ECE446/ECE531 Microelectronics Assignment 2

  1. For the diode circuit below, assume RL = 100 ohm, VS = 8 V, and the diode is 1N4148. Find the current ID using LTSpice.

  2. For the circuit, above, let the voltage source be a 16 V peak-to-peak sine wave with a frequency of 400 Hz. Plot the rectified voltage VL as a function of time for several cycles, using LTSpice.

  3. A simple diode test circuit was simulated in class (pdf). Repeat the simulation using IS=1E-16, TT=25e-9, and VJ=0.75 in the diode model parameters. Find the forward and reverse bias current and the diode storage time. Download a starting version of mylib.lib.

  4. Work through tutorial 1 (see link below). Your report should include a layout figure, Spice circuit figure, and a report of Spice analysis for the voltage divider.

    Tutorial 1 Layout and simulation of a resistive voltage divider electric_tutorial_1_video.wmv (27:57)

  5. Explain the terms crosstalk and ground bounce as applied to microelectronic circuit design. Reference the sources you use.

  6. What is a Schottky diode? What is a Zener diode? How do they compare to a silicon diode? Reference the sources you use.

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