Schedule - Spring 2015

This schedule will be filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Mon 12-Jan ntroduction, HCI (Human Computer Interaction),
Mechatronics, and Physical Computing

2Wed 14-Jan introduction to HTML, c:\bin file 1

Mon 19-Jan Martin Luther King day
3Wed 21-Jan introduction to Java and Source-Highlight 2
4Mon 26-Jan file input and keyboard input (simple), source-highlight,
Introduction to Java Applications (

5Wed 28-Jan Java applications (see, JOptionPane 3
6Mon 02-Feb Java Animation & Applets ( Java Graphics
Read Core Java, ch 7; JHTP, ch 15; Graphics2D tutorial

7Wed 04-Feb Processing environment, Java graphics
8Mon 09-Feb Arduino software
team exercise: Arduino blink code, study timing

9Wed 11-Feb Java jar files, object-oriented concepts 4
10Mon 16-Feb See Guide to the Java 2D API,
Transforming ... and circuit1

11Wed 18-Feb Arduino - fade code and analogWrite
12Mon 23-Feb review executable jar files, JFileChooser
13Wed 25-Feb Core Java, Chapter 8. Event Handling (see books)
Action handler, JButton examples, Mouse Events
Mouse Test
14Mon 02-Mar Arduino, resistive light sensor
DigitalReadSerial, AnalogReadSerial, ReadAnalog

15Wed 04-Mar Graphics2D Text, Mouse tutorial,
JAMA Matrix package

16Mon 09-Mar review JAMA, circuit node analysis,

17Wed 11-Mar in-class group work on DE-2 project
18Mon 16-Mar continued in-class group work on DE-2 project 6
19Wed 18-Mar more discussion of nodal analysis and asgn06
20Mon 23-Mar robot software
21Wed 25-Mar review asgn 6, intro to Arduino lab robot
22Mon 30-Mar CoreJava ch09 (MenuTest, TextComponentTest)
Java HTP 9th ch14 (TextArea, TextField),
ch25 (MenuTest)   TextAreas with JAMA
23Wed 01-Apr work with Arduino lab robot

Mon 06-Apr Easter Break
24Wed 08-Apr Model, View, Controller (MVC) architecture,
sensors and cellphones, security in a wireless world

25Mon 13-Apr Independent voltage source net analysis
(download, Arduino sonar

26Wed 15-Apr Stander Symposium
27Mon 20-Apr review asgn 7 8
28Wed 22-Apr no class – instructor conflict