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Electrical and Computer EngineeringElectro-Optics
ECE 215 Introduction to Digital Systems EOP 501 Geometrical Optics
ECE 202 Signals and Systems EOP 513 Fourier Optics
ECE 314 Computer Architecture EOP 601 Optical Design
ECE 444 Advanced Digital Design
ECE 445 Signal Processing Computer Science
ECE 446 Microelectronics Systems Design CPS 353 Numerical Methods
ECE 449 Computer Design Engineering CPS 460 Computer Graphics
ECE 531 Microelectronics Systems Design CPE 101 Programming in Java
ECE 533 Computer Design CPE 102 Network Computing
ECE 537 Advanced Engineering Software
ECE 538 Object Oriented Programming Applications Engineering
ECE 561 Digital Signal Processing I EGR 203 Electrical and Electronic Circuits
ECE 562 Digital Signal Processing II
ECE 563 Image Processing Laboratory Courses
ECE 564 3D Computer Vision ECE 201L Electrical Circuits Laboratory
ECE 595 Numerical Methods in ECE ECE 303L Signals and Systems Laboratory
ECE 595 Exercises in Digital and Computer Design
ECE 595 Analog Microelectronics Design

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