    r7,8(r8)
  80306c:    3a000315     stw    r8,12(r7)
  803070:    003f7106     br    802e38 <_malloc_r+0xdc>
  803074:    88800054     ori    r2,r17,1
  803078:    844b883a     add    r5,r16,r17
  80307c:    80800115     stw    r2,4(r16)
  803080:    2905883a     add    r2,r5,r4
  803084:    20c00054     ori    r3,r4,1
  803088:    61400315     stw    r5,12(r12)
  80308c:    61400215     stw    r5,8(r12)
  803090:    11000015     stw    r4,0(r2)
  803094:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  803098:    2b000215     stw    r12,8(r5)
  80309c:    28c00115     stw    r3,4(r5)
  8030a0:    2b000315     stw    r12,12(r5)
  8030a4:    003f6406     br    802e38 <_malloc_r+0xdc>
  8030a8:    6d400217     ldw    r21,8(r13)
  8030ac:    00bfff04     movi    r2,-4
  8030b0:    a8c00117     ldw    r3,4(r21)
  8030b4:    18ac703a     and    r22,r3,r2
  8030b8:    b449c83a     sub    r4,r22,r17
  8030bc:    b4400236     bltu    r22,r17,8030c8 <_malloc_r+0x36c>
  8030c0:    008003c4     movi    r2,15
  8030c4:    11002316     blt    r2,r4,803154 <_malloc_r+0x3f8>
  8030c8:    d0a01717     ldw    r2,-32676(gp)
  8030cc:    073fffc4     movi    fp,-1
  8030d0:    b02f883a     mov    r23,r22
  8030d4:    8887883a     add    r3,r17,r2
  8030d8:    d0a01617     ldw    r2,-32680(gp)
  8030dc:    ada7883a     add    r19,r21,r22
  8030e0:    1d000404     addi    r20,r3,16
  8030e4:    17000326     beq    r2,fp,8030f4 <_malloc_r+0x398>
  8030e8:    18c403c4     addi    r3,r3,4111
  8030ec:    00bc0004     movi    r2,-4096
  8030f0:    18a8703a     and    r20,r3,r2
  8030f4:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  8030f8:    a00b883a     mov    r5,r20
  8030fc:    db400015     stw    r13,0(sp)
  803100:    08035dc0     call    8035dc <_sbrk_r>
  803104:    1021883a     mov    r16,r2
  803108:    db400017     ldw    r13,0(sp)
  80310c:    17000426     beq    r2,fp,803120 <_malloc_r+0x3c4>
  803110:    14c03e2e     bgeu    r2,r19,80320c <_malloc_r+0x4b0>
  803114:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  803118:    10955004     addi    r2,r2,21824
  80311c:    a8803b26     beq    r21,r2,80320c <_malloc_r+0x4b0>
  803120:    68800217     ldw    r2,8(r13)
  803124:    013fff04     movi    r4,-4
  803128:    10c00117     ldw    r3,4(r2)
  80312c:    1906703a     and    r3,r3,r4
  803130:    1c49c83a     sub    r4,r3,r17
  803134:    1c400236     bltu    r3,r17,803140 <_malloc_r+0x3e4>
  803138:    008003c4     movi    r2,15
  80313c:    11000516     blt    r2,r4,803154 <_malloc_r+0x3f8>
  803140:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  803144:    0803be80     call    803be8 <__malloc_unlock>
  803148:    003f1806     br    802dac <_malloc_r+0x50>
  80314c:    4a7fffc4     addi    r9,r9,-1
  803150:    003f5706     br    802eb0 <_malloc_r+0x154>
  803154:    6c000217     ldw    r16,8(r13)
  803158:    88800054     ori    r2,r17,1
  80315c:    21000054     ori    r4,r4,1
  803160:    8447883a     add    r3,r16,r17
  803164:    80800115     stw    r2,4(r16)
  803168:    19000115     stw    r4,4(r3)
  80316c:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  803170:    68c00215     stw    r3,8(r13)
  803174:    003f3006     br    802e38 <_malloc_r+0xdc>
  803178:    180ad27a     srli    r5,r3,9
  80317c:    1808d0fa     srli    r4,r3,3
  803180:    28000426     beq    r5,zero,803194 <_malloc_r+0x438>
  803184:    00800104     movi    r2,4
  803188:    11405836     bltu    r2,r5,8032ec <_malloc_r+0x590>
  80318c:    1804d1ba     srli    r2,r3,6
  803190:    11000e04     addi    r4,r2,56
  803194:    200490fa     slli    r2,r4,3
  803198:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  80319c:    29555004     addi    r5,r5,21824
  8031a0:    1351883a     add    r8,r2,r13
  8031a4:    41c00217     ldw    r7,8(r8)
  8031a8:    3a006d26     beq    r7,r8,803360 <_malloc_r+0x604>
  8031ac:    38800117     ldw    r2,4(r7)
  8031b0:    013fff04     movi    r4,-4
  8031b4:    1104703a     and    r2,r2,r4
  8031b8:    1880052e     bgeu    r3,r2,8031d0 <_malloc_r+0x474>
  8031bc:    39c00217     ldw    r7,8(r7)
  8031c0:    3a000326     beq    r7,r8,8031d0 <_malloc_r+0x474>
  8031c4:    38800117     ldw    r2,4(r7)
  8031c8:    1104703a     and    r2,r2,r4
  8031cc:    18bffb36     bltu    r3,r2,8031bc <_malloc_r+0x460>
  8031d0:    3a000317     ldw    r8,12(r7)
  8031d4:    82000315     stw    r8,12(r16)
  8031d8:    81c00215     stw    r7,8(r16)
  8031dc:    3c000315     stw    r16,12(r7)
  8031e0:    44000215     stw    r16,8(r8)
  8031e4:    003f5f06     br    802f64 <_malloc_r+0x208>
  8031e8:    82000317     ldw    r8,12(r16)
  8031ec:    81c00217     ldw    r7,8(r16)
  8031f0:    88800054     ori    r2,r17,1
  8031f4:    844b883a     add    r5,r16,r17
  8031f8:    41c00215     stw    r7,8(r8)
  8031fc:    3a000315     stw    r8,12(r7)
  803200:    003f9e06     br    80307c <_malloc_r+0x320>
  803204:    48c000c4     addi    r3,r9,3
  803208:    003f5806     br    802f6c <_malloc_r+0x210>
  80320c:    07002034     movhi    fp,128
  803210:    e7154604     addi    fp,fp,21784
  803214:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  803218:    1505883a     add    r2,r2,r20
  80321c:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  803220:    84c05826     beq    r16,r19,803384 <_malloc_r+0x628>
  803224:    d0e01617     ldw    r3,-32680(gp)
  803228:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  80322c:    18805326     beq    r3,r2,80337c <_malloc_r+0x620>
  803230:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  803234:    84c7c83a     sub    r3,r16,r19
  803238:    10c5883a     add    r2,r2,r3
  80323c:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  803240:    80c001cc     andi    r3,r16,7
  803244:    0027883a     mov    r19,zero
  803248:    18000326     beq    r3,zero,803258 <_malloc_r+0x4fc>
  80324c:    00800204     movi    r2,8
  803250:    10e7c83a     sub    r19,r2,r3
  803254:    84e1883a     add    r16,r16,r19
  803258:    8505883a     add    r2,r16,r20
  80325c:    1083ffcc     andi    r2,r2,4095
  803260:    00c40004     movi    r3,4096
  803264:    1887c83a     sub    r3,r3,r2
  803268:    98e7883a     add    r19,r19,r3
  80326c:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  803270:    980b883a     mov    r5,r19
  803274:    db400015     stw    r13,0(sp)
  803278:    08035dc0     call    8035dc <_sbrk_r>
  80327c:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  803280:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  803284:    db400017     ldw    r13,0(sp)
  803288:    18804e26     beq    r3,r2,8033c4 <_malloc_r+0x668>
  80328c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  803290:    1c07c83a     sub    r3,r3,r16
  803294:    1cc9883a     add    r4,r3,r19
  803298:    14c5883a     add    r2,r2,r19
  80329c:    e0800015     stw    r2,0(fp)
  8032a0:    6c000215     stw    r16,8(r13)
  8032a4:    20800054     ori    r2,r4,1
  8032a8:    ab404426     beq    r21,r13,8033bc <_malloc_r+0x660>
  8032ac:    014003c4     movi    r5,15
  8032b0:    2d801636     bltu    r5,r22,80330c <_malloc_r+0x5b0>
  8032b4:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  8032b8:    80800115     stw    r2,4(r16)
  8032bc:    003f9806     br    803120 <_malloc_r+0x3c4>
  8032c0:    00805504     movi    r2,340
  8032c4:    10c00336     bltu    r2,r3,8032d4 <_malloc_r+0x578>
  8032c8:    8804d3fa     srli    r2,r17,15
  8032cc:    12401dc4     addi    r9,r2,119
  8032d0:    003ee806     br    802e74 <_malloc_r+0x118>
  8032d4:    00815504     movi    r2,1364
  8032d8:    02401f84     movi    r9,126
  8032dc:    10fee536     bltu    r2,r3,802e74 <_malloc_r+0x118>
  8032e0:    8804d4ba     srli    r2,r17,18
  8032e4:    12401f04     addi    r9,r2,124
  8032e8:    003ee206     br    802e74 <_malloc_r+0x118>
  8032ec:    00800504     movi    r2,20
  8032f0:    290016c4     addi    r4,r5,91
  8032f4:    117fa72e     bgeu    r2,r5,803194 <_malloc_r+0x438>
  8032f8:    00801504     movi    r2,84
  8032fc:    11403a36     bltu    r2,r5,8033e8 <_malloc_r+0x68c>
  803300:    1804d33a     srli    r2,r3,12
  803304:    11001b84     addi    r4,r2,110
  803308:    003fa206     br    803194 <_malloc_r+0x438>
  80330c:    80800115     stw    r2,4(r16)
  803310:    a8800117     ldw    r2,4(r21)
  803314:    00fffe04     movi    r3,-8
  803318:    b13ffd04     addi    r4,r22,-12
  80331c:    20ee703a     and    r23,r4,r3
  803320:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  803324:    15c4b03a     or    r2,r2,r23
  803328:    a8800115     stw    r2,4(r21)
  80332c:    adc7883a     add    r3,r21,r23
  803330:    00800144     movi    r2,5
  803334:    18800215     stw    r2,8(r3)
  803338:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  80333c:    2dc02436     bltu    r5,r23,8033d0 <_malloc_r+0x674>
  803340:    e0c00017     ldw    r3,0(fp)
  803344:    d0a01517     ldw    r2,-32684(gp)
  803348:    10c0012e     bgeu    r2,r3,803350 <_malloc_r+0x5f4>
  80334c:    d0e01515     stw    r3,-32684(gp)
  803350:    d0a01417     ldw    r2,-32688(gp)
  803354:    10ff722e     bgeu    r2,r3,803120 <_malloc_r+0x3c4>
  803358:    d0e01415     stw    r3,-32688(gp)
  80335c:    003f7006     br    803120 <_malloc_r+0x3c4>
  803360:    2005d0ba     srai    r2,r4,2
  803364:    00c00044     movi    r3,1
  803368:    29000117     ldw    r4,4(r5)
  80336c:    1886983a     sll    r3,r3,r2
  803370:    20c8b03a     or    r4,r4,r3
  803374:    29000115     stw    r4,4(r5)
  803378:    003f9606     br    8031d4 <_malloc_r+0x478>
  80337c:    d4201615     stw    r16,-32680(gp)
  803380:    003faf06     br    803240 <_malloc_r+0x4e4>
  803384:    8083ffcc     andi    r2,r16,4095
  803388:    103fa61e     bne    r2,zero,803224 <_malloc_r+0x4c8>
  80338c:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  803390:    10955004     addi    r2,r2,21824
  803394:    10c00217     ldw    r3,8(r2)
  803398:    a5c9883a     add    r4,r20,r23
  80339c:    20800054     ori    r2,r4,1
  8033a0:    18800115     stw    r2,4(r3)
  8033a4:    003fe606     br    803340 <_malloc_r+0x5e4>
  8033a8:    68800117     ldw    r2,4(r13)
  8033ac:    01c6303a     nor    r3,zero,r7
  8033b0:    10c4703a     and    r2,r2,r3
  8033b4:    68800115     stw    r2,4(r13)
  8033b8:    003f1806     br    80301c <_malloc_r+0x2c0>
  8033bc:    80800115     stw    r2,4(r16)
  8033c0:    003fdf06     br    803340 <_malloc_r+0x5e4>
  8033c4:    0027883a     mov    r19,zero
  8033c8:    8007883a     mov    r3,r16
  8033cc:    003faf06     br    80328c <_malloc_r+0x530>
  8033d0:    a9400204     addi    r5,r21,8
  8033d4:    9009883a     mov    r4,r18
  8033d8:    db400015     stw    r13,0(sp)
  8033dc:    08037a80     call    8037a8 <_free_r>
  8033e0:    db400017     ldw    r13,0(sp)
  8033e4:    003fd606     br    803340 <_malloc_r+0x5e4>
  8033e8:    00805504     movi    r2,340
  8033ec:    11400336     bltu    r2,r5,8033fc <_malloc_r+0x6a0>
  8033f0:    1804d3fa     srli    r2,r3,15
  8033f4:    11001dc4     addi    r4,r2,119
  8033f8:    003f6606     br    803194 <_malloc_r+0x438>
  8033fc:    00815504     movi    r2,1364
  803400:    01001f84     movi    r4,126
  803404:    117f6336     bltu    r2,r5,803194 <_malloc_r+0x438>
  803408:    1804d4ba     srli    r2,r3,18
  80340c:    11001f04     addi    r4,r2,124
  803410:    003f6006     br    803194 <_malloc_r+0x438>

