Load/Store Instructions

MIPS processors use a load/store architecture; all operations are performed on operands held in processor registers and main memory is accessed only through load and store instructions.

Types of Loads and Stores

There are several different types of load and store instructions, each designed for a different purpose:

The final two types contain features whose ingenuity might go unheeded (and unused) because they are harder to understand and are not well explained.

List of CPU Load and Store Instructions

The following data sizes are transferred by CPU load and store instructions:

Signed and unsigned integers of different sizes are supported by loads that either sign-extend or zero-extend the data loaded into the register.

Instruction Description Function
LB Load Byte Rt = (byte)Mem[Rs+offset]
LBU Unsigned Load Byte Rt = (ubyte))Mem[Rs+offset]
LH Load Halfword Rt = (half)Mem[Rs+offset]
LHU Unsigned Load Halfword Rt = (uhalf)Mem[Rs+offset]
LW Load Word Rt = Mem[Rs+offset]
LWPC Load Word, PC relative Rt = Mem[PC+offset]
SB Store Byte (byte)Mem[Rs+offset] = Rt
SH Store Half (half)Mem[Rs+offset] = Rt
SW Store Word Mem[Rs+offset] = Rt

Loads and Stores for Unaligned Fields

Unaligned words and doublewords can be loaded or stored in just two instructions by using a pair of special instructions. For loads a LWL instruction is paired with a LWR instruction. The load instructions read the left-side or right-side bytes (left or right side of register) from an aligned word and merge them into the correct bytes of the destination register.

Instruction Description Function
LWL Load Word Left See Architecture Reference Manual
LWR Load Word Right See Architecture Reference Manual
SWL Store Word Left See Architecture Reference Manual
SWR Store Word Right See Architecture Reference Manual

Loads and Stores Used for Atomic Updates

The paired instructions, Load Linked and Store Conditional, can be used to perform an atomic read-modify-write of word or doubleword cached memory locations. These instructions are used in carefully coded sequences to provide one of several synchronization primitives, including test-and-set, bit-level locks, semaphores, and sequencers and event counts.

Instruction Description Function
LL Load Linked Word
Rt = Mem[Rs+offset]
LL = 1
LLAdr = Rs + offset
SC Store Conditional Word
if LL = 1
   mem[Rs+offset] = Rt
Rt = LL


PIC32MX Family Reference Manual, Microchip Techology, 2008. Section 2.15

Example Project

The example project shown here attempts to use as many different types of load/store instructions as possible. A count of load/store instructions of various kinds (all I-Format) is show below:

opI codecount
0x20 lb 1
0x21 lh 2
0x22 -- 0
0x23 lw 77
0x24 lbu 4
0x25 lhu 1
0x26 -- 0
0x27 -- 0
0x28 sb 3
0x29 sh 2
0x2a -- 0
0x2b sw 49

The interested reader may search the disassembly listing for these occurances. The opcode count was limited to the range 0x9d00.0000 through 0x9d00.0584.

Below is a brief excerpt showing several loads and stores:

34:                          if (peppers[i]<0) ns++;
9D000084  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000      v0 = address of peppers
9D000088  8FC30010   lw          v1,16(s8)      v1 = i (from stack)
9D00008C  24420000   addiu       v0,v0,0
9D000090  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0       v0 = peppers + i
9D000094  80420000   lb          v0,0(v0)       v0 = peppers[i] (signed char)
9D000098  04410004   bgez        v0,0x9d0000ac
9D00009C  00000000   nop         
9D0000A0  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)      v0 = ns (from stack)
9D0000A4  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1        v0 = v0 + 1
9D0000A8  AFC20018   sw          v0,24(s8)      ns = v0 (to stack)


