Spring 2018

This schedule will be filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Wed 17-Jan Introduction to the course, textbooks, and HTML
Download class1.zip

2Mon 22-Jan Java text input methods (console, command line,
and simple dialog input) Download hello.zip
3Wed 24-Jan Introduction to source-highlight
Discussion of Java objects and ArrayList examples
Test1, simple Java application with Swing components
and with JavaFX (Download javafx1.zip)

4Mon 29-Jan Swing: Test2, Animation timers Test3 2
5Wed31-Jan Parsing Strings with split,
Java matrix objects (see Jama), Executable Jar files

6Mon 05-Feb circuit layout in JavaFX (see notes) 3
7Wed 07-Feb review Resistor class and ArrayList usage,
discuss Circuit Layout in JavaFX using shapes

8Mon 12-Feb continue discussion of Circuit layout in JavaFX,
FileChooser   JavaFX 9 by example
Introduction to Java Programming

9Wed 14-Feb Use zips: textarea.zip java_matrix.zip web.zip mouse.zip 4
10Mon 19-Feb BufferedReader example
Use zips: web2.zip circuit3.zip
bouncing balls

11Wed 21-Feb circuit node-voltage analysis (see netlist.zip)
differential-drive robot motion

12Mon 26-Feb Use zips: web3.zip circ3a.zip img_demo.zip impro1.zip 5
13Wed 28-Feb Use zips: grow.zip
14Mon 05-Mar See math of colliding balls and world1
JavaFX Menus: 1   2
15Wed 07-Mar JavaFX Dialogs
16Mon 12-Mar MenuDemo, ContextMenu, TabPane, StackPane
image processing: Convolutions

17Wed 14-Mar adding multiple current sources to netlist analysis
convolution (Sobel operator), bipolar images
18Mon 19-Mar JavaFX Charts, Blending,
Writing files

19Wed 21-Mar

20Mon 26-Mar Class identification: 1   2
Differential equations

21Wed 28-Mar

Mon 02-Apr Easter break
22Wed 04-Apr
23Mon 9-Apr

24Wed 11-Apr coins, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
Client/Server , Networking
GetFileFromSite, KnockKnock
25Mon 16-Apr drawing circuits with SVG
26Wed 18-Apr Stander Symposium
27Mon 24-Apr
28Wed 25-Apr