00803414 <memcmp>:
  803414:    01c000c4     movi    r7,3
  803418:    3980032e     bgeu    r7,r6,803428 <memcmp+0x14>
  80341c:    2144b03a     or    r2,r4,r5
  803420:    11c4703a     and    r2,r2,r7
  803424:    10000d26     beq    r2,zero,80345c <memcmp+0x48>
  803428:    31bfffc4     addi    r6,r6,-1
  80342c:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  803430:    30800826     beq    r6,r2,803454 <memcmp+0x40>
  803434:    100f883a     mov    r7,r2
  803438:    20c00003     ldbu    r3,0(r4)
  80343c:    28800003     ldbu    r2,0(r5)
  803440:    31bfffc4     addi    r6,r6,-1
  803444:    21000044     addi    r4,r4,1
  803448:    29400044     addi    r5,r5,1
  80344c:    18800b1e     bne    r3,r2,80347c <memcmp+0x68>
  803450:    31fff91e     bne    r6,r7,803438 <memcmp+0x24>
  803454:    0005883a     mov    r2,zero
  803458:    f800283a     ret
  80345c:    20c00017     ldw    r3,0(r4)
  803460:    28800017     ldw    r2,0(r5)
  803464:    18bff01e     bne    r3,r2,803428 <memcmp+0x14>
  803468:    31bfff04     addi    r6,r6,-4
  80346c:    21000104     addi    r4,r4,4
  803470:    29400104     addi    r5,r5,4
  803474:    39bff936     bltu    r7,r6,80345c <memcmp+0x48>
  803478:    003feb06     br    803428 <memcmp+0x14>
  80347c:    1885c83a     sub    r2,r3,r2
  803480:    f800283a     ret

