GNU Source-highlight

Download: working files

Source-highlight is a command line program that, given a source file, produces a document with syntax highlighting.

To use the program, copy the working files into your bin directory. Unpack the zip file Src-Hilite to C;\Program Files, keeping the same directory structure. The binary code will look for language files there (C;\Program Files\Src-Hilite\share).

The file sourcehilite.bat, shown below,

    source-highlight -i %1 -o %1.html
provides easy access to the program. For example, to use the bat script on the file wrap.cpp enter
    sourcehilite wrap.cpp
The output file would be wrap.cpp.html To add line numbers, change the command (or bat file) to
    source-highlight -n -i %1 -o %1.html

The file hilite.bat pipes the output of source-highlight through the program wrap which adds a HTML header and trailer to the output. You could customize that for your own use.


Author: Lorenzo Bettini

An MS-Windows port of Source-highlight is available from

Maintained by John Loomis, last updated 4 Feb 2009