Policy on Collaboration

Recently the issue of collaboration on assignments has arisen.

My preference is that you work on assignments individually, seeking help from fellow students or myself as necessary to help you master the concepts or skills needed for the assignment.

If you feel strongly that you must work in the context of a small group, I ask that you submit that assignment as a group. I will grade those assignments using the same standards as for individual submissions, and will give each group member an identical score.

Some assignments and projects have obvious group components, such as the presentations. The parts intended for individual effort are selected either to provide practice on concepts that will be tested or to improve your skills in computer-related design and development activities. Those of you who choose to do these tasks individually, I believe, will benefit more than those who choose to work completely within a group environment.

If this policy requires further explanation or elaboration, feel free to contact me by email or telephone.

Maintained by John Loomis, last updated 6 Feb 2002