00803484 <memcpy>:
  803484:    020003c4     movi    r8,15
  803488:    2007883a     mov    r3,r4
  80348c:    4180032e     bgeu    r8,r6,80349c <memcpy+0x18>
  803490:    2904b03a     or    r2,r5,r4
  803494:    108000cc     andi    r2,r2,3
  803498:    10000c26     beq    r2,zero,8034cc <memcpy+0x48>
  80349c:    31bfffc4     addi    r6,r6,-1
  8034a0:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  8034a4:    30800726     beq    r6,r2,8034c4 <memcpy+0x40>
  8034a8:    100f883a     mov    r7,r2
  8034ac:    28800003     ldbu    r2,0(r5)
  8034b0:    31bfffc4     addi    r6,r6,-1
  8034b4:    29400044     addi    r5,r5,1
  8034b8:    18800005     stb    r2,0(r3)
  8034bc:    18c00044     addi    r3,r3,1
  8034c0:    31fffa1e     bne    r6,r7,8034ac <memcpy+0x28>
  8034c4:    2005883a     mov    r2,r4
  8034c8:    f800283a     ret
  8034cc:    200f883a     mov    r7,r4
  8034d0:    28800017     ldw    r2,0(r5)
  8034d4:    29400104     addi    r5,r5,4
  8034d8:    31bffc04     addi    r6,r6,-16
  8034dc:    38800015     stw    r2,0(r7)
  8034e0:    28c00017     ldw    r3,0(r5)
  8034e4:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  8034e8:    29400104     addi    r5,r5,4
  8034ec:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  8034f0:    28800017     ldw    r2,0(r5)
  8034f4:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  8034f8:    29400104     addi    r5,r5,4
  8034fc:    38800015     stw    r2,0(r7)
  803500:    28c00017     ldw    r3,0(r5)
  803504:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  803508:    29400104     addi    r5,r5,4
  80350c:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  803510:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  803514:    41bfee36     bltu    r8,r6,8034d0 <memcpy+0x4c>
  803518:    00c000c4     movi    r3,3
  80351c:    1980062e     bgeu    r3,r6,803538 <memcpy+0xb4>
  803520:    28800017     ldw    r2,0(r5)
  803524:    31bfff04     addi    r6,r6,-4
  803528:    29400104     addi    r5,r5,4
  80352c:    38800015     stw    r2,0(r7)
  803530:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  803534:    19bffa36     bltu    r3,r6,803520 <memcpy+0x9c>
  803538:    3807883a     mov    r3,r7
  80353c:    003fd706     br    80349c <memcpy+0x18>

