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When we run a CGI program, we usually pass it some data from the browser. This data is read by the CGI program from its environment variables and, if it is called with a POST method, from its standard input.

For example, the environment variable REQUEST_METHOD is set to either "GET" or "POST" depending on the type of request.

Other environment variables that are often present (but not always) are

HTTP_REFERERThe URL of the document that contained the reference to this CGI program (present only if a referring page exists)
REMOTE_ADDRThe IP address of the user's machine (almost always present)

Footnote: Is it requestor (as used here) or requester? A google search on the distinction is inconclusive, both terms seem correct. Maybe this is an "American" English vs. "British" English issue.


import os
print 'Content-Type: text/html'
print '<html>'
print '<head><title>Requestor</title></head>'
print '<body>'
print '<h2>Hello requestor</h2>'
r = os.environ.get('HTTP_REFERER')
if r: print '<p>You were referred by page:',r,'</p>'
r = os.environ.get('REMOTE_ADDR')
if r: print '<p>Your internet address is',r,'</p>'
print '</body></html>'


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