ECE 449 Assignment 1

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate proper submission of assignments in HTML format. Pack everything into a single zip file to submit on Isidore. Include all java source files.

  1. Prepare an HTML document with the filename index.html. Use <head> and <body> properly.
    1. Use h1 for the main title (Assignment 1) and h2 for your name.
    2. Embed an image of something interesting and relevant to programming or engineering.
    3. Include a hyperlink to an interesting web page
    4. Write a paragraph or more demonstrating the use of italics, bold, and code formats and the use of Greek letters and mathematical symbols.

  2. Create a bin directory on your computer and add it to your path. Download the utility and unpack it into the bin directory. Open a command window, change (cd) to some folder that has sub-folders, and enter the command:
    dsize . 1
    Capture a screen image of the resulting output and embed the image in your submission.

  3. Write a java Hello, world! program that adds your name to the printout. Include your code and sample output in your HTML. Include the source file in your submission.

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