00803540 <memset>:
  803540:    008000c4     movi    r2,3
  803544:    29403fcc     andi    r5,r5,255
  803548:    2007883a     mov    r3,r4
  80354c:    11801a2e     bgeu    r2,r6,8035b8 <memset+0x78>
  803550:    2084703a     and    r2,r4,r2
  803554:    1000181e     bne    r2,zero,8035b8 <memset+0x78>
  803558:    2806923a     slli    r3,r5,8
  80355c:    200f883a     mov    r7,r4
  803560:    1946b03a     or    r3,r3,r5
  803564:    1804943a     slli    r2,r3,16
  803568:    1886b03a     or    r3,r3,r2
  80356c:    008003c4     movi    r2,15
  803570:    11800a2e     bgeu    r2,r6,80359c <memset+0x5c>
  803574:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  803578:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  80357c:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  803580:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  803584:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  803588:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  80358c:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  803590:    31bffc04     addi    r6,r6,-16
  803594:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  803598:    11bff636     bltu    r2,r6,803574 <memset+0x34>
  80359c:    008000c4     movi    r2,3
  8035a0:    1180042e     bgeu    r2,r6,8035b4 <memset+0x74>
  8035a4:    38c00015     stw    r3,0(r7)
  8035a8:    31bfff04     addi    r6,r6,-4
  8035ac:    39c00104     addi    r7,r7,4
  8035b0:    11bffc36     bltu    r2,r6,8035a4 <memset+0x64>
  8035b4:    3807883a     mov    r3,r7
  8035b8:    31bfffc4     addi    r6,r6,-1
  8035bc:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  8035c0:    30800426     beq    r6,r2,8035d4 <memset+0x94>
  8035c4:    19400005     stb    r5,0(r3)
  8035c8:    31bfffc4     addi    r6,r6,-1
  8035cc:    18c00044     addi    r3,r3,1
  8035d0:    30bffc1e     bne    r6,r2,8035c4 <memset+0x84>
  8035d4:    2005883a     mov    r2,r4
  8035d8:    f800283a     ret

008035dc <_sbrk_r>:
  8035dc:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  8035e0:    dc000015     stw    r16,0(sp)
  8035e4:    2021883a     mov    r16,r4
  8035e8:    2809883a     mov    r4,r5
  8035ec:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  8035f0:    d0201b15     stw    zero,-32660(gp)
  8035f4:    0803c040     call    803c04 <sbrk>
  8035f8:    1007883a     mov    r3,r2
  8035fc:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  803600:    18800526     beq    r3,r2,803618 <_sbrk_r+0x3c>
  803604:    1805883a     mov    r2,r3
  803608:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  80360c:    dc000017     ldw    r16,0(sp)
  803610:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  803614:    f800283a     ret
  803618:    d0a01b17     ldw    r2,-32660(gp)
  80361c:    103ff926     beq    r2,zero,803604 <_sbrk_r+0x28>
  803620:    80800015     stw    r2,0(r16)
  803624:    003ff706     br    803604 <_sbrk_r+0x28>

00803628 <strlen>:
  803628:    208000cc     andi    r2,r4,3
  80362c:    200f883a     mov    r7,r4
  803630:    1000101e     bne    r2,zero,803674 <strlen+0x4c>
  803634:    20800017     ldw    r2,0(r4)
  803638:    01bfbff4     movhi    r6,65279
  80363c:    31bfbfc4     addi    r6,r6,-257
  803640:    01602074     movhi    r5,32897
  803644:    29602004     addi    r5,r5,-32640
  803648:    00000206     br    803654 <strlen+0x2c>
  80364c:    21000104     addi    r4,r4,4
  803650:    20800017     ldw    r2,0(r4)
  803654:    0086303a     nor    r3,zero,r2
  803658:    1185883a     add    r2,r2,r6
  80365c:    10c4703a     and    r2,r2,r3
  803660:    1144703a     and    r2,r2,r5
  803664:    103ff926     beq    r2,zero,80364c <strlen+0x24>
  803668:    20800007     ldb    r2,0(r4)
  80366c:    10000326     beq    r2,zero,80367c <strlen+0x54>
  803670:    21000044     addi    r4,r4,1
  803674:    20800007     ldb    r2,0(r4)
  803678:    103ffd1e     bne    r2,zero,803670 <strlen+0x48>
  80367c:    21c5c83a     sub    r2,r4,r7
  803680:    f800283a     ret

