Project: vgalab3

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This project displays a 640 x 480 bitmap (1 bit per pixel) that is stored on the Cyclone II chip memory. Quartus reports the memory usage as

Total memory bits : 307,200 / 483,840 ( 63 % )
We note that 640 x 480 = 307,200 and that more than half the memory is occupied. This means we can not store an uncompressed 2-bit-per-pixel bitmap image. In terms of bytes, the memory usage is
Total memory bytes : 38,400 / 60,480 ( 63 % )

On-chip memory is initialized from a .mif file. I have written a MATLAB program (bitmap.m to read a binary image .gif and write a memory initialization file. I also wrote the reverse operation, readmif.m, to read a .mif and generate a image in a standard file format. This allowed me, for example, to extract the demonstration image used for the DE-2 board and write it to a bitmap file.


Verilog source and Quartus reports

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