C Source

Download: mem3.zip

001: // comment the following line to enable Microsoft C
002: #define PIC32
003: #if defined(PIC32)
004: #include <p32xxxx.h>
005:         // comment the following line to enable debug output
006: //#define UART2_IO
007: #include "db_utils.h"
008: #else // Microsoft C
009: #include <stdio.h>
010: #define DBPRINTF printf
011: #define DBPUTS(s)
012: #endif
014: char *phrase = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";
016: signed char peppers[] = {'p','e','p','p','e','r','s',-5,0};
018: unsigned short bins[96];
020: double v[4] = {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0};
022: void do_hist(char *str, int len, short bins[96]);
023: void show_bins(short bins[96]);
024: double cum_sum(double v[], int len);
026: int main()
027: {
028:         int i, nv, ns;
029:         printf("peppers = %p\n",peppers);
030:         nv = strlen(peppers);
031:         printf("string length %d\n",nv);
032:         ns = 0;
033:         for (i=0; i<nv; i++) {
034:                 if (peppers[i]<0) ns++;
035:         }
036:         printf("negative bytes: %d\n",ns);
037:         printf("phrase = %p\n",phrase);
038:         nv = strlen(phrase);
039:         printf("bins = %p\n",bins);
040:         do_hist(phrase,nv,bins);
041:         show_bins(bins);
042:         printf("v = %p\n",v);
043:         nv = sizeof(v) / sizeof(v[0]);
044:         printf("v length %d\n",nv);
045:         cum_sum(v,nv);
046:         for (i=0; i<nv; i++) {
047:                 printf("%g\n",v[i]);
048:         }
049:         DBPUTS("Program terminated. Click HALT and then RESET to stop the microcontroller. \n");
050:         return 0;
051: }
053: int strlen(char *str)
054: {
055:         int count = 0;
056:         while (*str++) count++;
057:         return count;
058: }
060: void show_bins(short bins[96])
061: {
062:         int i, n;
063:         unsigned char ch;
064:         unsigned char str[60];
065:         unsigned char *cp;
066:         cp = str;
067:         for (i=1; i<60; i++) {
068:                 *cp = 0;
069:                 ch = i+32;
070:                 n = bins[i];
071:                 if (n==0) continue;
072:                 *cp++ = ch;
073:                 printf("%c %4d\n",ch,bins[i]);
074:         }
075:         printf("characters present:\n%s\n",str);
076:         n = strlen(str);
077:         printf("number of characters: %d\n",n);
078: }
080: void do_hist(char *str, int len, short bins[96])
081: {
082:         int i, n;
083:         for (i=0; i<96; i++) bins[i] = 0;
084:         for (i=0; i<len; i++) {
085:                 n = str[i]&0x7F;
086:                 if (n==0) break;
087:                 if (n>96) n -= 32;
088:                 if (n>32) n -= 32;
089:                 else n = 0;
090:                 bins[n]++;
091:         }
092: }
094: double cum_sum(double v[], int len)
095: {
096:         int i;
097:         double sum = v[0];
098:         for (i=1; i<len; i++) {
099:                 sum += v[i];
100:                 v[i] = sum;
101:         }
102:         return sum;
103: }


The addresses of variables on the MPLAB ICE are

peppers0xa000.0000data memory
phrase0x9d07.4268progam memory (read-only)
bins0xa000.023cdata memory
v0xa000.0010data memory

This code compiles and runs from MPLAB ICE and also compiles and runs using Microsoft C. The results for both are shown below. The only difference is the addresses of various variables.

MIPS32 Starter KitMicrosoft C/Windows Console
peppers = 0xa0000000
string length 8
negative bytes: 1
phrase = 0x9d074268
bins = 0xa000023c
A    1
B    1
C    1
D    1
E    3
F    1
G    1
H    2
I    1
J    1
K    1
L    1
M    1
N    1
O    4
P    1
Q    1
R    2
S    1
T    2
U    2
V    1
W    1
X    1
Y    1
Z    1
characters present:
number of characters: 26
v = 0xa0000010
v length 4
peppers = 0040F030
string length 8
negative bytes: 1
phrase = 0040F000
bins = 00410E00
A    1
B    1
C    1
D    1
E    3
F    1
G    1
H    2
I    1
J    1
K    1
L    1
M    1
N    1
O    4
P    1
Q    1
R    2
S    1
T    2
U    2
V    1
W    1
X    1
Y    1
Z    1
characters present:
number of characters: 26
v = 0040F040
v length 4