00803684 <_malloc_trim_r>:
  803684:    defffb04     addi    sp,sp,-20
  803688:    dcc00015     stw    r19,0(sp)
  80368c:    04c02034     movhi    r19,128
  803690:    9cd55004     addi    r19,r19,21824
  803694:    dc000315     stw    r16,12(sp)
  803698:    dc400215     stw    r17,8(sp)
  80369c:    dc800115     stw    r18,4(sp)
  8036a0:    2823883a     mov    r17,r5
  8036a4:    2021883a     mov    r16,r4
  8036a8:    dfc00415     stw    ra,16(sp)
  8036ac:    0803bcc0     call    803bcc <__malloc_lock>
  8036b0:    98800217     ldw    r2,8(r19)
  8036b4:    8009883a     mov    r4,r16
  8036b8:    000b883a     mov    r5,zero
  8036bc:    10c00117     ldw    r3,4(r2)
  8036c0:    00bfff04     movi    r2,-4
  8036c4:    18a4703a     and    r18,r3,r2
  8036c8:    9463c83a     sub    r17,r18,r17
  8036cc:    8c43fbc4     addi    r17,r17,4079
  8036d0:    8822d33a     srli    r17,r17,12
  8036d4:    00840004     movi    r2,4096
  8036d8:    8c7fffc4     addi    r17,r17,-1
  8036dc:    8822933a     slli    r17,r17,12
  8036e0:    88800616     blt    r17,r2,8036fc <_malloc_trim_r+0x78>
  8036e4:    08035dc0     call    8035dc <_sbrk_r>
  8036e8:    98c00217     ldw    r3,8(r19)
  8036ec:    8009883a     mov    r4,r16
  8036f0:    044bc83a     sub    r5,zero,r17
  8036f4:    1c87883a     add    r3,r3,r18
  8036f8:    18800926     beq    r3,r2,803720 <_malloc_trim_r+0x9c>
  8036fc:    0803be80     call    803be8 <__malloc_unlock>
  803700:    0005883a     mov    r2,zero
  803704:    dfc00417     ldw    ra,16(sp)
  803708:    dc000317     ldw    r16,12(sp)
  80370c:    dc400217     ldw    r17,8(sp)
  803710:    dc800117     ldw    r18,4(sp)
  803714:    dcc00017     ldw    r19,0(sp)
  803718:    dec00504     addi    sp,sp,20
  80371c:    f800283a     ret
  803720:    8009883a     mov    r4,r16
  803724:    08035dc0     call    8035dc <_sbrk_r>
  803728:    944dc83a     sub    r6,r18,r17
  80372c:    00ffffc4     movi    r3,-1
  803730:    8009883a     mov    r4,r16
  803734:    000b883a     mov    r5,zero
  803738:    01c02034     movhi    r7,128
  80373c:    39d54604     addi    r7,r7,21784
  803740:    31800054     ori    r6,r6,1
  803744:    10c00926     beq    r2,r3,80376c <_malloc_trim_r+0xe8>
  803748:    38800017     ldw    r2,0(r7)
  80374c:    98c00217     ldw    r3,8(r19)
  803750:    8009883a     mov    r4,r16
  803754:    1445c83a     sub    r2,r2,r17
  803758:    38800015     stw    r2,0(r7)
  80375c:    19800115     stw    r6,4(r3)
  803760:    0803be80     call    803be8 <__malloc_unlock>
  803764:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  803768:    003fe606     br    803704 <_malloc_trim_r+0x80>
  80376c:    08035dc0     call    8035dc <_sbrk_r>
  803770:    99400217     ldw    r5,8(r19)
  803774:    100d883a     mov    r6,r2
  803778:    8009883a     mov    r4,r16
  80377c:    1165c83a     sub    r18,r2,r5
  803780:    008003c4     movi    r2,15
  803784:    90c00054     ori    r3,r18,1
  803788:    14bfdc0e     bge    r2,r18,8036fc <_malloc_trim_r+0x78>
  80378c:    28c00115     stw    r3,4(r5)
  803790:    d0e01617     ldw    r3,-32680(gp)
  803794:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  803798:    10954604     addi    r2,r2,21784
  80379c:    30c7c83a     sub    r3,r6,r3
  8037a0:    10c00015     stw    r3,0(r2)
  8037a4:    003fd506     br    8036fc <_malloc_trim_r+0x78>

