ECE 449 - Computer Systems Engineering

Catalog Description

ECE 449. COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING: An introduction to advanced computer architecture and computer systems design. Topics include: exploration of principle architecture features of modern computers, instruction set principles, pipelining, storage systems, interconnection networks, introduction to parallel and multiprocessor systems, and the use of hardware description languages (HDL's) in system implementation. Prerequisites: ECE 444 and CPS 346, or permission of the instructor. 3 sem. hrs.

Current Course Description

Topics in computer engineering include: user interface design in typical GUI environments including use of mouse and keyboard and GUI elements such as buttons, menus, text areas, and screen graphics, elements of physical computing involving computer interfacing to sensors and actuators such as servos and DC motors, and HDL programming interfacing to audio, serial, and video subsystems. Students will develop a graphical application for circuit layout and analysis, simulations of differential drive robots, control systems for a autonomous mobile robot with sonar sensor, and HDL programs using the DE2-115 board.


None (It's all on-line)

Grading System

8-10 assignments and projects (100%)

General Requirements

Assignments consist of problems selected by the instructor. Late, unexcused, assignments will receive only nominal credit. Students will work in small groups for hardware projects.

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