Disassembly Listing

1:                   // comment the following line to enable Microsoft C
2:                   #define PIC32
3:                   #if defined(PIC32)
4:                   #include <p32xxxx.h>
5:                       // comment the following line to enable debug output
6:                   //#define UART2_IO
7:                   #include "db_utils.h"
8:                   #else // Microsoft C
9:                   #include <stdio.h>
10:                  #define DBPRINTF printf
11:                  #define DBPUTS(s)
12:                  #endif
14:                  char *phrase = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";
16:                  signed char peppers[] = {'p','e','p','p','e','r','s',-5,0};
18:                  unsigned short bins[96];
20:                  double v[4] = {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0};
22:                  void do_hist(char *str, int len, short bins[96]);
23:                  void show_bins(short bins[96]);
24:                  double cum_sum(double v[], int len);
26:                  int main()
27:                  {
9D000018  27BDFFD8   addiu       sp,sp,-40
9D00001C  AFBF0024   sw          ra,36(sp)
9D000020  AFBE0020   sw          s8,32(sp)
9D000024  03A0F021   addu        s8,sp,zero
28:                      int i, nv, ns;
29:                      printf("peppers = %p\n",peppers);
9D000028  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D00002C  24444294   addiu       a0,v0,17044
9D000030  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D000034  24450000   addiu       a1,v0,0
9D000038  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D00003C  00000000   nop         
30:                      nv = strlen(peppers);
9D000040  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D000044  24440000   addiu       a0,v0,0
9D000048  0F400082   jal         0x9d000208
9D00004C  00000000   nop         
9D000050  AFC20014   sw          v0,20(s8)
31:                      printf("string length %d\n",nv);
9D000054  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D000058  244442A4   addiu       a0,v0,17060
9D00005C  8FC50014   lw          a1,20(s8)
9D000060  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D000064  00000000   nop         
32:                      ns = 0;
9D000068  AFC00018   sw          zero,24(s8)
33:                      for (i=0; i<nv; i++) {
9D00006C  AFC00010   sw          zero,16(s8)
9D000070  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000074  8FC30014   lw          v1,20(s8)
9D000078  0043102A   slt         v0,v0,v1
9D00007C  10400010   beq         v0,zero,0x9d0000c0
9D000080  00000000   nop         
9D0000AC  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0000B0  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D0000B4  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D0000B8  1000FFED   beq         zero,zero,0x9d000070
9D0000BC  00000000   nop         
34:                          if (peppers[i]<0) ns++;
9D000084  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D000088  8FC30010   lw          v1,16(s8)
9D00008C  24420000   addiu       v0,v0,0
9D000090  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D000094  80420000   lb          v0,0(v0)
9D000098  04410004   bgez        v0,0x9d0000ac
9D00009C  00000000   nop         
9D0000A0  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)
9D0000A4  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D0000A8  AFC20018   sw          v0,24(s8)
35:                      }
36:                      printf("negative bytes: %d\n",ns);
9D0000C0  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D0000C4  244442B8   addiu       a0,v0,17080
9D0000C8  8FC50018   lw          a1,24(s8)
9D0000CC  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D0000D0  00000000   nop         
37:                      printf("phrase = %p\n",phrase);
9D0000D4  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D0000D8  244442CC   addiu       a0,v0,17100
9D0000DC  8F858004   lw          a1,-32764(gp)
9D0000E0  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D0000E4  00000000   nop         