008037a8 <_free_r>:
  8037a8:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  8037ac:    dc000115     stw    r16,4(sp)
  8037b0:    dc400015     stw    r17,0(sp)
  8037b4:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  8037b8:    2821883a     mov    r16,r5
  8037bc:    2023883a     mov    r17,r4
  8037c0:    28003226     beq    r5,zero,80388c <_free_r+0xe4>
  8037c4:    0803bcc0     call    803bcc <__malloc_lock>
  8037c8:    82bffe04     addi    r10,r16,-8
  8037cc:    51400117     ldw    r5,4(r10)
  8037d0:    00bfff84     movi    r2,-2
  8037d4:    03002034     movhi    r12,128
  8037d8:    63155004     addi    r12,r12,21824
  8037dc:    2892703a     and    r9,r5,r2
  8037e0:    524d883a     add    r6,r10,r9
  8037e4:    30c00117     ldw    r3,4(r6)
  8037e8:    61000217     ldw    r4,8(r12)
  8037ec:    00bfff04     movi    r2,-4
  8037f0:    1896703a     and    r11,r3,r2
  8037f4:    21804e26     beq    r4,r6,803930 <_free_r+0x188>
  8037f8:    2880004c     andi    r2,r5,1
  8037fc:    32c00115     stw    r11,4(r6)
  803800:    000b883a     mov    r5,zero
  803804:    1000091e     bne    r2,zero,80382c <_free_r+0x84>
  803808:    50c00017     ldw    r3,0(r10)
  80380c:    60800204     addi    r2,r12,8
  803810:    50d5c83a     sub    r10,r10,r3
  803814:    51000217     ldw    r4,8(r10)
  803818:    48d3883a     add    r9,r9,r3
  80381c:    20807426     beq    r4,r2,8039f0 <_free_r+0x248>
  803820:    52000317     ldw    r8,12(r10)
  803824:    41000215     stw    r4,8(r8)
  803828:    22000315     stw    r8,12(r4)
  80382c:    32c7883a     add    r3,r6,r11
  803830:    18800117     ldw    r2,4(r3)
  803834:    2808c03a     cmpne    r4,r5,zero
  803838:    1080004c     andi    r2,r2,1
  80383c:    1000061e     bne    r2,zero,803858 <_free_r+0xb0>
  803840:    4ad3883a     add    r9,r9,r11
  803844:    20001626     beq    r4,zero,8038a0 <_free_r+0xf8>
  803848:    30c00217     ldw    r3,8(r6)
  80384c:    32000317     ldw    r8,12(r6)
  803850:    40c00215     stw    r3,8(r8)
  803854:    1a000315     stw    r8,12(r3)
  803858:    48800054     ori    r2,r9,1
  80385c:    5247883a     add    r3,r10,r9
  803860:    50800115     stw    r2,4(r10)
  803864:    1a400015     stw    r9,0(r3)
  803868:    20001726     beq    r4,zero,8038c8 <_free_r+0x120>
  80386c:    8809883a     mov    r4,r17
  803870:    02002034     movhi    r8,128
  803874:    420efa04     addi    r8,r8,15336
  803878:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  80387c:    dc000117     ldw    r16,4(sp)
  803880:    dc400017     ldw    r17,0(sp)
  803884:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  803888:    4000683a     jmp    r8
  80388c:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  803890:    dc000117     ldw    r16,4(sp)
  803894:    dc400017     ldw    r17,0(sp)
  803898:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  80389c:    f800283a     ret
  8038a0:    30c00217     ldw    r3,8(r6)
  8038a4:    00802034     movhi    r2,128
  8038a8:    10955204     addi    r2,r2,21832
  8038ac:    18bfe71e     bne    r3,r2,80384c <_free_r+0xa4>
  8038b0:    1a800315     stw    r10,12(r3)
  8038b4:    1a800215     stw    r10,8(r3)
  8038b8:    01000044     movi    r4,1
  8038bc:    50c00215     stw    r3,8(r10)
  8038c0:    50c00315     stw    r3,12(r10)
  8038c4:    003fe406     br    803858 <_free_r+0xb0>
  8038c8:    00807fc4     movi    r2,511
  8038cc:    12402b36     bltu    r2,r9,80397c <_free_r+0x1d4>
  8038d0:    4806d0fa     srli    r3,r9,3
  8038d4:    01802034     movhi    r6,128
  8038d8:    31955004     addi    r6,r6,21824
  8038dc:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  8038e0:    180890fa     slli    r4,r3,3
  8038e4:    1807d0ba     srai    r3,r3,2
  8038e8:    31400117     ldw    r5,4(r6)
  8038ec:    2191883a     add    r8,r4,r6
  8038f0:    41c00217     ldw    r7,8(r8)
  8038f4:    10c4983a     sll    r2,r2,r3
  8038f8:    52000315     stw    r8,12(r10)
  8038fc:    51c00215     stw    r7,8(r10)
  803900:    288ab03a     or    r5,r5,r2
  803904:    3a800315     stw    r10,12(r7)
  803908:    31400115     stw    r5,4(r6)
  80390c:    42800215     stw    r10,8(r8)
  803910:    8809883a     mov    r4,r17
  803914:    02002034     movhi    r8,128
  803918:    420efa04     addi    r8,r8,15336
  80391c:    dfc00217     ldw    ra,8(sp)
  803920:    dc000117     ldw    r16,4(sp)
  803924:    dc400017     ldw    r17,0(sp)
  803928:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  80392c:    4000683a     jmp    r8
  803930:    2880004c     andi    r2,r5,1
  803934:    4ad3883a     add    r9,r9,r11
  803938:    1000071e     bne    r2,zero,803958 <_free_r+0x1b0>
  80393c:    50c00017     ldw    r3,0(r10)
  803940:    50d5c83a     sub    r10,r10,r3
  803944:    52000317     ldw    r8,12(r10)
  803948:    51c00217     ldw    r7,8(r10)
  80394c:    48d3883a     add    r9,r9,r3
  803950:    41c00215     stw    r7,8(r8)
  803954:    3a000315     stw    r8,12(r7)
  803958:    d0a01817     ldw    r2,-32672(gp)
  80395c:    48c00054     ori    r3,r9,1
  803960:    62800215     stw    r10,8(r12)
  803964:    50c00115     stw    r3,4(r10)
  803968:    48bfc036     bltu    r9,r2,80386c <_free_r+0xc4>
  80396c:    d1601717     ldw    r5,-32676(gp)
  803970:    8809883a     mov    r4,r17
  803974:    08036840     call    803684 <_malloc_trim_r>
  803978:    003fbc06     br    80386c <_free_r+0xc4>
  80397c:    4808d27a     srli    r4,r9,9
  803980:    4806d0fa     srli    r3,r9,3
  803984:    2000151e     bne    r4,zero,8039dc <_free_r+0x234>
  803988:    180490fa     slli    r2,r3,3
  80398c:    01402034     movhi    r5,128
  803990:    29555004     addi    r5,r5,21824
  803994:    1311883a     add    r8,r2,r12
  803998:    41c00217     ldw    r7,8(r8)
  80399c:    3a001e26     beq    r7,r8,803a18 <_free_r+0x270>
  8039a0:    38800117     ldw    r2,4(r7)
  8039a4:    00ffff04     movi    r3,-4
  8039a8:    10c4703a     and    r2,r2,r3
  8039ac:    4880052e     bgeu    r9,r2,8039c4 <_free_r+0x21c>
  8039b0:    39c00217     ldw    r7,8(r7)
  8039b4:    3a000326     beq    r7,r8,8039c4 <_free_r+0x21c>
  8039b8:    38800117     ldw    r2,4(r7)
  8039bc:    10c4703a     and    r2,r2,r3
  8039c0:    48bffb36     bltu    r9,r2,8039b0 <_free_r+0x208>
  8039c4:    3a000317     ldw    r8,12(r7)
  8039c8:    52000315     stw    r8,12(r10)
  8039cc:    51c00215     stw    r7,8(r10)
  8039d0:    3a800315     stw    r10,12(r7)
  8039d4:    42800215     stw    r10,8(r8)
  8039d8:    003fcd06     br    803910 <_free_r+0x168>
  8039dc:    00800104     movi    r2,4
  8039e0:    11000536     bltu    r2,r4,8039f8 <_free_r+0x250>
  8039e4:    4804d1ba     srli    r2,r9,6
  8039e8:    10c00e04     addi    r3,r2,56
  8039ec:    003fe606     br    803988 <_free_r+0x1e0>
  8039f0:    01400044     movi    r5,1
  8039f4:    003f8d06     br    80382c <_free_r+0x84>
  8039f8:    00800504     movi    r2,20
  8039fc:    20c016c4     addi    r3,r4,91
  803a00:    113fe12e     bgeu    r2,r4,803988 <_free_r+0x1e0>
  803a04:    00801504     movi    r2,84
  803a08:    11000a36     bltu    r2,r4,803a34 <_free_r+0x28c>
  803a0c:    4804d33a     srli    r2,r9,12
  803a10:    10c01b84     addi    r3,r2,110
  803a14:    003fdc06     br    803988 <_free_r+0x1e0>
  803a18:    1805d0ba     srai    r2,r3,2
  803a1c:    00c00044     movi    r3,1
  803a20:    29000117     ldw    r4,4(r5)
  803a24:    1886983a     sll    r3,r3,r2
  803a28:    20c8b03a     or    r4,r4,r3
  803a2c:    29000115     stw    r4,4(r5)
  803a30:    003fe506     br    8039c8 <_free_r+0x220>
  803a34:    00805504     movi    r2,340
  803a38:    11000336     bltu    r2,r4,803a48 <_free_r+0x2a0>
  803a3c:    4804d3fa     srli    r2,r9,15
  803a40:    10c01dc4     addi    r3,r2,119
  803a44:    003fd006     br    803988 <_free_r+0x1e0>
  803a48:    00815504     movi    r2,1364
  803a4c:    00c01f84     movi    r3,126
  803a50:    113fcd36     bltu    r2,r4,803988 <_free_r+0x1e0>
  803a54:    4804d4ba     srli    r2,r9,18
  803a58:    10c01f04     addi    r3,r2,124
  803a5c:    003fca06     br    803988 <_free_r+0x1e0>

