ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 6

Submit the usual HTML documentation and source code on Isidore.

Use the photographs from 2019-03-04 (see file listing).
See also studies of camera pose.

  1. Identify a photograph taken of your product on a checkerboard (see sample below). Construct a MATLAB 3D model of your object on the checkerboard. Try to create an image as close as you can to your selected photograph (but with only your product present). Show the original image and created image side-by-side.

  2. Use the cell-phone photos your took in class to calibrate your camera intrinsic characteristics.

  3. Use the hall images and camera intrinsics obtained earlier to find the target board extrinsics. Determine the location of the camera and checkerboard relative to the hallway. Find the height of the camera above the floor. Calculate the “look-down” angles of the camera. Use the photographs taken of the camera to obtain another measure of the “look-down” angle.

  4. Construct a tform to show a top-view of the hallway from image 10. Measure the width of the hallway. Use the same tform to warp images 11 and 12.

  5. Construct a layout drawing similar to the one shown below, showing the geometry of the hallway, the position and orientation of the camera and the bottom of the camera field of view. The asterisk shows the camera target point (projection of camera z-axis to the transformed image).

  6. Construct another layout showing the position and orientation of the camera for images 10 - 12. Find the distance to the far wall.