ECE564 Spring 2020

This schedule will be updated or filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Mon 13-Jan Introduction to this course and Computer Vision
(see slides

2Wed 15-Jan MATLAB functions imfinfo, imread, imshow, imcrop, imresize

Mon 20-Jan Martin Luther King day
3Wed 22-Jan image coordinates, geolocation (see geoloc)
MATLAB functions impixel and imdistline (see aoi)
using ginput (see ginput demo) and drawline (see drawline demo)
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4Mon27-Jan intersecting lines, simple 3D objects spiral cube
MATLAB surface objects
install jtools.mltbx from Isidore resources.
5Wed 29-Jan camera theory   (slides in
take pictures of target board vs. distance, checkerboard images

6Mon 03-Feb discuss parallel and perspective projections
calculating focal length,
MATLAB camera parameters (see slides

7Wed 05-Feb fitting lines (slides
Bouguet toolbox (see in Isidore resources)
8Mon 10-Feb MATLAB Computer Vision toolbox (see CamCalib1
9Wed 12-Feb Bouguet camera calibration toolbox, see example
Vision Toolkit Camera Calibrator See also example
MATLAB calib demo,

10Mon 17-Feb RaisinBran, hggroups, Rodrigues formula (download zip file)
Finding extrinsics (Bouguet), (Vision tookit)
11Wed 19-Feb extrinsics, comparison
(3D Graphics) hallway model4
introduction to Homography (Wikipedia)
See tform and tform example (Download

12Mon 24-Feb Take pictures of target board against walls and floor of room.

13Wed 28-Feb vanishing points and orthocenters (slides 5
14Mon 02-Mar photos of products and hallway, discussion of current assignment
KL223 room with targets on wall, tform of checkerboard on desk

15Wed 04-Mar Bouguet distortion parameters. grid distortion, (see 6
16Mon 09-Mar horizon lines, camera pose analysis
17Wed 11-Mar directed homography

Mon 16-Mar Spring break

Wed 18-Mar Spring break

18Mon 23-Mar
19Wed 25-Mar Stereo, fundamental and essential matrices
20Mon 30-Mar take stereo images of products on checkerboard
review assignment 7, stereo

21Wed 01-Apr discuss assignment 8, Fundamental Matrix song 8
22Mon 06-Apr patch objects, brep
lighting/shading models (Download

23Wed 08-Apr

Mon 13-Apr Easter break
24Wed 15-Apr

25Mon 20-Apr

26Wed 22-Apr Stander Symposium
27Mon 27-Apr
28Wed 29-Apr