00803a60 <udivmodsi4>:
  803a60:    00800044     movi    r2,1
  803a64:    000f883a     mov    r7,zero
  803a68:    2900082e     bgeu    r5,r4,803a8c <udivmodsi4+0x2c>
  803a6c:    28000716     blt    r5,zero,803a8c <udivmodsi4+0x2c>
  803a70:    294b883a     add    r5,r5,r5
  803a74:    1085883a     add    r2,r2,r2
  803a78:    29000e2e     bgeu    r5,r4,803ab4 <udivmodsi4+0x54>
  803a7c:    1007003a     cmpeq    r3,r2,zero
  803a80:    1800081e     bne    r3,zero,803aa4 <udivmodsi4+0x44>
  803a84:    283ffa0e     bge    r5,zero,803a70 <udivmodsi4+0x10>
  803a88:    1800061e     bne    r3,zero,803aa4 <udivmodsi4+0x44>
  803a8c:    21400236     bltu    r4,r5,803a98 <udivmodsi4+0x38>
  803a90:    2149c83a     sub    r4,r4,r5
  803a94:    388eb03a     or    r7,r7,r2
  803a98:    1004d07a     srli    r2,r2,1
  803a9c:    280ad07a     srli    r5,r5,1
  803aa0:    103ffa1e     bne    r2,zero,803a8c <udivmodsi4+0x2c>
  803aa4:    3000011e     bne    r6,zero,803aac <udivmodsi4+0x4c>
  803aa8:    3809883a     mov    r4,r7
  803aac:    2005883a     mov    r2,r4
  803ab0:    f800283a     ret
  803ab4:    1007003a     cmpeq    r3,r2,zero
  803ab8:    183ff426     beq    r3,zero,803a8c <udivmodsi4+0x2c>
  803abc:    003ff906     br    803aa4 <udivmodsi4+0x44>

00803ac0 <__divsi3>:
  803ac0:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  803ac4:    dc000015     stw    r16,0(sp)
  803ac8:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  803acc:    000d883a     mov    r6,zero
  803ad0:    0021883a     mov    r16,zero
  803ad4:    20000816     blt    r4,zero,803af8 <__divsi3+0x38>
  803ad8:    28000a16     blt    r5,zero,803b04 <__divsi3+0x44>
  803adc:    0803a600     call    803a60 <udivmodsi4>
  803ae0:    80000126     beq    r16,zero,803ae8 <__divsi3+0x28>
  803ae4:    0085c83a     sub    r2,zero,r2
  803ae8:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  803aec:    dc000017     ldw    r16,0(sp)
  803af0:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  803af4:    f800283a     ret
  803af8:    0109c83a     sub    r4,zero,r4
  803afc:    0021003a     cmpeq    r16,zero,zero
  803b00:    283ff60e     bge    r5,zero,803adc <__divsi3+0x1c>
  803b04:    014bc83a     sub    r5,zero,r5
  803b08:    8021003a     cmpeq    r16,r16,zero
  803b0c:    003ff306     br    803adc <__divsi3+0x1c>

00803b10 <__modsi3>:
  803b10:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  803b14:    dc000015     stw    r16,0(sp)
  803b18:    dfc00115     stw    ra,4(sp)
  803b1c:    01800044     movi    r6,1
  803b20:    0021883a     mov    r16,zero
  803b24:    20000816     blt    r4,zero,803b48 <__modsi3+0x38>
  803b28:    28000a16     blt    r5,zero,803b54 <__modsi3+0x44>
  803b2c:    0803a600     call    803a60 <udivmodsi4>
  803b30:    80000126     beq    r16,zero,803b38 <__modsi3+0x28>
  803b34:    0085c83a     sub    r2,zero,r2
  803b38:    dfc00117     ldw    ra,4(sp)
  803b3c:    dc000017     ldw    r16,0(sp)
  803b40:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  803b44:    f800283a     ret
  803b48:    0109c83a     sub    r4,zero,r4
  803b4c:    3021883a     mov    r16,r6
  803b50:    283ff60e     bge    r5,zero,803b2c <__modsi3+0x1c>
  803b54:    014bc83a     sub    r5,zero,r5
  803b58:    003ff406     br    803b2c <__modsi3+0x1c>

00803b5c <__udivsi3>:
  803b5c:    000d883a     mov    r6,zero
  803b60:    02002034     movhi    r8,128
  803b64:    420e9804     addi    r8,r8,14944
  803b68:    4000683a     jmp    r8

00803b6c <__umodsi3>:
  803b6c:    01800044     movi    r6,1
  803b70:    02002034     movhi    r8,128
  803b74:    420e9804     addi    r8,r8,14944
  803b78:    4000683a     jmp    r8

00803b7c <alt_sim_halt>:

static ALT_ALWAYS_INLINE void alt_sim_halt(int exit_code)
  803b7c:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  803b80:    df000215     stw    fp,8(sp)
  803b84:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  803b88:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  int r2 = exit_code;
  803b8c:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  803b90:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)

#if defined(NIOS2_HAS_DEBUG_STUB) && (defined(ALT_BREAK_ON_EXIT) || defined(ALT_PROVIDE_GMON))

  int r3 = (1 << 2);

  extern unsigned int alt_gmon_data[];
  int r4 = (int)alt_gmon_data;
  r3 |= (1 << 4);


#define ALT_GMON_DATA ,"D04"(r4)

  __asm__ volatile ("wrctl ctl6, %0" : : "r"(1), "D02"(r2) );

  __asm__ volatile ("\n0:\n\taddi %0,%0, -1\n\tbgt %0,zero,0b" : : "r" (ALT_CPU_FREQ/100) ); /* Delay for >30ms */

  __asm__ volatile ("break 2" : : "D02"(r2), "D03"(r3) ALT_GMON_DATA );


  __asm__ volatile ("wrctl ctl6, %0" : : "r"(1), "D02"(r2) );
  803b94:    00c00044     movi    r3,1
  803b98:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  803b9c:    180171ba     wrctl    ctl6,r3

