ECE 538 Assignment 1

Install Java on your notebook computers.

You can download Java SE from

The goal of this assignment is to (1) demonstrate proper submission of assignments in HTML format and (2) write some simple Java programs.

  1. Prepare an HTML document with the filename index.html.
    1. Use h1 for the main title (Assignment 1).
    2. Use h2 for your name.
    3. Write a paragraph (or more) listing your major, your goals for this course (What you you want to accomplish?), and your prior programming experience and HTML experience.
    4. Write another paragraph or more demonstrating the use of italics, bold, and code formats and the use of Greek letters and mathematical symbols.
    5. Finally demonstrate the use of the ordered list (ol).

  2. Write a Java program similar to that demonstrates println and printf functions. Demonstrate the use of formats in printf and the use of string concatenation in Java. Your program should use multiple features of these functions and be unique.

    Write an html file to document the code and output above. Place this file in a separate directory and put a hyperlink to this file in your index.html file.

  3. Write a program using console dialog (see and to read two or more resistance values and calculate the total resistance if the resistors are in series and if the resistors are in parallel.

  4. Modify the program to use command line arguments for the resistance values.

  5. Develop an engineering-oriented object (class). Specify the class variables and methods. You may represent this class as a Java program.

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