38:                      nv = strlen(phrase);
9D0000E8  8F848004   lw          a0,-32764(gp)
9D0000EC  0F400082   jal         0x9d000208
9D0000F0  00000000   nop         
9D0000F4  AFC20014   sw          v0,20(s8)
39:                      printf("bins = %p\n",bins);
9D0000F8  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D0000FC  244442DC   addiu       a0,v0,17116
9D000100  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D000104  2445023C   addiu       a1,v0,572
9D000108  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D00010C  00000000   nop         
40:                      do_hist(phrase,nv,bins);
9D000110  8F848004   lw          a0,-32764(gp)
9D000114  8FC50014   lw          a1,20(s8)
9D000118  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D00011C  2446023C   addiu       a2,v0,572
9D000120  0F4000E3   jal         0x9d00038c
9D000124  00000000   nop         
41:                      show_bins(bins);
9D000128  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D00012C  2444023C   addiu       a0,v0,572
9D000130  0F400099   jal         0x9d000264
9D000134  00000000   nop         
42:                      printf("v = %p\n",v);
9D000138  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D00013C  244442E8   addiu       a0,v0,17128
9D000140  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D000144  24450010   addiu       a1,v0,16
9D000148  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D00014C  00000000   nop         
43:                      nv = sizeof(v) / sizeof(v[0]);
9D000150  24020004   addiu       v0,zero,4
9D000154  AFC20014   sw          v0,20(s8)
44:                      printf("v length %d\n",nv);
9D000158  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D00015C  244442F0   addiu       a0,v0,17136
9D000160  8FC50014   lw          a1,20(s8)
9D000164  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D000168  00000000   nop         
45:                      cum_sum(v,nv);
9D00016C  3C02A000   lui         v0,0xa000
9D000170  24440010   addiu       a0,v0,16
9D000174  8FC50014   lw          a1,20(s8)
9D000178  0F40012F   jal         0x9d0004bc
9D00017C  00000000   nop         
46:                      for (i=0; i<nv; i++) {
9D000180  AFC00010   sw          zero,16(s8)
9D000184  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000188  8FC30014   lw          v1,20(s8)
9D00018C  0043102A   slt         v0,v0,v1
9D000190  10400011   beq         v0,zero,0x9d0001d8
9D000194  00000000   nop         
9D0001C4  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0001C8  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D0001CC  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D0001D0  1000FFEC   beq         zero,zero,0x9d000184
9D0001D4  00000000   nop         
47:                          printf("%g\n",v[i]);
9D000198  3C04A000   lui         a0,0xa000
9D00019C  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0001A0  000218C0   sll         v1,v0,0x3
9D0001A4  24820010   addiu       v0,a0,16
9D0001A8  00621821   addu        v1,v1,v0
9D0001AC  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D0001B0  24444300   addiu       a0,v0,17152
9D0001B4  8C660000   lw          a2,0(v1)
9D0001B8  8C670004   lw          a3,4(v1)
9D0001BC  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D0001C0  00000000   nop         
48:                      }
49:                      DBPUTS("Program terminated. Click HALT and then RESET to stop the microcontroller. \n");
9D0001D8  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D0001DC  24444304   addiu       a0,v0,17156
9D0001E0  2405004C   addiu       a1,zero,76
9D0001E4  0F400162   jal         0x9d000588
9D0001E8  00000000   nop         
50:                      return 0;
9D0001EC  00001021   addu        v0,zero,zero
51:                  }
9D0001F0  03C0E821   addu        sp,s8,zero
9D0001F4  8FBF0024   lw          ra,36(sp)
9D0001F8  8FBE0020   lw          s8,32(sp)
9D0001FC  27BD0028   addiu       sp,sp,40
9D000200  03E00008   jr          ra
9D000204  00000000   nop         
53:                  int strlen(char *str)
54:                  {
