Project: vgalab1

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This project displays two different test patterns on a VGA display. The choice is made using the SW[0] toggle switch.

VGA Processor


The VGA/Audio PLL uses the 27 MHz input from the TV decoder module to generate control signals for the VGA and Audio systems.

PLL Waveforms.html

Color Mapping

RGB colors are 10-bits each, mapped to a 30-bit vector:

assign RGB[29:0] = { red[9:0], green[9:0], blue[9:0] };

Mapping to individual red-green-blue values:

assign red[9:0] = RGB[29:20];
assign green[9:0] = RGB[19:10];
assign blue[9:0] = RGB[9:0];

Display Generator

wire [29:0] rgb1, rgb2;

bars c1(px, py, rgb1);
grayscale c2(px, py, rgb2);
wire s = SW[0];
assign mVGA_RGB = (s? rgb2: rgb1);


Verilog source and Quartus reports

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