ECE 449 Computer Systems Engineering Assignment 11

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles.

  1. Modify earlier circuit layout programs to include independent voltage sources. create the following circuit. Show a screen shot of the result.

    R1R2R3 R4vavb
    300 Ω800 Ω600 Ω400 Ω 12 V 6 V

  2. Modify earlier circuit analysis program to include independent voltage sources and find the nodal voltages. Use your program to find the nodal voltage vx in the circuit above.

  3. Use your circuit layout/analysis programs above to create the following circuit. Show a screen shot of the result. Find the nodal voltages and currents.

  4. Modify the TicTacToeServer class to test for a win, loss or draw after each move. Send a message to each client that indicates the result of the game when the game is over. Modify the TicTacToeClient class to display a button that when clicked allows the client to play another game. The button should be enabled only when a game completes. Both class TicTacToeClient and class TicTacToeServer must be modified to reset the board and all state information. Also, the other TicTacToeClient should be notified that a new game is about to begin so that its board and state can be reset.

    See Dietel and Dietel, Java, How to Program, 9th Edition
    Prentice-Hall, 2012. ISBN 0-13-257556-3 Chapter 27, Networking

  5. Add a few new Knock, Knock jokes to the KnockKnockServer. Your jokes should come up first.

  6. Implement at least two new Java Swing user-interface demos from the Java Swing tutorial (see SwingUI reference).