9D000208  27BDFFF0   addiu       sp,sp,-16
9D00020C  AFBE0008   sw          s8,8(sp)
9D000210  03A0F021   addu        s8,sp,zero
9D000214  AFC40010   sw          a0,16(s8)
55:                      int count = 0;
9D000218  AFC00000   sw          zero,0(s8)
56:                      while (*str++) count++;
9D00021C  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000220  90430000   lbu         v1,0(v0)
9D000224  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D000228  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D00022C  306200FF   andi        v0,v1,0xff
9D000230  10400006   beq         v0,zero,0x9d00024c
9D000234  00000000   nop         
9D000238  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
9D00023C  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D000240  AFC20000   sw          v0,0(s8)
9D000244  1000FFF5   beq         zero,zero,0x9d00021c
9D000248  00000000   nop         
57:                      return count;
9D00024C  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
58:                  }
9D000250  03C0E821   addu        sp,s8,zero
9D000254  8FBE0008   lw          s8,8(sp)
9D000258  27BD0010   addiu       sp,sp,16
9D00025C  03E00008   jr          ra
9D000260  00000000   nop         
60:                  void show_bins(short bins[96])
61:                  {
9D000264  27BDFF90   addiu       sp,sp,-112
9D000268  AFBF006C   sw          ra,108(sp)
9D00026C  AFBE0068   sw          s8,104(sp)
9D000270  03A0F021   addu        s8,sp,zero
9D000274  AFC40070   sw          a0,112(s8)
62:                      int i, n;
63:                      unsigned char ch;
64:                      unsigned char str[60];
65:                      unsigned char *cp;
66:                      cp = str;
9D000278  27C20020   addiu       v0,s8,32
9D00027C  AFC20060   sw          v0,96(s8)
67:                      for (i=1; i<60; i++) {
9D000280  24020001   addiu       v0,zero,1
9D000284  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D000288  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D00028C  2842003C   slti        v0,v0,60
9D000290  10400028   beq         v0,zero,0x9d000334
9D000294  00000000   nop         
9D000320  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000324  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D000328  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D00032C  1000FFD6   beq         zero,zero,0x9d000288
9D000330  00000000   nop         
68:                          *cp = 0;
9D000298  8FC20060   lw          v0,96(s8)
9D00029C  A0400000   sb          zero,0(v0)
69:                          ch = i+32;
9D0002A0  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0002A4  24420020   addiu       v0,v0,32
9D0002A8  A3C20018   sb          v0,24(s8)
70:                          n = bins[i];
9D0002AC  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0002B0  00021840   sll         v1,v0,0x1
9D0002B4  8FC20070   lw          v0,112(s8)
9D0002B8  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D0002BC  84420000   lh          v0,0(v0)
9D0002C0  AFC20014   sw          v0,20(s8)
71:                          if (n==0) continue;
9D0002C4  8FC20014   lw          v0,20(s8)
9D0002C8  14400003   bne         v0,zero,0x9d0002d8
9D0002CC  00000000   nop         
9D0002D0  10000013   beq         zero,zero,0x9d000320
9D0002D4  00000000   nop         
72:                          *cp++ = ch;
9D0002D8  27C50060   addiu       a1,s8,96
9D0002DC  8CA20000   lw          v0,0(a1)
9D0002E0  00402021   addu        a0,v0,zero
9D0002E4  93C30018   lbu         v1,24(s8)
9D0002E8  A0830000   sb          v1,0(a0)
9D0002EC  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D0002F0  ACA20000   sw          v0,0(a1)
73:                          printf("%c %4d\n",ch,bins[i]);
9D0002F4  93C50018   lbu         a1,24(s8)
9D0002F8  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0002FC  00021840   sll         v1,v0,0x1
9D000300  8FC20070   lw          v0,112(s8)
9D000304  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D000308  84430000   lh          v1,0(v0)
9D00030C  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D000310  24444354   addiu       a0,v0,17236
