ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 2

Submit HTML documentation on Isidore.

Download images from Isidore resources (

  1. Find the width and height of the large square in 2018-03-06_12-25-00.JPG using manual methods to locate the corners. Find the corners using MATLAB corner(IMG,METHOD) where
           'Harris'    : The Harris corner detector. This is the default METHOD.
           'MinimumEigenvalue'   : Shi & Tomasi's minimum eigenvalue method.
    and compare to the corner locations found manually.

  2. Write a MATLAB script to generate a 3D model of the letter assigned to you. Below is my version of the letter 'N'

  3. Construct a cube model, preferably including your picture on one of the faces. See example surface demo 2

  4. Write a MATLAB script that uses ginput to get three arbitrary points and then produces the diagram shown below. As an extra challenge, superimpose this figure over an underlying image, using color to make the annotation stand out. Use axis equal to insure the same scale in both x and y directions.

  5. Given three arbitrary 3D points, write a MATLAB script that calculates the unit normal vector to the plane determined by those points. The vector should be oriented by the right-hand rule. If your fingers curl from point 1 to point 2 to point 3, then your thumb should point in the direction of the normal vector.

  6. Use the three hallway images provided. Find the efl for each of the images (camera was zoomed from one image to the next). Manually determine the edges of the floor and ceiling and locate the vanishing point for each image. Extend your lines through the vanishing point and enlarge the image to show how well the four lines converge.

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