ECE 449 Computer Systems Engineering Assignment 6

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles.

  1. Decode the following netlist and construct our standard netlist file with wires to draw the corresponding circuit.
    R1 1 2 1k
    R2 1 3 2k
    R3 2 3 4k
    R4 1 0 8k
    R5 3 0 6k

    You should read a netlist from a file specified on the command line. If no command-line argument has been given, you should use a JFileChooser to query the user for the filename. This should be a simple extension of problem 3 from the previous assignment.

  2. Write an Arduino application to cycle a RGB diode through the various spectral components from red to green to blue and back to red.

  3. Write an Arduino application to simulate a flickering candle on the RGB diode.

  4. Write an Arduino application to use a photo resistor to control the brightness of the RGB diode. When the photoresistor is fully covered the LED should be on. When fully uncovered the LED should be off. The LED brightness should vary linearly between these two conditions.

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