9D000314  00603021   addu        a2,v1,zero
9D000318  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D00031C  00000000   nop         
74:                      }
75:                      printf("characters present:\n%s\n",str);
9D000334  27C30020   addiu       v1,s8,32
9D000338  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D00033C  2444435C   addiu       a0,v0,17244
9D000340  00602821   addu        a1,v1,zero
9D000344  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D000348  00000000   nop         
76:                      n = strlen(str);
9D00034C  27C20020   addiu       v0,s8,32
9D000350  00402021   addu        a0,v0,zero
9D000354  0F400082   jal         0x9d000208
9D000358  00000000   nop         
9D00035C  AFC20014   sw          v0,20(s8)
77:                      printf("number of characters: %d\n",n);
9D000360  3C029D07   lui         v0,0x9d07
9D000364  24444374   addiu       a0,v0,17268
9D000368  8FC50014   lw          a1,20(s8)
9D00036C  0F400283   jal         0x9d000a0c
9D000370  00000000   nop         
78:                  }
9D000374  03C0E821   addu        sp,s8,zero
9D000378  8FBF006C   lw          ra,108(sp)
9D00037C  8FBE0068   lw          s8,104(sp)
9D000380  27BD0070   addiu       sp,sp,112
9D000384  03E00008   jr          ra
9D000388  00000000   nop         
80:                  void do_hist(char *str, int len, short bins[96])
81:                  {
9D00038C  27BDFFF0   addiu       sp,sp,-16
9D000390  AFBE0008   sw          s8,8(sp)
9D000394  03A0F021   addu        s8,sp,zero
9D000398  AFC40010   sw          a0,16(s8)
9D00039C  AFC50014   sw          a1,20(s8)
9D0003A0  AFC60018   sw          a2,24(s8)
82:                      int i, n;
83:                      for (i=0; i<96; i++) bins[i] = 0;
9D0003A4  AFC00000   sw          zero,0(s8)
9D0003A8  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
9D0003AC  28420060   slti        v0,v0,96
9D0003B0  1040000B   beq         v0,zero,0x9d0003e0
9D0003B4  00000000   nop         
9D0003B8  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
9D0003BC  00021840   sll         v1,v0,0x1
9D0003C0  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)
9D0003C4  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D0003C8  A4400000   sh          zero,0(v0)
9D0003CC  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
9D0003D0  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D0003D4  AFC20000   sw          v0,0(s8)
9D0003D8  1000FFF3   beq         zero,zero,0x9d0003a8
9D0003DC  00000000   nop         
84:                      for (i=0; i<len; i++) {
9D0003E0  AFC00000   sw          zero,0(s8)
9D0003E4  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
9D0003E8  8FC30014   lw          v1,20(s8)
9D0003EC  0043102A   slt         v0,v0,v1
9D0003F0  1040002D   beq         v0,zero,0x9d0004a8
9D0003F4  00000000   nop         
9D000494  8FC20000   lw          v0,0(s8)
9D000498  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D00049C  AFC20000   sw          v0,0(s8)
9D0004A0  1000FFD0   beq         zero,zero,0x9d0003e4
9D0004A4  00000000   nop         
85:                          n = str[i]&0x7F;
9D0003F8  8FC30000   lw          v1,0(s8)
9D0003FC  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000400  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D000404  90420000   lbu         v0,0(v0)
9D000408  3042007F   andi        v0,v0,0x7f
9D00040C  AFC20004   sw          v0,4(s8)
86:                          if (n==0) break;
9D000410  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D000414  14400003   bne         v0,zero,0x9d000424
9D000418  00000000   nop         
9D00041C  10000022   beq         zero,zero,0x9d0004a8
9D000420  00000000   nop         
87:                          if (n>96) n -= 32;
9D000424  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D000428  28420061   slti        v0,v0,97
9D00042C  14400004   bne         v0,zero,0x9d000440
9D000430  00000000   nop         
9D000434  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D000438  2442FFE0   addiu       v0,v0,-32
