ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 7

Submit HTML documentation on Isidore.

  1. Use the image script5a.jpg produced by script5a.m and directed homography to determine the location of the photographs and the location of the camera relative to the the walls of the model hallway. Note that the photographs are scaled to be the same size as the target board. Also find the hallway vanishing point. Download for the full-size images.

  2. Repeat problem 1, using the image script5b.jpg for which you do not have the model code.

  3. Repeat problem 1, using the image script5c.jpg. What makes this image more difficult?

  4. Use directed homography to produce hallway floor projections for 2020-02-24_17-44-28.JPG and 2020-02-24_17-44-54.JPG. Compare the two look-down angles, which appear to be slightly different. See 2017 example and class discussion.

  5. Using 2020-02-24_17-44-28.JPG and the results from problem 4, add an additonal tilt about the camera z-axis and describe the effects, especially on the checkerboard. See using rotation matrix for homography for some ideas.

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