Spring 2020

This schedule will be updated or filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Mon 13-Jan Introduction to the course, textbooks, and HTML
Introduction to Java. Get class1.zip and slides1.zip

2Wed 15-Jan continue discussion of Java and HTML
Java text input methods (console, command line,
and simple dialog input)

Mon 20-Jan Martin Luther King day
3Wed 22-Jan Introduction to objects, see oop01
Organize into groups and decide on objects for development.
4Mon27-Jan Resistor object (version 1);
more about OOP (oop02), Arrays and ArrayList (oop03)
Simple Java application with Swing components (see Test1)
5Wed 29-Jan Introduction to source-highlight (get hilite.zip)
See prettify javascript, thanks to Austin Paulick
Parsing Strings with split,
Java matrix objects (see Jama),
Swing: Test2, Animation timers Test3

6Mon 03-Feb Java graphics     File read/write: 1   2  
7Wed 05-Feb parsing doubles     file changing 3
8Mon 10-Feb Circuit layout example,   Executable Jar files
Event Processing and GUI components
See CoreJava10, ch11. and JHTP 10th, ch12

9Wed 12-Feb BufferedReader example, FileChooser example
10Mon 17-Feb netlists (see netlist.zip)
image processing examples, my code
11Wed 19-Feb TextArea, Mouse Events, MouseTest
12Mon 24-Feb Math of colliding balls, colliding balls 5
13Wed 26-Feb DragDemo, growline
14Mon 02-Mar growPaths, current sources, dialogs 6
15Wed 04-Mar robot motion, JMenu: demo 1   2
16Mon 9-Mar JFileChooser FileNameExtensionFilter,
work on current assignment

17Wed 11-Mar Convolutions

Mon 16-Mar Spring break

Wed 18-Mar Spring break
18Mon 23-Mar robot controller 7
19Wed 25-Mar Java class identification: 1   2
binary image morphology impro3

20Mon 30-Mar reviewed material from previous class
21Wed 01-Apr balls and walls, game1, strings, audio 8
22Mon 06-Apr Java, How to Program, 10th ed.,
GUI Components Part 1 and Part 2

23Wed 8-Apr Java network programming,
see chapter 28 Java, How to Program, 10th Ed.

Mon 13-Apr Easter break
24Wed 15-Apr

25Mon 20-Apr reviewed upcoming assignment 9 9
26Wed 22-Apr Stander Symposium
27Mon 27-Apr
28Wed 29-Apr