ECE 449 Assignment 2

  1. Write a program using console dialog (see and to read two or more resistance values and calculate the total resistance if the resistors are in series and if the resistors are in parallel.

  2. Modify the program to use command line arguments for the resistance values.

  3. Write a program (you may use as a model, download from to read a textfile and generate an html file with < converted to &lt;, > converted to &gt; and & converted to &amp; Enclose the output in <pre> tags.

  4. Download and get the source-highlighting program to work. Note: copy the un-zipped files in to your C:\Program Files directory. Keep the same directory structure.

You should submit an index.html document summarizing your work and reporting validation tests. You should also submit source files and other files helpful in reconstructing or verifying your work.

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