ECE538 Object-Oriented Programming – Spring 2017

This schedule will be filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Wed 18-Jan Introduction to the course, textbooks, and HTML

2Mon 23-Jan Java text input methods (console, command line,
and simple dialog input) Download
3Wed 25-Jan Introduction to source-highlight
Discussion of Java objects and ArrayList examples
Test1, simple Java application with Swing components

4Mon 30-Jan Discussion of Java objects, Test2, Animation timers Test3 2
5Wed01-Feb instructor medical issue
6Mon 06-Feb discuss asgn 3, Parsing Strings with split,
Java matrix objects (see Jama), Executable Jar files
7Wed 08-Feb Introduction to Java graphics
(see JHTP ch13 and CoreJava10 ch10)

8Mon 13-Feb BufferedReader example
9Wed 15-Feb Event Processing and GUI components See CoreJava10, ch11. 4
10Mon 20-Feb GUI components (see JHTP 10th, ch12)
11Wed 22-Feb FileChooser, using TextArea with Jama (see TextAreas) 5
12Mon 27-Feb circuit node-voltage analysis (see
13Wed 01-Mar instructor medical issue
14Mon 06-Mar review nodal analysis, key demo, layouts
15Wed 08-Mar review asgn 6, help session 6
16Mon 13-Mar Image Processing 2
Java menus, see CoreJava ch09, JHTP ch25,
and Java Tutorials tutorials:   1   2

17Wed 15-Mar instructor traveling
18Mon 20-Mar Adding current sources to netlist and circuit analysis.
convolutions Image Processing 3

19Wed 22-Mar review requirements of asgn 7 7
20Mon 27-Mar demonstrate WMF operations, moving balls
21Wed 29-Mar Adding voltage sources to netlist and circuit analysis
morphological image processing (see MATLAB example)
22Mon 03-Apr SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
23Wed 05-Apr Stander Symposium
24Mon 10-Apr Java network programming
25Wed 11-Apr TicTacToe applet (download 9

Mon 17-Apr Easter break
26Wed 19-Apr

27Mon 24-Apr
28Wed 26-Apr