ECE 449 Computer Systems Engineering - Notes


Java books

Java Programming Notes (Fred Swartz)


System Configuration talks about the setup of your system for program development from the command window (or console).

Console discusses command-line compilation in Microsoft Visual C, Java, and Python.

simple are some examples of C, C++, Java, and Python programs.


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Java Topics

Test1 is a small Java windows application. It shows the size of the client window (JPanel) inside a main window (JFrame). It also illustrates how the displayed size of a text string may be determined.

Test2 is a small Java application that demonstrates the display of point objects (class Vec2).

Test3 is a Java application that illustrates the use of a Timer to do animation. It also illustrates the ability for a Java program to run either as an applet or as a standalone application.

Test4 is a Java application that demonstrates the use of Java Line2 and Arrow classes.

Executable Jar Files

circuit symbol testbed, Graphics2D example

Java Matrix class


Graphics2D Text (download

Colliding balls example


Grow objects

Mouse Events

MouseTracker, MouseDetails, and Painter, are Java programs that use the mouse.

MouseTest, textbook program illustrating use of the mouse.

Spring 2013

Motor Shield


Spring 2010

RiSC-16 Processor

RiSC-16 computer by Bruce Jacob, University of Maryland.

pipelining examples

The following are the result of running pipe16nf.exe and pipe16.exe

RiSC-16 pipeline (single memory)

Winter 2007

Winter 2006

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