  803ba0:    df000217     ldw    fp,8(sp)
  803ba4:    dec00304     addi    sp,sp,12
  803ba8:    f800283a     ret

00803bac <_exit>:
 * ALT_EXIT is mapped onto the _exit() system call in alt_syscall.h

void ALT_EXIT (int exit_code)
  803bac:    defffd04     addi    sp,sp,-12
  803bb0:    dfc00215     stw    ra,8(sp)
  803bb4:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  803bb8:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  803bbc:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  /* ALT_LOG - please see HAL/inc/alt_log_printf.h for details */
  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_exit.c] Entering _exit() function.\r\n");
  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_exit.c] Exit code from main was %d.\r\n",exit_code);
  /* Stop all other threads */

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_exit.c] Calling ALT_OS_STOP().\r\n");

  /* Provide notification to the simulator that we've stopped */

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_exit.c] Calling ALT_SIM_HALT().\r\n");
  803bc0:    e1000017     ldw    r4,0(fp)
  803bc4:    0803b7c0     call    803b7c <alt_sim_halt>

  /* spin forever, since there's no where to go back to */

  ALT_LOG_PRINT_BOOT("[alt_exit.c] Spinning forever.\r\n");
  while (1);
  803bc8:    003fff06     br    803bc8 <_exit+0x1c>

00803bcc <__malloc_lock>:
 * this requires that malloc is never called by an interrupt service routine.

void __malloc_lock ( struct _reent *_r )
  803bcc:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  803bd0:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  803bd4:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  803bd8:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  803bdc:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  803be0:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  803be4:    f800283a     ret

00803be8 <__malloc_unlock>:


void __malloc_unlock ( struct _reent *_r )
  803be8:    defffe04     addi    sp,sp,-8
  803bec:    df000115     stw    fp,4(sp)
  803bf0:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  803bf4:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
  803bf8:    df000117     ldw    fp,4(sp)
  803bfc:    dec00204     addi    sp,sp,8
  803c00:    f800283a     ret

00803c04 <sbrk>:
caddr_t ALT_SBRK (int incr) __attribute__ ((no_instrument_function ));

caddr_t ALT_SBRK (int incr)
  803c04:    defff904     addi    sp,sp,-28
  803c08:    df000615     stw    fp,24(sp)
  803c0c:    d839883a     mov    fp,sp
  803c10:    e1000015     stw    r4,0(fp)
       alt_irq_disable_all (void)
  alt_irq_context context;

  NIOS2_READ_STATUS (context);
  803c14:    0005303a     rdctl    r2,status
  803c18:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  803c1c:    0001703a     wrctl    status,zero
  803c20:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  803c24:    e0800315     stw    r2,12(fp)
  803c28:    e0800317     ldw    r2,12(fp)
  803c2c:    e0800115     stw    r2,4(fp)
  alt_irq_context context;
  char *prev_heap_end; 

  context = alt_irq_disable_all();

  /* Always return data aligned on a word boundary */
  heap_end = (char *)(((unsigned int)heap_end + 3) & ~3);
  803c30:    d0a01917     ldw    r2,-32668(gp)
  803c34:    10c000c4     addi    r3,r2,3
  803c38:    00bfff04     movi    r2,-4
  803c3c:    1884703a     and    r2,r3,r2
  803c40:    d0a01915     stw    r2,-32668(gp)

   * User specified a maximum heap size.  Return -1 if it would
   * be exceeded by this sbrk call.
  if (((heap_end + incr) - __alt_heap_start) > ALT_MAX_HEAP_BYTES) {
    return (caddr_t)-1;
  if ((heap_end + incr) > __alt_heap_limit) {
  803c44:    d0e01917     ldw    r3,-32668(gp)
  803c48:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  803c4c:    1887883a     add    r3,r3,r2
  803c50:    00804034     movhi    r2,256
  803c54:    10800004     addi    r2,r2,0
  803c58:    10c0072e     bgeu    r2,r3,803c78 <sbrk+0x74>

       alt_irq_enable_all (alt_irq_context context)
  803c5c:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  803c60:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_STATUS (context);
  803c64:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  803c68:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2
    return (caddr_t)-1;
  803c6c:    00bfffc4     movi    r2,-1
  803c70:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  803c74:    00000c06     br    803ca8 <sbrk+0xa4>

  prev_heap_end = heap_end; 
  803c78:    d0a01917     ldw    r2,-32668(gp)
  803c7c:    e0800215     stw    r2,8(fp)
  heap_end += incr; 
  803c80:    d0e01917     ldw    r3,-32668(gp)
  803c84:    e0800017     ldw    r2,0(fp)
  803c88:    1885883a     add    r2,r3,r2
  803c8c:    d0a01915     stw    r2,-32668(gp)

       alt_irq_enable_all (alt_irq_context context)
  803c90:    e0800117     ldw    r2,4(fp)
  803c94:    e0800415     stw    r2,16(fp)
  NIOS2_WRITE_STATUS (context);
  803c98:    e0800417     ldw    r2,16(fp)
  803c9c:    1001703a     wrctl    status,r2

   * If the stack and heap are contiguous then extending the heap reduces the
   * space available for the stack.  If we are still using the default stack
   * then adjust the stack limit to note this, while checking for stack
   * pointer overflow. 
   * If the stack limit isn't pointing at the top of the heap then the code
   * is using a different stack so none of this needs to be done.

  if (alt_stack_limit() == prev_heap_end)
    if (alt_stack_pointer() <= heap_end)


   * If we are executing from the exception stack then compare against the
   * stack we switched away from as well.  The exception stack is a fixed
   * size so doesn't need to be checked.

  if (alt_exception_old_stack_limit == prev_heap_end)
    if (alt_exception_old_stack_limit <= heap_end)

    alt_exception_old_stack_limit = heap_end;



  return (caddr_t) prev_heap_end; 
  803ca0:    e0800217     ldw    r2,8(fp)
  803ca4:    e0800515     stw    r2,20(fp)
  803ca8:    e0800517     ldw    r2,20(fp)
  803cac:    df000617     ldw    fp,24(sp)
  803cb0:    dec00704     addi    sp,sp,28
  803cb4:    f800283a     ret

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