Notes on Object-Oriented Programming


System Configuration talks about the setup of your system for program development from the command window (or console).
Console discusses command-line compilation in Microsoft Visual C, Java, and Python.
simple are some examples of C, C++, Java, and Python programs.
makefile example
Source highlighting


Books using JavaFx

OOP topics

Fundamental concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java, the Vec2 object.
class methods, static and otherwise, Vec2 version 3
Arrays, ArrayList Collection, Exceptions

Java Topics

Test1 is a small Java application equivalent to MFC small1. It shows the size of the client window (JPanel) inside a main window (JFrame).
It also illustrates how the displayed size of a text string may be determined.
Test2 is a small Java application that demonstrates the display of “Ball” objects (class Ball).
Test3 is a Java application that illustrates the use of a Timer to do animation.
Test4 is a Java application that demonstrates the use of Java Line2 and Arrow classes.
Java text input using (1) console input, (2) command line arguments, or (3) JOptionPane
ArrayList examples
Parsing strings with split
removing white-space from strings example.
Java Matrix class
Parsing doubles (with try ... catch)
Executable Jar Files
EventQueue, the right way to start a Swing program.
grow objects, a rubber-band lines and boxes (Swing)
Writing files
Java class identification: 1   2
Animated GIF files: example
Audio examples

Java network programming
Networking progamming with

Java Graphics

CoreJava_10th chapter 10 Graphics Programming
JHTP_10th chapter 13 Graphics and Java 2D
Java Tutorial 2D Graphics
Affine Transforms
Examples from Java Examples in a Nutshell by David Flanagan

Java Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Java Image Processing (2020)

impro1 introduction

Java Image Processing (2019)

impro1 introduction
impro2 convolutions
impro3 binary image morphology
impro4 Connected Components

Java Image Processing



Colliding Balls

Robot Motion

File Formats


Numerical Analysis

Solving differential equations

JavaFX Topics

JavaFX classes
Circuit layout in JavaFX (work in progress)
Canvas examples
Oracle JavaFX tutorials
grow objects, rubber-band lines and grow boxes
JavaFX image processing (2018)
JavaFX Menu examples: 1   2
JavaFX Dialog boxes
Blending with Blend class



Python Topics

Here is a link to live python CGI examples on my hosted account.

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