Quartus New Project Wizard

To setup a new project, first copy any existing design files into a new folder. For this project, download and unpack design files from diglab1.zip

Select File - New Project Wizard from the top menu. You should get the following starting screen:

The New Project Wizard helps you create a new project and preliminary project settings, including the following:

You can change the settings for an existing project and specify additional project-wide settings with the Settings command(Assignments menu). You can use the various pages of the Settings dialog box to add functionality to the project.

Page 1 - New Project Wizard

The top-level entity is responsible for port connections into and out of the FPGA chip. You can select the top-level entity later by right-clicking on a filename in the design files listing and choosing Set as top-level entity

Page 2 - New Project Wizard

You can add source files now or do it later. This can be done from the top menu, selecting Project - Selecting/Remove Files in Project ...

Page 3 - New Project Wizard

Choose the chip that is in the DE2 board you can do this later also, but why not get it over with?

Page 4 - New Project Wizard

Accept defaults

Page 5 - New Project Wizard

Information only

Maintained by John Loomis, last updated 18 January 2008