ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 1

Images for this assignment may be downloaded from

Submit your work through Isidore. Include an HTML document called index.html giving an overall summary of your answers and links to published MATLAB documentation where appropriate. Include all MATLAB code and images referenced in the MATLAB code.

  1. Obtain an outdoor image with GPS Information encoded (preferably one you have taken yourself)
    1. Use geoloc to obtain details about the camera and the GPS position.
    2. Use imshow to display the image.
    3. Use Google maps to generate a map and a satelite image of the location.
    4. Sometimes the GPS location is off a bit, since it takes time for the GPS value to settle in. If this happens, mark the Google map image at the correct location of the camera (if you know it)

  2. Use impixel to find the color of the bird's feathers, feet, and eyes in the image below. Use the full-scale image in the zipped resources above. Generate an image of the bird with the three sample locations marked. Generate another image showing the three colors as three 50 x 50 colored boxes.

  3. Use the imdistline command in Matlab to determine the image resolution (pixels per inch) of xruler.tif as accurately as possible. The image below is a reduced version of xruler.tif.

  4. Find the resolution (pixels per meter) and linear field-of-view of the urban image cup_chip.tif (shown below) using features such as the football field or tennis court which have well-known dimensions.

  5. Find the resolution (pixels per meter) and linear field-of-view of the image parked_cars.jpg at the distance of the license plates. (shown below) using features such as the width of the parking spots or the size of the license plates (see Ohio plates) which have well-known dimensions.

  6. Use imcrop on the original of the above image to extract and display several of the license plates and identify the license plate number (text format). Also extract, display, and identify the bumper sticker on one of the cars.

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