Microelectronics Assignment 9

Do the following exercises for this assignment. Document your work in a Microsoft Word document or PDF. You must submit your SPICE schematics and other associated files.

  1. Layout (in LTSpice) a full-adder. You should have an adder schematic, an adder symbol, and a simulation schematic that instantiates the adder. Simulate the operation of the adder to demonstrate its proper operation.

  2. Combine your adder and the DFF from assignment 8 to form a 1-bit adder with accumulator. You should create a symbol for this combination. Report the total number of transistors for your design.

  3. Combine your adder/accumulator to form a four-bit system. Create a symbol for this system and a simulation schematic that replicates the functionality of the system shown below. Determine the maximum propagation delay.

  4. Create Verilog and LTSpice versions for your assigned xorgate. See xorgates.xlsx for the design assignments. Verify in both that the gate behaves properly.

  5. Create circuit and layout cells for your assigned design. See designs.xlsx for the design assignments. Duplicate the layout shown as closely as possible. Demonstrate the functionality of your design. Note: Undergraduates are excused from this problem.

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