ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 4

Submit HTML documentation on Isidore. Include MATLAB files needed to reproduce your published MATLAB.

Use the images taken in class 5 Feb 2020 (available from Isidore resources as but do not include them in your submission. I have enough copies.

  1. Use the images from CV2020-02-05 to calibrate the camera. Use both the MATLAB cameraCalibrator and Bouguet calibrator. Generate an html script that publishes the results without re-running the calibration. Compare the results of the two calibrators. See examples for Bouguet and Vision toolkit

  2. Use the results of MATLAB calibrator to find the location of the camera in the room from the Extrinsics for the target boards from the two walls and floor. Use images shown below. See example for a crucial formula.


  3. Use the images from your phone to calibrate its camera.

  4. The Bouguet calibrator function rodrigues.m has some hidden code to test the function. Extract this hidden code and use it as part of a test function using published MATLAB principles to demonstrate the use and accuracy of the function.

  5. Finish spelling out the word DAYTON and add the word OHIO. Your work from the previous assignment is in I have demonstrated the easy letters, as shown below.

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