Microelectronics Assignment 8

Document your work in a Microsoft Word document or PDF. You must submit your SPICE schematics and other associated files.

  1. Use the TG multiplexer from assignment 7 to construct a D-latch. Verify its operation in LTSpice.

  2. Construct and verify the operation of the following D-latch design in LTSpice.

  3. Design a Master-Slave flip-flop from two D-latches. Verify its operation in LTSpice. You may find that one of the above D-latch designs works better than the other.

  4. Determine the setup and hold times for the above device. Show simulations where the operation just fails and just succeeds for both cases.

  5. Identify the circuits and create corresponding transistor circuit schematics for the devices in mystery.pptx

  6. Produce a colored Powerpoint layout of the B/W circuit assigned to you in schmidt_designs.xlsx. Use the color scheme in models.ppx. The designs are shown in ch15layout.pptx

  7. Design a Schmidt trigger in LTSpice with the parameters given for high and low transistion in the attached spreadsheet schmidt_designs.xlsx. Use LTSPice to verify your design (try sinusoidal input and measure the switching points).

  8. Design and simulate the operation of an 10MHz oscillator based on your Schmidt trigger design. Use LTSpice.