ECE 449 Computer Systems Engineering Assignment 5

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles.

  1. Write a Java program to read a resistor net description from a file. Each line of the file should describe one resistor (space-delimited tokens) in the form R name node1 node2 value x y angle. where name is a string, node1 and node2 are integers, and the remaining variables are doubles.

    You should read the netlist from a file specified on the command line.

    Your program should draw the resistors on the screen, as in Assignment 4.

  2. Write a Java application that draws a resistor on the screen and uses three buttons to move the resistor left or right and rotate the resistor by 45-degrees. Use your most recent Resistor class.
  3. Create a WIRE object that defines the connection (path) between two components (such as resistors). Read wire objects from your netlist file. A suitable example would be
    WIRE x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3

    Use your code to draw the following circuit (except for the current source)

  4. Create an Arduino project modeled after fade. Measure the frequency of the pulse width modulation (PWM)
  5. Create an Arduino project modeled after ReadAnalogVoltage and DigitalReadSerial. Determine the number of bits and the range of the A/D converter. Can the A/D converter read negative voltages?
  6. Use Processing to create an etcho-sketch program where the “pen” is controlled by two potentiometers on the Ardunino. Provide a button on the Arduino to “lift” the pen up and down and a button on the Processing program to clear the display. Take a screen shot of one or more sample drawings for your report.

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