ECE 538 Assignment 6

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles.

  1. Modify the bouncing ball program to simulate Newton's cradle. Line up five balls in a horizontal row with the first ball moving to strike the others as shown below

  2. Using, as a model, write a program to convert the drawing you did in the last problem of Assignment 4 into an image of type .png.
  3. Modify an image processing program (such as ImageShow2) to convert a grayscale image to a binary image, by converting the input image to grayscale (if necessary) and applying a threshold value obtained from a dialog box. The binary image should be either WHITE (true) or BLACK (false).
  4. Write a Java program that allows you to create, select and move resistors around the screen. See TestDrag2.jar for some ideas.
  5. Modify so that it captures sequences of GeneralPath objects, e.g. MoveTo - LineTo - LineTo - ... This will form the start of constructing WIRE objects for circuit layout.
  6. Extend your circuit analysis program to handle multiple current sources, such as the example below, and calculate the node voltages. The LTSpice version of this circuit can be downloaded from Your program should use FileChooser to select a netlist file.
    R R1 1 2 100
    R R2 3 4 400
    R R3 2 0 500
    R R4 4 0 200
    I I1 0 1 0.1
    I I2 2 3 0.02

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