9D00043C  AFC20004   sw          v0,4(s8)
88:                          if (n>32) n -= 32;
9D000440  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D000444  28420021   slti        v0,v0,33
9D000448  14400006   bne         v0,zero,0x9d000464
9D00044C  00000000   nop         
9D000450  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D000454  2442FFE0   addiu       v0,v0,-32
9D000458  AFC20004   sw          v0,4(s8)
9D00045C  10000002   beq         zero,zero,0x9d000468
9D000460  00000000   nop         
89:                          else n = 0;
9D000464  AFC00004   sw          zero,4(s8)
90:                          bins[n]++;
9D000468  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D00046C  00021840   sll         v1,v0,0x1
9D000470  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)
9D000474  00622021   addu        a0,v1,v0
9D000478  8FC20004   lw          v0,4(s8)
9D00047C  00021840   sll         v1,v0,0x1
9D000480  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)
9D000484  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D000488  94420000   lhu         v0,0(v0)
9D00048C  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D000490  A4820000   sh          v0,0(a0)
91:                      }
92:                  }
9D0004A8  03C0E821   addu        sp,s8,zero
9D0004AC  8FBE0008   lw          s8,8(sp)
9D0004B0  27BD0010   addiu       sp,sp,16
9D0004B4  03E00008   jr          ra
9D0004B8  00000000   nop         
94:                  double cum_sum(double v[], int len)
95:                  {
9D0004BC  27BDFFD8   addiu       sp,sp,-40
9D0004C0  AFBF0024   sw          ra,36(sp)
9D0004C4  AFBE0020   sw          s8,32(sp)
9D0004C8  03A0F021   addu        s8,sp,zero
9D0004CC  AFC40028   sw          a0,40(s8)
9D0004D0  AFC5002C   sw          a1,44(s8)
96:                      int i;
97:                      double sum = v[0];
9D0004D4  8FC20028   lw          v0,40(s8)
9D0004D8  8C430004   lw          v1,4(v0)
9D0004DC  8C420000   lw          v0,0(v0)
9D0004E0  AFC20018   sw          v0,24(s8)
9D0004E4  AFC3001C   sw          v1,28(s8)
98:                      for (i=1; i<len; i++) {
9D0004E8  24020001   addiu       v0,zero,1
9D0004EC  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D0004F0  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D0004F4  8FC3002C   lw          v1,44(s8)
9D0004F8  0043102A   slt         v0,v0,v1
9D0004FC  1040001A   beq         v0,zero,0x9d000568
9D000500  00000000   nop         
9D000554  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000558  24420001   addiu       v0,v0,1
9D00055C  AFC20010   sw          v0,16(s8)
9D000560  1000FFE3   beq         zero,zero,0x9d0004f0
9D000564  00000000   nop         
99:                          sum += v[i];
9D000504  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000508  000218C0   sll         v1,v0,0x3
9D00050C  8FC20028   lw          v0,40(s8)
9D000510  00621021   addu        v0,v1,v0
9D000514  8FC40018   lw          a0,24(s8)
9D000518  8FC5001C   lw          a1,28(s8)
9D00051C  8C460000   lw          a2,0(v0)
9D000520  8C470004   lw          a3,4(v0)
9D000524  0F400B9C   jal         0x9d002e70
9D000528  00000000   nop         
9D00052C  AFC20018   sw          v0,24(s8)
9D000530  AFC3001C   sw          v1,28(s8)
100:                         v[i] = sum;
9D000534  8FC20010   lw          v0,16(s8)
9D000538  000218C0   sll         v1,v0,0x3
9D00053C  8FC20028   lw          v0,40(s8)
9D000540  00622021   addu        a0,v1,v0
9D000544  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)
9D000548  8FC3001C   lw          v1,28(s8)
9D00054C  AC820000   sw          v0,0(a0)
9D000550  AC830004   sw          v1,4(a0)
101:                     }
102:                     return sum;
9D000568  8FC20018   lw          v0,24(s8)
9D00056C  8FC3001C   lw          v1,28(s8)
103:                 }
9D000570  03C0E821   addu        sp,s8,zero
9D000574  8FBF0024   lw          ra,36(sp)
9D000578  8FBE0020   lw          s8,32(sp)
9D00057C  27BD0028   addiu       sp,sp,40
9D000580  03E00008   jr          ra
9D000584  00000000   nop         

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