Spring 2018

This schedule will be filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Wed 17-Jan Introduction to published MATLAB (see day1 examples)
slides from Computer Vision course
MATLAB functions imfinfo, imread, imshow, imcrop, imresize

2Mon 22-Jan impixel and imdistline (See aoi and demo3.m), geoloc.
Download day2.zip
3Wed 24-Jan image coordinates, Introduction (see slides intro.zip)

4Mon 29-Jan camera theory   (slides in vis1.zip)
5Wed31-Jan take pictures of target board vs. distance, checkerboard images
discuss parallel and perspective projections

6Mon 05-Feb calculating focal length   3D geometry (vis1)
MATLAB camera parameters (see slides vis01.zip)
7Wed 07-Feb Bouguet camera calibration toolbox, see example
Vision Toolkit Camera Calibrator See also example
3D Geomerty (surface)

8Mon 12-Feb MATLAB calib demo, fitting lines (slides vis03.zip) 3
9Wed 14-Feb Take pictures of target board against walls and floor of room.
vanishing points, horizons, and orthocenters, see perp.zip,

10Mon 19-Feb cube studies (3D Graphics)
hallway model4 and extended model
Extrinsic Calibration data
11Wed 21-Feb room layout, introduction to hggroups
homogeneous transformations, 3D rotations
Rodrigues formula (download zip file)

12Mon 26-Feb introduction to Homography (Wikipedia)
See tform and tform example (Download tform.zip)

13Wed 28-Feb Converting from checkerboard world coordinates
to camera pixel coordinates, see calib demo 2
Calculating extrinsics, given intrinsics. See calib demo 3

14Mon 05-Mar directed homography   (see examples) 5
15Wed 07-Mar directed homography (see part 2)
16Mon 12-Mar pictures of products, Object Layout
CV2016-03-09, directed homography

17Wed 14-Mar reviewed asgn 5
18Mon 19-Mar
19Wed 21-Mar
20Mon 26-Mar

21Wed 28-Mar

Mon 02-Apr Easter break
22Wed 04-Apr review hall2018 code, stereo, Essential and Fundamental matrices
23Mon 9-Apr stereo analysis with MATLAB 8
24Wed 11-Apr patch objects, brep
lighting/shading models (see handouts vis02.zip)

25Mon 16-Apr MATLAB lighting examples (see lighting.zip) 9
26Wed 18-Apr Stander Symposium
27Mon 24-Apr
28Wed 25-Apr