R. Jacob Baker – CMOS VLSI Design

homepage: R. Jacob Baker
course page: Digital Electronics and Digital IC Design (This course is similar to our ECE531/ECE446 in content)
textbook: CMOS: Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, (Third Edition)

Electric VLSI Design System Tutorials

Tutorial 1 Layout and simulation of a resistive voltage divider electric_tutorial_1_video.wmv (27:57)
Tutorial 2 Layout and simulating the IV curves of PMOS and NMOS devices electric_tutorial_2_video.wmv (33:57)
Tutorial 3 Design, layout, and simulation of a CMOS inverter electric_tutorial_3_video.wmv (27:45)
Tutorial 4 Design, layout, and simulation of a CMOS NAND gate electric_tutorial_4_video.wmv (42:25)
Tutorial 5 Design, layout, and simulation of a ring oscillator electric_tutorial_5_video.wmv (22:41)
Tutorial 6 Placing circuit layouts in a padframe for fabrication electric_tutorial_video_6.wmv (33:50)


Electric Video Tutorials
Using LTSpice with Electric

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